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"Twitter and Facebook [are] tamping down diversity of opinion and stifling debate about public affairs." http://t.co/ijdgWXmiO7
Is there a way to (approximately) verify Facebook's user stats? Or do we just have to trust them?The “hamburger icon”: designed by Norm Cox for the Xerox Star personal workstation, 1981. https://t.co/craeQ8Gc09? http://t.co/eN1aqwOHQU@DanielZarick Lucky you.Uber “has raised $1.5 billion in venture capital, giving it an enormous war chest with which to battle Lyft…” http://t.co/3BdHskkzGtI wonder how companies like Networksolutions are going to comply, their service is basically one dark pattern.
Retweeted by iA Inc.New UK law makes some dark patterns illegal: http://t.co/jvygEc5r31
Retweeted by iA Inc.The top 100 gamers who won the most prize money http://t.co/yAL80MqtoY http://t.co/JVCQTV7Ja9“these design features make Swing Copters…less emotional + more intellectual than Flappy Bird” http://t.co/Wyp5vI802p http://t.co/z63j9cwmOw
@bastianallgeier @Armstrong Twitter DM Link Envy activated!Can you explain why after all this time we still are not allowed to send links via dm? If someone spams you via dm: UNFOLLOW! Easy, right?Here's a little update for iAWriter for Mac: https://t.co/XEvsNYp3b3 2.0 (free update) with Multimarkdown will follow short after.
Retweeted by iA Inc.upgrade your mac, uninstall flash
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@nungee You should follow @evgenymorozov, the razor blade sharp author of the article.“given enough sensors and net connections, our entire life becomes a giant ATM” http://t.co/Na9ABPOM2E http://t.co/XeItVrvlkf“My imagination is a kind of animal. So what I do is keep it alive.” – Haruki Murakami http://t.co/f5yhLCl1Pd http://t.co/oOXFiCsboV
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Hey dumbass! Give me your name, tel, Facebook account and I keep your deepest secrets.—Surprise! Secret got hacked: http://t.co/xckEG9FoQy@stop A-ha. (Never went to the gym.)@stop Why would you wear flip-flops in the shower? Unless… you have a very dirty shower.@macloo A treasure trove, citeable from top to bottom.“20 years in to the ad-supported web, we can see that our current model is bad, broken…” http://t.co/YqZ74jTXoK http://t.co/67888fzFfD@tophtucker If you scrolled down far it's because it was interesting. Taking a scroll up break after that is fine—probably easier, too.
@giorgialupi Might be overly sensitive there, but, overall, this involuntarily paints a cleaner picture of this highly messy business.@giorgialupi @PopSci @accuratstudio Decommissioning is always the same red blimp. Some take 5 years, others… I think *that* really matters.@giorgialupi @PopSci @accuratstudio The other issue I have: Construction is documented, but the decommissioning span seems to be inaccurate.@giorgialupi There is not just Chernobyl, Fukushima. There is Three Mile Island, Lucerne, Sellafield, Mayak… Then it gets messy defining MD.@giorgialupi @PopSci @accuratstudio Wa looking for an indicator of the ones that melted down. Why is that missing?- "Is organic reach dropping so Facebook can make more money?" - "No. Our goal is to provide the best experience." https://t.co/9xI7tmfK1HFacebook Puts Everyone On Notice About The Death Of Organic Reach "organic reach to approach 0 by the end of 2014." http://t.co/iFb90Zd3i4Related: "Facebook Is Ending the Free Ride" http://t.co/YciXyG4QgL"What is the worth of a Like on a facebook page?" https://t.co/2c6mSqRIRF@nirzardp What don't you get? Is it not sarcastic enough?The greatest people have impostor syndrome You fear being an impostor Hey, you must be great https://t.co/2lWeb5CmtV http://t.co/5djysmKFPtAndroid Fragmentation Visualized: http://t.co/aRIVQ9unX5 http://t.co/kcxxFLsqX7
“Yes, Google Maps is tracking you. Here’s how to stop it” http://t.co/RQ1WqGiQbn http://t.co/6szFqXTjIGFacebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson: http://t.co/effq7DBX3H http://t.co/u5isVZm4u0@twotribes Of course you don't teach 100%. The intransparent algorithm cuts that down even more.@twotribes Facebook will throttle that down, so they can charge; looks like they are doing that already. ("Your post performed 80% better…")@iA What's remarkable about this: the Internet was supposed to be this level playing field where everyone has a voice. Seems naive now.
