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Computer security expert, blogger and public speaker. Former text adventure author. Fighting malware and cybercrime since early 1990s. Dr Who fan since 1972.

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Why I *still* dont think it’s likely that North Korea hacked Sony. http://t.co/mvpPJIATgtNetwork attempted to defraud thousands of customers of online travel agent @bookingcom http://t.co/9IhXCbcY4w
You can't drop a cyberbomb on a country without electricity. http://t.co/USnaZR9AqW
Retweeted by Graham CluleyYeah, I can see that happening -> North Korea wants joint inquiry with US into Sony Pictures hack http://t.co/RnNBpwdwotTor warns that its network may be knocked offline in the coming days http://t.co/mXbyunLFD8If you receive a DM about a bad blog or rumor about you, don't click on the link - and don't "sign in" http://t.co/CuYT0w7ZxZ
Retweeted by Graham CluleyStaples comes clean: Hackers swiped 1.16 million bank cards http://t.co/YvsOGrFy83Apply now to be Sony's director of vulnerability management http://t.co/L1J0PQrSip (via @violetblue)With all this Sony craziness, the news about Staples being hacked and losing 1.6 million credit cards was buried. http://t.co/It4TKzNHZA
Retweeted by Graham Cluley#TheInterview http://t.co/cf6ztjbK9l
Retweeted by Graham CluleyWhy it makes more sense that SPECTRE is behind the Sony hack than N Korea http://t.co/Tsuk8JDNfX
What idiot government set the precedent that nation states can attack companies? Wait, no, don't answer that.
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t Direct Line says your passwords should be alphanumeric and between 8-10 characters http://t.co/oiJ2ZJy5FkWorth repeating today: US blaming North Korea for Sony Pictures hack. But why? http://t.co/4TTmNruK3or/t The Syrian Electronic Army strikes again! International Business Times hacked http://t.co/5aCp5u2lhfWhy You Should Demand Proof Before Believing The U.S. Government On North Korea and Sony http://t.co/ill7Afk69lYour login form posts to HTTPS, but you blew it when you loaded it over HTTP http://t.co/ZMEBcQS5Nr (good reminder from @troyhunt)@gcluley "Later this year"? What am I like? Obviously VB 2015 is taking place *next* year. D'ohThe good guys at @Virusbtn are calling for papers for their 2015 conference, being held in Prague later this year http://t.co/6M22YYjB4X@mcelhearn yes, they'd be ok. Just don't use asterisks like i did. that was my mistake...@ConradLongmore Never seen that before. Seems controversial that Google would display that warning (I daren't ask whose name...)Direct Line says your passwords should be alphanumeric and between 8-10 characters http://t.co/oiJ2ZJy5Fk http://t.co/opEyChcjGe@LargeGrowlyBear Thanks for the tip! http://t.co/oiJ2ZJy5FkSo @DirectLine_UK require a password; must be <9 characters, and only alphanumeric. Welcome to 20th century IT security, guys. @gcluley
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@mathewjschwartz The CIA torture report is the jealous one. It's fuming that this N Korea nonsense and Cuba are stealing headline spaceMicrosoft sues tech support scammers for trademark violation, false advertising http://t.co/hpC1Acrm7cThe Syrian Electronic Army strikes again! International Business Times hacked http://t.co/5aCp5u2lhf http://t.co/WvyZTvpkqXFollower counts plummet after Instagram deletes millions of spam accounts, vain users outraged http://t.co/EJRg9IqC6p@FreakyFwoof My first year working as an anti-virus programmer. And no, we didn't have email... Happy days. :)@FreakyFwoof Maybe 10 years ago working at Sony was like working in 1992..."We are stuck in 1992 over here". What it's like working at Sony Pictures http://t.co/YChFOlC09aBook review: Countdown to Zero Day http://t.co/aP8s33WuCX@TheTestDoctor You can listen to the show here: http://t.co/MlsDylYwOa
12 million home and business routers vulnerable to critical hijacking hack http://t.co/0uDdIh52vqMakes me proud to work in a community that says "No" to assumptions.@gcluley @5ean5ullivan @marcwrogers @jeromesegura http://t.co/tdIGh4zo7o
Retweeted by Graham CluleyI'm on @bbcworldservice right now, talking about Sony hack. Prepare for some debunking of N Korean theory!r/t US reportedly blaming North Korea for Sony Pictures hack. But why? http://t.co/jPF4iS9GDF@dr3kk @activemeasure It's certainly odd logging in and not seeing an SSL padlock. I have dropped a line to a former colleague at borg hq.@dr3kk Yep, I created an account and logged into the Sophos store. No HTTPS/SSL for me. :(@dr3kk I didn't go that far. I have enough Dr Solomon's socks. Shouldn't it do it at login? I don't want Sophos store password sniffedWell at least Sophos didn't send me my password reminder in plaintext http://t.co/KysCUITR1fSo, Sophos has a new online store for selling you swag. But it doesn't seem to use HTTPS :( http://t.co/pkN9Cp0qYY http://t.co/RDnTavrUiy@martijn_grooten Not a problem. The hackers probably don't speak North Korean either..I will be on "World Have Your Say" on @bbcworldservice later this evening discussing (you guessed it) the Sony hackGreat analysis on why the Sony hack is unlikely to be the work of North Korea by @marcwrogers http://t.co/KJFDoRKlFFAnyone else find it interesting that Sony has deflected all the attention off their horrible incompetence and onto North Korea?
