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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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Has anyone seen some great articles / resources on one of : API enabled world, next-gen programmable web, micro-services ?wow ! .@acompli + @sunrise and now @6wunderkinder: @microsoft completes productivity suite via @robinwauters : http://t.co/qFvEXNanyx
amazing http://t.co/uJzJFXVCm8 "What happens to sardine prices when fishermen get mobile phones ?" ht @liotier http://t.co/ARi7HNS6oi
Retweeted by Fred DestinSuspect @vanityfair will sell a few of those cc @annieleibovitz ! https://t.co/iMh885XnybSoftBank Ups Its Stake In Supercell To 73% As Accel Cashes Out Of The Mobile Gaming Giant http://t.co/LywD0eXFzg>>Euro VCs 'make hay'
Retweeted by Fred Destin"Personally, Supercell has been a highlight of my professional career." @KevinComolli, @Accel http://t.co/RVZieIRK7v
Retweeted by Fred Destin.@Accel shares more about the Supercell/Softbank deal http://t.co/cWnIn6ppce
Retweeted by Fred DestinClash Of Titans ! @supercellgames and @softbank get closer - Kudos to uber-designer @ipaananen - http://t.co/SnokHRvk2iHey #pioneers15 #founders - my slides on hacking fundraising for #startups are up - Rock on @Pioneers - http://t.co/Lgc6mX7iVf
Apparently in Croatia you run 0-100kmh races right in the middle of town (in 2.8 secs) !! #FormulaE #Pioneers15 http://t.co/1LpbCjgCI9Cheers to #Pioneers15 cc: @marvinliao @oholle @slevene @Honestlyde @fdestin http://t.co/P6QxWjQeq8
Retweeted by Fred DestinThis is without a doubt #Pioneers15 most eligible man :-) @Pioneers cc @HaleyMcLane http://t.co/eV1HzJDHi2Is #watly.co for real? Hard to disagree with the. Mission but Impossible to know ! #Pioneers15 @PioneersWell done @prometheanpharm - nailed their @pioneers pitch ! - # pioneers2015 http://t.co/sLvAx7YuvjJudging @pioneers with @nglaros #Pioneers15 http://t.co/vfXazZgKbqHey #Pioneers15 entrepreneurs ! Head the to academy room now for fundraising hacks with your friendly host @fdestin - @Pioneersv pleased to announce £45 million Fund II... and to share a new infographic re our first 4yrs https://t.co/suiQsTnKnN http://t.co/TXsQSCuDjk
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+1. A stupid clause if there ever was one. https://t.co/csIhRirEW2@OrderLord at #Pioneers15 and looking to meet you guysNice one @tydanco :-) https://t.co/sLtKvbbjaaVideo w/ @seemacnbc on Entrepreneurship in Europe, the @Accel @DJIGlobal #Drone fund and the bubble :-) http://t.co/aCNrvm3xhtBetter than a double espresso to wake you up in the morning : a two minute interview with @seemacnbc ! https://t.co/CvwaGon2fG
@jamesdcameron @Deliveroo excellent :-)@Paul__Walsh a bit like saying enterprise networks to exceed VMware :-)VC funnel: intrigued (fuck off). interested (5%). chat Monday (10%). partnership "leaning in" (30%). indicative terms (50%). T/s (95%).The French social system is a giant unsustainable swindle perpetrated by French people on their own youth. "You will Not have a pension".@Nero @christianrudder does that mean ugly men are better lovers than the average, right ?? :-)@kevindebaere there are a bunch of open questions where you can no doubt contribute interesting insights !yay. @zoopla back at its IPO price a year on.Ha :-) https://t.co/noR4jwEoMU@NicholasKatz yes love that trackTons of great insights in Euro tech #startup #funding survey - have you done it ? https://t.co/3DPm797DUy.@Hailo seems back on form - great coverage in Hampstead and second successful use of the pre-book function complete with charming driver
@NicholasKatz @pbotteri @Accel @BetterCity @adepledge @murraymuzz @iamtoosh @DanielGandesha @Luvaglio by community for community !Just completed a 3.10 mi run - Training the girls http://t.co/fldheSHnJI #RunKeeper
ADHD Q: does the American system pathologize normal childhood behaviour ? http://t.co/5G2ojqKGvM@Artashesvar I was not trying to nail the order - just saying finding intros easy compared to the rest@poller @accel @mtreskow i'm not in the least surprised - but it could have turned into investment too so hard to predict.@ritskov no reason just stats. found out we have one actually !Exceptions prove the rule? there is one investment at @accel london that came from an unsolicited email ! #eatmyhat cc @mtreskowEuro startup funding survey in full flow - please contribute if you're a tech founder who raised $$$ - https://t.co/3DPm797DUy@ritskov sorry no context?@jmaskell yes that wasn't my point though - about relative difficulty@jearner oh but we do outbound a lot !! Thematic research + new products Launch tracking etcMethods that do not count as being introed: (a) friendly Fb message (b) tweet w/ smiley (c) flattery (d) LinkedIn InMail: "dear Marc"Number of startups we have backed that came in from unsolicited email : exactly zero. Unpleasant fact, but fact.Test #1: find co-founders; test #2: get an intro to VCs; test #3: raise finance and build a business. Sure you can get past #2 !