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If you don't have a marketing budget, you need to shout louder. As a result, the entropy increases and attention gets even more precious.The algorithm is an excuse to charge you to for getting attention. This clearly favors big players. The revolution has come full circle.If attention is the lead currency, you will have to pay not to read, but to *be* read.A great opportunity! Will open that wallet to please the algorithm—after replying to that Mail about the $1Million. http://t.co/NBQPdNRJWGFlappy Bird, Part II: https://t.co/0Bwfe7kqNs"Be proud. Especially if you haven’t achieved anything." https://t.co/E46Bj635jh Open Mediumstylemr @reichenstein just called me “a pleonastic jealous Socialist underpants bomber asshole” - and i liked it. https://t.co/BGsQ7gRaZ7
Retweeted by iA Inc.Copycats…not just annoying: “more than 3/4 of Flappy Bird clones…a threat of mobile malware” http://t.co/XWVgZyJIAj http://t.co/j7rJjRass4@m_ott Used to be a nod, but now… not sure anymore. Need to find out.“Twitter has updated its help document, ‘What’s a Twitter timeline?’” http://t.co/d3964QuWfL@stop (The common point with the algorithmic Fav RT is that you give up human control and give algorithms editorial power.)@stop The difficult part for me here (apart from the general data pollution issue) is the involuntary association with someone’s name.@stop If you follow X and of of X's posts becomes popular—your followers will see those, associated to your name. Hm… http://t.co/wVSBfULfcV@stop If big(?) Favs become RT you change the rules. Fair enough, there is still some HI—this seems random though: http://t.co/owr0atOSJZ@stop @timoni RTs official: A good move. Hiding DMs: A bad move. Listening to users is nerve wrecking. (Speaking from experience).@stop It's fascinating how Twitter users define and evolve their own language (# f.ex). Messing with that process is a delicate matter.@matty8r @deamplified @iA Make it a setting (opt-in) is always the safe answer, but not often the right answer.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@matty8r @deamplified @iA But I know what we struggled with while I was there. And I know what the data showed. Most users were not like me.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@matty8r @deamplified @iA All this said, it’s still only an experiment, and one that I no longer have any inside knowledge of.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@stop RTs can mean many things too, but cover a different spectrum ("check this" "can't say it better" "deserves citation" "what an idiot"…)@stop The many things a Fav can mean ("I know" "thanks" "go on" "ok, boring" "interesting" "meh" "ha!" "A-ha" "oh") are part of its beauty.@Yarcom @stop I'm just worried about all the signs of Twitter turning into Facebook (for reasons I explained here: https://t.co/Qjezz1qf6I)@iA The issue is that a high % of Twitter users don’t have (and may never have) a decent follow list. Thus, their stream is low-value.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@stop @Yarcom It gets really messed up once you stop showing the real time tweets of my followers based on some algorithm (like Facebook).@stop @deamplified And is that a good or a bad sign for algorithmic editorial choice then?@stop More importantly, the mental model of a simple stream is easy. As soon as algorithms decide, we get unnecessarily paranoid.@stop Facebook taught me I trust you more about choosing what's relevant than an algorithm—see this for instance: http://t.co/9vfXhjY55L@smeidu Like to get/give feedback, but mostly avoid public discussions. Twitter discussions feel like mad men fighting in straight jackets.@smeidu In this case it meant: Read it and got your point, not exciting enough to share or debate. Fav is less rude than spelling it out. :)@stop That I get in the discover/activity view. By realism I mean: I get exactly what I subscribed to—no robots deciding what I might like.@stop Maybe. Then again it dilutes the realism that makes Twitter so appealing over the dreamy fb algorithm bs. Just wrote about that today…@stop Still makes me insecure if I can Fav something now or not. I don't want some of my favs to become unpredictable "hey-check-this-outs".@stop @iA i’ve noticed the algorithm is very FB-esque. I’ve only seen favs about Ferguson because I’ve been talking about it a lot lately
Retweeted by iA Inc.@iA As I understand it, no, not everything. Only a tiny fraction of the tweets that your network favorites get injected into your stream.
Retweeted by iA Inc.@ag_dubs Sounds like something a PR department that hired too many philosophy majors (specialized in post modern philosophy) would say. :)@typemaster69 To me they mean acknowledgement (read it, nodding) or 'keep in mind for later'. Retweets mean "Hey everybody, check this out!"@atirip Was talking about this effect: http://t.co/PFk7QpkRyI@ag_dubs "dichotomy deconstructed"? You mean there is no difference there anymore?@litherland What is this then? http://t.co/HBruXShFGc@toddba Does it depend on a magical algorithm then?Does everything we fav now become a retweet? In other words: is the favoriting dead now?@semanticwill @ifenn @MrAlanCooper hard to believe, but sometimes even Buzzfeed has something to say.@ifenn @semanticwill @MrAlanCooper Have you read this? http://t.co/copU8lYZW7@mpietropoli It's an experiment.“Your Page’s post is performing better than 95% of other posts on that page. Promote it…” https://t.co/Qjezz1qf6I http://t.co/KkSMeyVaev@cole_peters Cynicism and curiosity.@royalbacon Yes.Death by Entropy https://t.co/WlH40Yvesm
Texting in film http://t.co/tcJbwGptBIHumans need not apply—the shape of things to come https://t.co/eslQJVZoGbVenn diagrams… tricky stuff: http://t.co/VUNefTgBND http://t.co/fGZwjTblXXMy Twitter feed is blowing up about #Ferguson. My Facebook wall is filled with nothing but #ALSIceBucketChallenges. What an odd dynamic.
Retweeted by iA Inc.I don't work for free. http://t.co/Mxm7DrupRw
Retweeted by iA Inc.How Japanese cars say thank you. http://t.co/D1MJtxyQHk@jbrewer @stephenhay @udanium Thank you, guys. :)
WashPo (owned by Bezos) inserting AMZN "Buy It Now" buttons into articles. Via @tealtan http://t.co/1SLZtMLlsp http://t.co/ZUqGLgPwEJ
Retweeted by iA Inc.True magic: Wall Street knows the iWatch sales numbers before they know what the iWatch is http://t.co/JpuaFR3wp5
Retweeted by iA Inc.Do people read as well on screens as they do on paper? http://t.co/fBBkVD543bNYT has charted how Americans have moved between states since 1900: http://t.co/qNbyNrfqHYWe've me before, haven't we? http://t.co/kzBOiVusBM
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