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Nightwave @iamnightwave ☥ Glasgow

✩ Heka Trax ✩ Nightrave ✩ Booking: EU chris@littlebig.org.uk USA ricky@rogueagency.us// Nightlife EP out 1/12

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@HecticTracks of course :)Was given this on my way to the airport http://t.co/4ze8QKfTRY
oh look Slovenia's in the papers again http://t.co/LtK2CjHbfl@andrewryce Kongretulaysheons!@butterworthrj 😬My dentist's licence plate is "700 TH" what a prick
@prinxzu Finn - Who Keep Callin, Lee Carvallo - Wash Away, Murlo - Freaky T :)"There should be no glass ceiling" - Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's first female First Minister http://t.co/9J7RXk8Mb1 http://t.co/NfnAxxtcXu
Retweeted by Nightwave@ChrisFinke lol clownstepfukin sndcloud wtf is this http://t.co/1wQgshSI6s@prinxzu any tracks in particular? bit easier for me if you tell me which ones :)@maya_kal_ it lasts for 365 days
@COMMEdesJACONS new Soup Bone https://t.co/Cdl6fCpY5SRide https://t.co/tk53w9oXcn
@ILLAMAN @I_Skream mine too except it was Sao Paolo, lasted about 5 weeks@DJPAYPAL I fuckin live here lol@DJPAYPAL wutt?!@cocoazafreen <3
this guy http://t.co/anTUthJUmn@grainnerules ^_^ http://t.co/WX1PAxV6CHhttp://t.co/3IOp0DBkW0@DJMilktray_ @shaunvitamins lets hire the limo for the booty night!Kiss Kat video ft @ashnikko coming soon😽💕 http://t.co/WjdfXrKW4ZWhat you can do to fight the Taiji dolphin slaughter http://t.co/9Y4Gtvafyt #tweet4taiji 🐬💓"In my mind, I'm already gone!" -Cosmo Kramer
@Tom_Rockwell we're watching this years Xmas special right now, it's on Netflix :)@Tom_Rockwell 'I am the liquor!'Live mix on @radio1prague at 2300 CET 92.6fm new music from @iamnightwave @allmostt @iammightymark @djqmusic @BertOnBeats @IAMDRIPPIN & more
Retweeted by Nightwave@lhrlls this is the best I can do think his mate is on to me looks quite cool tbh http://t.co/uoNyLKj6mGGuy next to me on the plane has a mullet down to his ass wowbrb just filling in my UK citizenship application #bloodyforeigners@artworkmagnetic oh what's the right word??Goal man making me ashamed to be Slovenian omg put Stevie Wonder in there instead
On set for the KISS KAT video with the beautiful @ashnikko💖🌸💝🍭✨ http://t.co/36AFbHZtZDLondon for the day filming the video for 'Kiss Kat' with @ashnikko ooh 😽💋✨@feloneezy "Koka kola, Malboro, Suzuki, diskoteke, gitare, buzuki, to je zivot, to nije reklama, nikom nije lepse nego nama!"
Real-Life 'Unicorn' Found in Slovenia http://t.co/rRfttdnKe7The legacy of DJ Rashad http://t.co/Ph5NvPL18e via @Chicago_Reader@posthumanmusic hahha http://t.co/VH7eTh1oc6Lol I've managed to wash my memory stick in the laundry...reckon it's safe to plug it back in? cheers
@Altered_Natives I loved it@_sshaw oh dear not a good look for my country 🙈@Sinistarr_313 🐥✨
@RuthESaxelby http://t.co/FwMZlplAHM@RuthESaxelby :'(@ILLAMAN http://t.co/7pXWRnXVe4
@_Bleaker info@nightwave808.com :)12/12 "Players, Ballers, Rollers" nonstop ghettotech, booty, jit&silly alter egos incl yours truly DJ Nefertitties✩ https://t.co/zNu1GBPxkxHere's @iamnightwave's violently hyperactive 'Kiss Kat' ft. the brilliant flow of @ashnikko http://t.co/CRz149axtX http://t.co/L9QfAr8TAv
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The Nextlife comp which honors @DJRASHAD is here to buy now - will ship monday: http://t.co/mLmNJh5hJt profits go to a fund for Rashad's son
Retweeted by Nightwave@Piu__Piu__ like saggy fake titsWhy it's crucial to get more women into science: http://t.co/FYn3t3Gvwx
Retweeted by NightwaveThe man behind some of Detroit techno's most iconic artwork talks us through his creations -- http://t.co/FWuuB6ZaqT http://t.co/QROhbzO889
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In The Independent today chatting about women in production... Along with Nightwave, Tala, Shura, Lapsley x http://t.co/aI1dDqQ0vn