Boom!@mitchkranner @andreasklinger @fdebong @UrskaSrsen @fdestin @Pioneers Our hack was to relocate to Boston ;)
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#EuropeanFounders survey by @fdestin - if you got a minute fill it out: https://t.co/ohLP2pDl8b
Retweeted by Fred Destin@othylmann @coletteballou go for it - no compulsory questions - you know you want to :-)@yanroux for sure !! by the community, for the community. but will respect privacy.@rodolfor agreed@azeem just do the survey already :-)@fdestin We love you but we're only pretending so we can get your money.
Retweeted by Fred DestinI don't think Brits fully Realize what an incredible cultural beacon the BBC is internationally - sure it drives much value back to ecomomyEuropean founder funding and VC relationship survey - please share and participate - https://t.co/3DPm797DUy@mattermarkdaily it's @claussenventech wrong handle@dthalhammer he is @claussenventech
@dthalhammer the I do it really wellA man after my own heart (with the notable exceptions of @a16z and @firstround) https://t.co/f0De7CM3fN@izakaminska @tek_fin no opposite - IoT is a cybersecurity disaster waiting to happen and blockchain might be perfect to identity mgt@AAinslie well put@tek_fin @izakaminska Instinct to mistrust metering device is interesting and good to look beyond mining rewards which everyone focuses on@tek_fin @izakaminska one other aspect is IoT desperately needs device authentication / secure identity@tedesign france is a weird case of democratic monarchy, no ?@azeem for sure. stasi more recent@izakaminska in the equation of bitcoin mining cost you overestimate the role of energy and underestimate the role of silicon (16nm)Much off base but thought provoking read on "bitcoin chips" as metering devices from @izakaminska - http://t.co/QZWC9qaGha@n_led yes first example that comes to mind.European privacy backlash is not anti American - we have vivid memories of what totalitarian regimes look like #stasiSearch on steroids! - @accel's @pbotteri just led an $18M round into search as a service co @algolia : http://t.co/yzbE8wo8FdThis is your firm now @ilyaf! Welcome to @IndexVentures http://t.co/Fk5ZutQcIP
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!!! embedded mining -> #bitcoin as a fundamental system resource on par with CPU, bandwidth, hard drive, RAM - https://t.co/sE5nC7fRxxWelcome to @Twitter, @POTUS! One question: Does that username stay with the office? #askingforafriend
Retweeted by Fred DestinAn absolutely terrifying look at the state of the oceans (and overfishing) by @TheEconomist - http://t.co/IPcHoUfU9d@stuart_rock I like it when they scare me a little :-)@apsinkus ha ;-) !Not surprised. I am definitely pro-choice, but certainly not pro late abortions. https://t.co/C07r6my1Ba#2 question I ask myself in #startup pitches : would I want to work with or for this founder ?#1 question I ask myself in #startup pitches : can this founder build a world class company ?@pegobry Twitter tough for this. Best for conversation over wine :-)
@robinwauters ah sorry I hesitated !@umairh misnomer of the decade for sure. How tech loves to make itself look touchy-feely.@TheWeek @pegobry eg a bit rich to simplify secular philosophy and psychology to being focused only on the individual ... etc@TheWeek @pegobry eg behind the communist wall religion was repressed - it didn't "reappear" after the fall of the wall ...@TheWeek @pegobry eg humans became more murderous thanks to mass killing technology - hardly because they lost religion@TheWeek @pegobry I normally love reading you but this article is conceptually unusually inconsistent. Wish there was a comments section.Apparently religion is the only way to express universal human values as a society. Yay. https://t.co/DVHfe06wQjWe might finally have a strong European tech startup database - thank you @robinwauters and @TechEU: http://t.co/J4FOI18mYA@SYSTEP evolution is a better wordVote for @Accel @TheEuropas : Supercell, Spotify, BlaBlaCar, WorldRemit, FundingCircle, Deliveroo, Wallapop etc http://t.co/wUN9yf1uFhVote now for @TheEuropas - only one day left to choose Europe's best in startup land ! http://t.co/FZsnNYSrjtHum... https://t.co/z3ir0bJpXQ@sravish must be a lot of corporates in the room :-)For all the talk of VC disruption (guilty), there seems to be an awful lot of money flowing into funds !Unicorn valuations are fleeting, memorable narratives are not, says @msuster: http://t.co/xdF5T2gQUlCapital = Global. Tech European tech #startups that raised over $50M in Q1 : https://t.co/vPvBK7QcSE
Extraordinary views from London from the Emirates air line http://t.co/ToUh2S6nq2
Yaman ! Stoner #startup pitch : anonymous geolocation heatmap for cannabis consumers to broadcast their happiness around the world
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