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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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Blitz interview with @seemacnbc on @CNBC on @deliveroo, The Bubble and "Everything on Demand": http://t.co/OeiLxvnZVgLovely post by @davidcohen on the techstars journey: http://t.co/aqE4as9Nvc@robinklein thanks !Finally, a brilliant trends post! @briansolis: "25 Technology Trends for 2015 - 2016" https://t.co/O0OXp4HhgV"
"An innovation ecosystem has to be grass root, not top down. @TechCityUK has done a great job" @fdestin from @Accel at #frconnect
Retweeted by Fred DestinThe extremely exciting bank of the future @MeetEarnest raises $17M: http://t.co/gNy8jGqicUHarvard has spoken: Coffee has no impact on increased risk of death from any cause, cancer, or cardiovascular disease http://t.co/DWyybeakNp
Retweeted by Fred Destin@montemagno @accel @deliveroo @sohear @martinmignot under 10 minutes SLA !Well done guys! I am a customer! “@fdestin: My 2nd investment for @accel : $25M for @Deliveroo with @martinmignot : http://t.co/EsXgwOiego
Retweeted by Fred Destin@setonrog @PillPack@probablygeorge music to my ears :-)My second investment for @accel : $25M for @Deliveroo (via @sohear) with @martinmignot : http://t.co/rwFna4wIub#FRCONNECT London event http://t.co/l4ZNwmBjNe join the discussion @fdestin @XavierLouisBB @Pgelis @renaudvisage @codorniou
Retweeted by Fred Destin.@Accel backed @SlackHQ shares hyper growth product driven methods: http://t.co/HReqKTMg9v
.@accel had most exits last year : http://t.co/F9cIsahtVJ
@droeder72 was in Munich today. Would have rather been in Vermont :)Poor cars. #bostonblizzard http://t.co/Q8aiwHkEdg
Retweeted by Fred DestinBeyond car ownership - a vision for the future via @cape: http://t.co/0zoa8i1BjP"@gaberivera is a jerk and I totally fell for his malevolence http://t.co/CIYGUbBUqS
Retweeted by Fred DestinMy mom: "How is "storm"?" Me: "Kind you used to send us to walk our asses to school" Mom: "dad and I sure did"
Retweeted by Fred Destin
Oh, the irony. @FAKEGRIMLOCK: BEST WAY TO GET VC IS SUCCEED FIRST WITHOUT IT. http://t.co/Sl4xeOEZBeCome meet me and other speakers at the #FRCONNECT launch event Thursday: http://t.co/8NjWZ97YB7Guess some East European immigrants are desirable. Two Estonians' "British" Start-Up TransferWise Raises $58 Million http://t.co/IV2lTikIDU
Retweeted by Fred DestinBadass $58m round from @bhorowitz for @taavet and @transferwise: http://t.co/5NHJ2hCoTS
@fdestin both Gin Lane projects :)
Retweeted by Fred DestinWow ! European Fintech investments 2014 / 2013 : 5X with $1.1BN invested in 82 companies (per @DJVentureWire).@cvwadored actually pretty deep trend that transcends the bubble. private markets substitute for public it seems.Most of the "visionaries" in tech should really come clean and call themselves "voyeurs". Or samplers. Or remixers.VC exit distribution - M&A vs IPO : ~50/50 for 1990-2000 and~90/10 for 2001-2014Mega-rounds ! Startup fundraisings over $100M never exceeded 30 transactions per year until 2014, where it hit … 82 !!!Properly design centric. Two e-commerce sites to blow your mind : https://t.co/JkDLRanRRQ - https://t.co/A59HDRnbUVLaunch @FRCONNECT London event http://t.co/nsSoA69t4w join the discussion @fdestin @XavierLouisBB @Pgelis @renaudvisage @codorniou
Retweeted by Fred Destin
@ScottEdWalker thiel is certainly super talented but these quotes are pretentious imoAwesome review of the innovative work that my ex partner Jeff at @atlasventure has contributed to: http://t.co/HHfhXeLmsA:-) @iRowan: @fdestin Can you share some small tech trends?"
@JamesJWYork fact that most bubble talk focused on wrong things (like hyper scale co's) does not mean there is no bubbleI live to serve others . My goal in life is touch people's lives in a positive way and make a difference. however small, however big.
Retweeted by Fred DestinThe valuation of some start-ups evolves in fast 10x increments. Implies neither investor irrationality nor a bubble.@YeleBademosi it's a light wind not a storm :)@fdestin much better question - “what’s something you know that almost no one else does?"
Retweeted by Fred Destin@bwhalley that's how I write :)I can't think of anything much more boring that asking VC's for "big tech trends". Gray of you like it generic and high level.3/ now these new numbers show what we already knew: 85% of unicorns stuck with their founding CEOs - http://t.co/fmle2JWS862/ sometimes it's just a bit of magic, sometimes it's that incredible determination not to fail. Your culture and your soul.1/ always been a big believer that you lose a lot when you lose your founder as CEOPaying attention ? The NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE invested in Coinbase: http://t.co/N6RJ43sBGfOH: "if you don't go back to an app within 5 days, you're unlikely to ever go back at all" #fbaccel15Bizarre that most press continues to equate success of #bitcoin with its $ value ... - http://t.co/n7LGPix3Ln
Amazing how @Mandiant always manages to get to billing on any serious network intrusion event! http://t.co/W3yyVMJtqF.@ft reports that @CalPERS will cut two thirds of its private equity managers to 120 or less, to cut costs, starting with FoF@fdestin Did said VCs fund the pitch? I mean, kind of unfair to say "super insightful, I'll blog about your secret sauce I didn't fund."