Retweeted by Nightwave@colleenmacneil yayyWomen: From now until January you are working for free http://t.co/sGRt8VLmfK http://t.co/bTpgknFbTn
Retweeted by Nightwave@JAYEEM_ @DJ_Spinn is that Spinn and Taso?!@xdannyxbrownx ass👏titties👏ass&titties
Detroit <> Chicago house n techno Friday evening Mix .. let's go !! > https://t.co/yCSA4xm5ws @iamnightwave
Retweeted by Nightwave@inkke_ fucksake. that's on the par with our postie folding the record i ordered to squeeze it thru the letterboxRave Party 1997 For Kids Level 1: http://t.co/r0WkCQrGgu'Kiss Kat' ft @ashnikko off my upcoming EP, made at @RBStudiosLondon >>> https://t.co/pcTnVyiFF5 (✿◠‿◠)@joemuggs @itv2 @dapperlaughs Fritzl would be proud@Lone Hi, we're trying to get LFO to UK Xmas No.1 as a tribute to Mark Bell. Please help spread the word. Thanks http://t.co/GwisjjSfo1
Retweeted by Nightwave@bluedaisytwit 😸✨@JubileeDJ 💖💕👭
Premiere: @iamnightwave gets her ghettotech on with 18-year-old rapper @ashnikko. http://t.co/89Ff8z1w08 http://t.co/p8UfVmNXa2
Retweeted by NightwavePremiere of 'KISS KAT' featuring @ashnikko off my upcoming EP courtesy of @thefader http://t.co/G3mgcjbDH4 *`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´ ♡Teklife crew have teamed up with @Hyperdub for an expansive compilation in DJ Rashad's honour. Shipping now: http://t.co/qUgfP1zUN7
Retweeted by NightwaveListen to DJ DEEON - DEBO MEGAMIX - DJ DEEON by djdeeon #np on #SoundCloud http://t.co/InopwlB5cX @Kry_Wolf @dj_funk @iamnightwave @bok_bok
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Please find these boys a temp foster home together? One blind needs the other. Close to N Wales if poss? TYVM. http://t.co/s9J7SUpED2
Retweeted by Nightwave@meaghan_garvey Paula Temple on R&S@djplastician too much coked up hi-hat house about
@zak_zc thank you 💕@zak_zc it's out in a few weeks :)@thesvelteone I'm genuinely curious why they book like that or if they ever think about the issue when they're putting lineups together hahaSome journo needs to interview all these promoters and ask why they're booking 0,5% women lolTONIGHT|The sounds that shape forward thinking dancefloors w/@oizo3000 @iamnightwave @drocarey+more|8pm @2ser http://t.co/oeLpoMSTn6
Retweeted by Nightwave♡ cc @ashnikko RT @lisablanning the new @iamnightwave EP, tho! can't wait to see "Kiss Kat" slay a dancefloor
@ssseannn I see you leavin the afterparty http://t.co/vkQYLTvoDAKHALED WHAAAT http://t.co/7O3fvkYIsL
#np @iamnightwave 'Birdland' last 5 minutes on http://t.co/XwB8eve5XF #liquiddinner
Retweeted by Nightwave@posthumanmusic brilliant, thank you :Dbig thanks to @FEADZofficial for dropping two tracks off my upcoming EP on his latest Rinse show :) http://t.co/xngfE5wnwWPetition for Ferrero to stop making sexist Kinder eggs> https://t.co/7qtio2x4ubUKIP were so quick to damn gays for the rain, but when it's 18 degrees outside in fucking October, where's our praise??
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@MrBeatnick omg neednah http://t.co/mIMJBUHKezhttp://t.co/R9Y6RH95Rb@ssseannn HAHAHAHA@ssseannn guy dressed as Jonnie Wilkes was the best, and you and MJ of courselol someone misheard 'Modeselektor' in the club last night and somehow a rumour spread that Teki makes music for Bo Selecta >_<Big up Varys @TekiLatex Draco @joooehooowe for awesome sets last night 💖 Khaleesi x@cleoslaptra I asked her in a non sarcastic manner if she's lost her skirt as she was just in red underwear and she nearly battered me lolSome awful 'sexy' S for Supergirl costumes in the club last night...more like S for syphilis yuck 😬.@radio_coco's first favourite song of the week comes from @iamnightwave ft. @ashnikko - Kiss Kat! #NP <3
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👸 http://t.co/Dh71cir44k@geniusjones khaleesi hahha🐉🐲🐉 http://t.co/0VkNCtIT4M@PhilipSherburne yes matcha, wheatgrass, chlorella, barley grass..very good at oxygenating, also cider vinegar for clearing arteries TIP!
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