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Gerard Way @gerardway Pink Station Zero

Debut Solo Album Hesitant Alien out 9.30.14 on Warner Bros Records. My phone was haunted.

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@OwenMasha just make a shitload of comics. Your stuff is great@fudgxlord well, for a second, when I heard the chant in Portsmouth before the encore I was confused@fudgxlord Excellent question. It does not get annoying, but sometimes people in the UK call my name and I don't think they're talking to meSee a raw, edgy Spike Lee/Rob Liefeld comic from Fantagraphics' upcoming 'Hip Hop Family Tree' box set: http://t.co/33noMYym3y
Retweeted by Gerard Way@gerardway Thank you Gerard for teaching me new English words via your tweets. This week I've already learned words like "enema" and "pun".
Retweeted by Gerard Way@ashleycjpg good, you?@vicesandviagra I like yours a lot@gerardpanic the one with the finger in the skin is my favorite@The_YUNiversity yes!@vicesandviagra I mean I have something in the works like what you did!@vicesandviagra already making something!@cameronMstewart @greglockard http://t.co/ZN19wDEYAX@cameronMstewart wait...a puns not a play on words? Then what is it??So what's up twitter?Yeah. Totally a pun.Seems like the consensus is it's up to me...so it's not a pun? Maybe? A little?Wait, just to confirm this- is my album title a pun? #hesitantalienHello friends, frnkiero andthe cellabration's debut album Stomachaches is now on iTunes! Thank you for all the love. https://t.co/TcIWf9p4KX
Retweeted by Gerard WayNew NO DEVOTION video: http://t.co/UxO05N0Fpg Directed by my amazing lady, @SkeeterNYC
Retweeted by Gerard Way@nodevotionband I think I can make it to the LA show!@MattMinerXVX perfectHappy Birthday Jack Kirby...I will draw something in your honor today.Potion of Anxiety +2 http://t.co/Zymrsca55WPremiere: Listen to @thoapband's new instant crush, 'Jamais Vu'. http://t.co/Vc2IRfIFvZ http://t.co/rCJDuKX0ir
Retweeted by Gerard WaySlept *very* uneasy last night. Massive cup of trucker coffee at 11pm was an amateur move. Night phantoms.
@meowkenzie pascetti alreadyOh *now* there's a raccoon@McKelvie I feel like the dude in the Last Dragon@HorriblesParade love itCoffee on my shirtGive me the strong coffee. Call it rango, gut-punch, shit-whistle, Denise. But make it strong.Pulling a late-night coffee-chain comic script party for one!! NEW COMIC NEW COMIC !! "Big Dogs" - http://t.co/bJqryp8R7W
Retweeted by Gerard Way@BAKKOOONN what happened? Can it be summed up in a tweet?@erinillustrates thank you! I will keep an eye out for your stuff!@erinillustrates wow- I love your work!@bleachedmichael awwww!@fudgxlord absolutely amazing feelingmade a video for go! U can watch it here: ^_^ https://t.co/Rx6f2DxJfe special thanks to @blooddiamonds @DavidBHayter & everyone involved
Retweeted by Gerard Way@Grimezsz @blooddiamonds @DavidBHayter Sonically and visually gorgeousVery excited! Requiem Vampire Knight: Resurrection is now available from @comiXology #cXSubmit http://t.co/AW8cpaR44r http://t.co/ronP247KaG
Retweeted by Gerard Way@annamayp75 (((((((good vibes)))))))I know some of you are just starting school again. Try and relax, it's not a big deal. Really. Ponder this- http://t.co/NIPyyg9qeUJust under an hour until the first U.S. tickets go on sale!! https://t.co/8rLN8mqqr6 #gerardway #hesitantalien
Retweeted by Gerard WayON SALE TODAY! @gerardway brings his debut solo tour to Philly Friday 10/17. Get your tix here at noon http://t.co/DWfEZE6k7p #hesitantalien
Retweeted by Gerard Way
@thisquietcity I love your art!Had to explain to my daughter that haunted phones don't exist. I hate lying to her..@LaGaiaMua that's my "Less Than Zero" pose@mothrajovovich @Jelly4056 AHHHHH! Brilliance!@mothrajovovich you win everything@mothrajovovich dying...actually dying@FBI has ghosts inside of it@FBI my mobile device@FBI did you knowThis fuckin haunted phone@jimmysellout #NoBrosOk- time to focus some of this nervous energy into some comic pages Lots of love, Beam me up@mollycrabapple @allanamato I would love that@KidCudi Your dog's name is Fresh? I love that so much@dontcallmelotti @JackHoward ok maybe a little@raytoro I know- I can't really focus at the moment@dontcallmelotti @JackHoward No sass intended@RonMyKing @stumpiternal if that's your personal preference@mr_kristman @LolaPlusG Incredible@stumpiternal blonde is my default-mode. I will be back to it eventually.In case you missed it yesterday, GERARD WAY at Starland 10.22 - on sale tomorrow at noon: http://t.co/jkgOjssexG http://t.co/d18D3ispWT
Retweeted by Gerard Way@hesitantkiller It really is@dontcallmelotti @JackHoward Or you know, I could have just thought of it because I am a dad and it is a pun@mcrfive left for nightmares, right for whimsy@mollycrabapple @allanamato No worries- your art is magical@mollycrabapple @allanamato Love it- and love Allan's work as well@smichaelwilson ExactlyThe deadline for volunteering at East Bay Stand Down to help homeless vets get back on their feet fast is approaching http://t.co/40vsu4qfaV
Retweeted by Gerard Way11:31 am and I'm already two Redbulls deep. Bulls deep.@DeathlyTropics @TelefantasyTV Me too!hey the http://t.co/dlDCEGwr6i Q&A chat starts in 5 mins! see you there!
Retweeted by Gerard Way@FRENDEN Got some comics to write but as soon as I get the chance I'm diving in@FRENDEN Excitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!@keboogy love it! I love how you drew on newspaper- I'm going to try that idea!@TheNastyaMi1 I love your guys jackets@OwenMasha wow...you keep sending some good stuffhttp://t.co/wEgmLytSRwNEW SHOW! @gerardway is here on Sun, 10/19! Tickets go on sale this Wed, 8/27 at 12pm at http://t.co/towRQD8C5w
Retweeted by Gerard Way.@LolaPlusG I'm so excited for thisGood morning!
@gerardway http://t.co/TtuT4uYU6m
Retweeted by Gerard WayI'm having such a reflective eveningWhy does Pizza Steve have a penis and testicle? #unclegrandpaYou will never stare your humanity in the face more vividly than when you must give yourself an enema.@Chancexk01 yes, with Kristin Stewart@gerardway gerard.... im so upset that you made me google that http://t.co/VgXIKMrMdp
Retweeted by Gerard Way@Esp30n fuck...I think that's the worst one, all the others at least make some kind of sense@gerdadway it's super cool, we all hang out and make fun of everyone born on the 10thThere's a lot of gross soup out there@chantalclaret oh fuck that last one, I will not look that upYou ever google image search "gross soup"? Yikes@ilygerard I'm glad you watched the set...there are always other times to meet or do signingsTo everyone who's city I'm not coming to in October- I will make it to your city (fingers crossed). This is just a short run!@f_francavilla Some people are resistant, and rightly so, to the idea of pairing our consciousness to a robot body. But I am down.@ChaunceyCC *dying*
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