Retweeted by Fred Destin@smenor tx@shefaly yes though vc's rule as writers I'd secondary to their role as investors which gives them privileged access to insightsSerious question : Is it cool for vc's to blog using specific insights they learn from start-up companies who pitch them ?@infoarbitrage great list. Can't decide how ironic.The Bible: learn it’s easier to be told by others what to think and believe thank to think for yourself- http://t.co/jR2QNw9j6X
@lteytelman I've seen the value and backed a bunch, including @PillPack @Kinvey etc. Nice thread from you.Nothing new but a powerful reminder of the cost of multitasking and messaging addiction: http://t.co/dNZYhbWX2NIf a review into the Muslim Brotherhood goes unpublished, it harms the cause of liberal Islam, writes @MelanieLatest http://t.co/CUvTonntiV
Retweeted by Fred DestinFun rant @LynchBigData: Accelerators claim they are in it for the long haul — I call bullshit http://t.co/fR94aP2qcK @VentureBeat"
@wadhwa @fdestin @Jason It'll be studied by plenty of Poli-Sci majors. Targeted harassment morphed into a left vs right millennial war.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@Jason similarly confused. It's very abstract.
What the @skydiohq drones can do will blow your mind: http://t.co/PYchETesNL
#bitcoin selloff increasingly looks like panic selling post Bitstamp + see this by @panteracapital: https://t.co/7tA5jITaEx@tjparker yeah ,:)CHF is the new bitcoin. And other inanities.How Bitcoin's blockchain could power an alternate internet http://t.co/rCwiD4lOHR
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We are proud to have @Accel's @fdestin with us again this May! #VC #tech #startups #Pioneers15 http://t.co/JaiU9LPxMO http://t.co/HCNcdI7RPJ
Retweeted by Fred DestinIdentity and targeting have pretty much nothing to do with each other. Privacy-aware targeting is a solvable / solved issue.Defiant in death #CharlieHebdo - @SergeOrru: Gloire à toi Tignous ! http://t.co/6y1k9YZbE0Via @AAinslie: @khris "When the desire to possess disappears, the Joy appears." ~ an old #Brahmin saying.”
@joshuamarch not so far, no. Experiencing pain, yes :)Nice one @jeanettec007: #startuplife http://t.co/7X6loHagyh"@maxniederhofer you and I are overdue dinner :)@jeanettec007 precisely.Biggest delusion of my adult life : belief in my own self-awareness. I'm finally really getting philosophy (I hope). Much to learn still.@fredpullin greetings from Boston. Was with a few Montreal friends last night Inc @mikaelcho @Olivia_DufourVelakama @blablacar - French car sharing phenom launches in India http://t.co/Wjtmf4oqpOProud of and happy for "healthcare OS" co.@par8o on $10M raise: http://t.co/UVNjptgrwn
First thing French people noticed, all Anglos missed it. So, just fyi: the Charlie cover has a dick on it. http://t.co/FV64AwZ2ys
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Really ? @alexlmiller: Man, this Palantir native ad campaign on TechCrunch is really well integrated - http://t.co/A3RLBc2K2l"
Four Jews killed in Paris food store, Muslim employee hides Jewish clients in fridge room: http://t.co/IckDr2Ts2JRight now all eyes on France but you have to assume every European country will get its #CharlieHebdo at some point in this long struggle
Ha ! @algovc: The #VC firm with most investments in top 1000 websites by traffic is ... https://t.co/6ub8r1bJ2g"Weekend wisdom: "dad, I never realized vampires and werewolves were enemies"National Front @MLP_officiel (possibly next president) responds to #CharlieHebdo by inviting back the death penalty. Perfect for AQ.Charlie Hebdo editor opens editorial meeting today: "So, anything in the news this week?" That's the Charlie Hebdo spirit.
Retweeted by Fred Destin
@pjozefak @setonrog no no I meant it writing it. He can afford it.Fab @TheEconomist article on #bitcoin mining http://t.co/WsFtslAlZ6@setonrog pretty cool check to write :).@angellist 's most excellent year with over $100M raised online in 2014 - https://t.co/T14wGAphnJ@kittystryker same here. Let's both continue to think :)@kittystryker we both did :). Down with racism, oppressive power structures and abuse no matter what. Are on same side of debate.@kittystryker black woman as a monkey ? They are making of the National Front (logo and play of words on party leader). That's who.@kittystryker everyone gets it the same from these guys. Not saying they're tasteful. Just not racist. http://t.co/NTVbf9OIs9@kittystryker final one, but thanks for chat. You need to me on watch for what a powerful radical Islam means. http://t.co/38fdjj5ZFe@kittystryker I think radical Islam is a very strong power. Islam has power. Second largest religion. Religion is a tool of power.@kittystryker i really think there's amisunderstanding. they are anarchist lefties. They lampoon power in all its forms.@kittystryker "anti-racism and a passion for equality among all people are and continue to be the founding principles of Charlie Hebo"
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