Retweeted by Graham CluleyDespite the accusations, there's still little evidence linking North Korea to the Sony hack http://t.co/LNKtr799ZG@martijn_grooten @daithaigilbert Maybe Syrian government just pays for their broadband@daithaigilbert @martijn_grooten I doubt you need that much $$$ to phish journalists with reused passwords and no 2FA@daithaigilbert @martijn_grooten And seeing as most of what SEA does is so unsophisticated, doesn't say much for Syria's capabilities!@daithaigilbert @martijn_grooten Sympathetic to the Assad regime without a doubt, but I haven't seen anything myself that suggests moreHuh. I just saw an article claiming that the Syrian Electronic Army was "state-sponsored". Seriously??@KevinKeane2K aww shucks... blush@daithaigilbert For CBS I guess..Cool. Someone has actually reviewed "The Interview" http://t.co/UvgAklKwnDOfcom fended off 1,600 cyberattacks in two months, FoI request reveals http://t.co/Zy559tzpaNICANN’s Global DNS Root Zone system was hacked last month http://t.co/kExyPjRpa3phpBB asking users to change passwords following hack http://t.co/KnQBJOVH5VUS reportedly blaming North Korea for Sony Pictures hack. But why? http://t.co/jPF4iS9GDF http://t.co/B8yWzjlU9ISyrian Electronic Army hacks International Business Times website http://t.co/lQ0mzZj970Sony’s cancellation of The Interview surprises North Korea-watchers http://t.co/6TQPx0Qd3lSony cancels The Interview theatrical release after cinemas pull out http://t.co/nNUyiBQUd0ICANN e-mail accounts, zone database breached in spearphishing attack http://t.co/lu3AS2MWHpMan, "The Interview" better be pretty funny, cuz there's no way I'm not watching it now.
Retweeted by Graham Cluleyr/t Ars Technica was hacked. Readers advised to change passwords http://t.co/WbMTad6z5z...hours, and cause 50,000 US casualties in 90 days, let's be sure before we bomb them over an anonymous post on Pastebin...
Retweeted by Graham CluleyI'll reiterate: Given that North Korea has a million-man army, scores of thousands of tanks and artillery, and can destroy Seoul in 72...
Retweeted by Graham CluleyAs @iiamit points out, we invaded Iraq with less evidence than this...“Unnamed sources”
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@jamesrbuk Nope. I feel the same. But who knows if US has hacked N Korean cyberwarfare unit and has special insight? :)NYT says White House concluded N Korea was behind Sony hack http://t.co/xf4hLQQvC2 I still suspect insider jobInteresting story (low down) on Ars Technica's website today http://t.co/PkLn7O7I4PFederal investigators probe possible insider in Sony attack http://t.co/SdDcl0e3hC@RightDame I find it hard to believe N Korea is responsible. Would be very hard to prove I suspect. I'd look for rogue insider.Ars Technica was hacked. Readers advised to change passwords http://t.co/WbMTad6z5z http://t.co/V76yVIIeWQNorth Korea almost certainly did not hack Sony http://t.co/vh9LEuW1f6
r/t Delta Airlines security flaw allows access to strangers' boarding passes http://t.co/cVjnR5YHEKr/t All it takes to cancel a movie premiere is an anonymous Pastebin post http://t.co/OYaQZLnibKArs Technica suffers hack attack. Readers told to change passwords http://t.co/BnChc5pefnr/t TorrentLocker: Racketeering ransomware under the microscope http://t.co/v6AZ21uhxcDelta Airlines security flaw allows access to strangers' boarding passes http://t.co/cVjnR5YHEK http://t.co/mzmWXXeHfnLondon teen pleads guilty to Spamhaus DDoS http://t.co/LiVFp3mjNMI can think of 100 reasons not to see a Seth rogan movie. None of them involves fear of being blown up. #SonyHack
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@gcluley Do you think that will work for the next Transformers movie?
Retweeted by Graham CluleyAll it takes to cancel a movie premiere is an anonymous Pastebin post http://t.co/OYaQZLnibK http://t.co/olDffePCcaReddit bans users for sharing hacked Sony documents http://t.co/XUaKe0qgBP@iblametom @spgedwards @rik_ferguson @5ean5ullivan @adambanksdotcom I must admit, I'm not following this thread...@spgedwards @rik_ferguson @5ean5ullivan @iblametom With media, isn't the key issue whether it's in the public interest?Google threatened with 15m euro fine if it doesn't do better job of protecting privacy of Dutch citizens http://t.co/w0k7zwE5D4Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile attacked by relentless Brazilian trolls http://t.co/Jerrj8u5zSTorrentLocker: Racketeering ransomware under the microscope http://t.co/v6AZ21uhxc http://t.co/2N2NdBROJvFeds used Adobe Flash to identify Tor users visiting child abuse sites http://t.co/tG92tULZTy
Sony sued by ex-staff: Crap security, leaked privates and little help, claims suit http://t.co/6MDy4YGTJBr/t Kudos to Microsoft: Fighting US attempt to access emails at Dublin data centre http://t.co/MDmbhdz5y4r/t FBI warns firms of sophisticated Iranian hacker threat http://t.co/PMwK2RA0H0The FBI used the web’s favourite hacking tool to unmask Tor users http://t.co/2eAfSumC9FOn Delta, you can change the URL of your boarding pass and get someone else’s, excellent find @thedanigrant https://t.co/eivj5NJK9z
Retweeted by Graham Cluley@gcluley they don't have a choice. This precedent has the potential to destroy an entire industry in the US
Retweeted by Graham CluleyKudos to Microsoft: Fighting US attempt to access emails at Dublin data centre http://t.co/MDmbhdz5y4 http://t.co/0D1UOAbfb8FBI warns firms of sophisticated Iranian hacker threat http://t.co/PMwK2RA0H0 http://t.co/txoG3PHLXs
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