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Jay Burdett @jjburdett Las Vegas, NV

Be Passionate! Catholic #Prolife #μολὼν λαβέ #SOT. Capitalist. Loving the Freedom of the West. loyal Royal fan. Go Royals!

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Perp that killed 2 California sheriff's deputies was deported twice and has a criminal record http://t.co/dVxgcyjRcy
Retweeted by Jay BurdettLeftwing Fascist California Forces Churches to Fund Abortions! http://t.co/FSStKOHDjq http://t.co/5CYaQgZSwG
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#BringBackOurMarine #BringBackOurMarine #BringBackOurMarine #BringBackOurMarine #NeverForget http://t.co/7QHIlBiSlC
Retweeted by Jay BurdettTiring of Super Creepy Rob Lowe. enough already #directvA fun. hard charging Midwestern work ethic is working against the Giants! #BeRoyalKCThey look pretty good tonight! #GoRoyals!MT @DarleneHBrook: Nothing more dreaded than government meddling with religion. #StandwithPastors http://t.co/DfbqkG6Qbz #RedMeat #PJNET
Retweeted by Jay BurdettProgressives have no interest in abiding by Constitutional Law. They bend it and mold it as they see fit.
As Shabbat starts in Israel, spare a thought for little Chaya Braun, shown in her last photo before she was killed. http://t.co/W6hcAz0JSU
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will to the best of my Ability, PRESERVE, PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States.” #remembertheoath@robedits Heartbreaking!The day Al Gore was born there were 130,000 glaciers on Earth. Today, only 130,000 remain. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday http://t.co/MOSIlajW8O
Retweeted by Jay BurdettEnough already! He needs medical help! #BringBackOurMarine #PTSD #BoycottMexicoTourism #SgtKimberlyagar @BOSSYtxmar55 http://t.co/sSVaQOMdcg
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@IngrahamAngle @FoxNews That wasn't Ron Klains idea (sarcasm)@IngrahamAngle @pevans4uga @FoxNews Wont work! Far too much common sense for this administration. Denies Ebola. Justifies Radical Islam!Dr. Marc Seigel of @FoxNews is 100% correct: ALL health & humanitarian workers coming back from hot zones shd be quarantined for 21days.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettSo, scratch NY off the list to visit. 😷
Retweeted by Jay Burdetthttp://t.co/frkmEtpOrV: Canadian Parliament Honors Sergeant of Arms, Kevin Vickers #OttawaShooting http://t.co/lnAURSBvjM
Retweeted by Jay BurdettAt least if Ebola kills us all, we won't have to worry about livin' through the last 2 years of Obama's presidency. Merica.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBREAKING: California Forces Churches to Directly Fund Abortions, Churches Refuse to Comply http://t.co/Q9cXhZFLyC http://t.co/h2yR5pXBv3
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Allies prepare! We are in a lifetime war with radical Islam! Praying for our friends In Canada!Let's go KC #Royals ! http://t.co/tc3P0CzoitRT @Telegraph: Soldier killed in Canada shooting was a young reservist with a six-year-old son http://t.co/3PVhHf8GFj http://t.co/D1GIklwY2L
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#BraveMan Canada's Sergeant-at-Arms, Kevin Vickers today shot dead the attacker. http://t.co/ERjaJTKD6I
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Obamanesia: polls reveal people can't remember voting for Obama http://t.co/iUM7nPkb5thttp://t.co/6cUtmGwQnN Don't want to remove your burka? Get out then!
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#StopTheGOP They're just stuffy old white guys! http://t.co/2qs1GB3awd
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@DanaPerino not until FOX tomorrow. Sad. MSM is Pravda and withholds NEWS from the American People@purtyboy Robert. This Country is at a Crossroad Another Deep Recession or renaissance. Ask for Gods blessing. History shows us how! GBU!
Fed-backed #TWITTER study draws fire - "The truth study" Dis-information campaign http://t.co/E2H8cQ7IdS #tcot #pjnet http://t.co/LmjihNFS41
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhoa Nelly! Happy 86 Birthday to Keith Jackson!@VoteVicki2014 voted early for you today! Good luck! We need your common sense for NVElecting Conservative Republicans in Clark County - http://t.co/8N0ohu0PJP
Retweeted by Jay BurdettVoted early today! Felt like I took a bath after two years. I wish we could #FireReid #voteearly NV@RWSurferGirl the electorate mentioned are the idiots spreading Ebola!America will survive Obama, maybe even Ebola? We cannot survive the stupid that is the electorate at the present time. #tcot
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@PolarCoug it cooled down when she got there! Ice Queen!@Battleborne agreed he has not been as successful as I had hoped.#Sandoval #Heck #Dooling NV going to Vote today! Lets restore our Union!@roger_mace @Sir_jock @FoxNews IRS, Mexico, Isis, Russia, Ebola see how much time and money we would save if we had a damn leader!@BarackObama @SpeakerBoehner @HouseFloor "We need to take care of those who take care of us." #BringBackOurMarine NOW http://t.co/9stvqsG8u3
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIf President Bush was still our President right now he would have our #MarineHeldInMexico back home @FoxNews http://t.co/SwvIJUmLCP
Retweeted by Jay Burdett"It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so." Ronald Reagan #clone?@CinSmith1 vote early and often!@Ruthie19 @Scarlett210 @BobbyDuley53 @TIB2016 @Lg4Lg FIRE HARRY REID!Voting Early today! Eliminate the Blue in NV. Please everyone #vote and kick Harry and Nancy to the curb! #TurnAmericaRED@Steph93065 @WayneBogda @ChristieC733 @CarmineZozzora burners!@carolinagirl63 additionally he is not an administrator, the only experience he has is being a hack for Joe Biden and Al Gore! Brilliant!
Pres. Obama said "Ron Klain has no healthcare or any relevant experience so I think he is the perfect choice to handle this important job."
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWomen heading to #Kobane to fight #ISIS. Amazing. http://t.co/8bRdz3hxyj
Retweeted by Jay BurdettJust so you don't buy the liberal crap: CDC Doled Out $25 Million In Bonuses While Blaming Cuts For Ebola Outbreak | http://t.co/nC5AAyVlL2
Retweeted by Jay Burdett"We'll Meet Again" RT @jjburdett I have a "philosophical" objection to President Obama and all his socialist friends, failures , and crisis'
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI have a "philosophical" objection to President Obama and all his socialist friends, failures , and crisis'King Ebola---RonKlain--political hack! Klain=Outbreak. Get an #MD like FauciExclusive–Ted Cruz on Potential 2016 Run: Question for all GOP Primary Voters Is 'Who Is Standing Up and Leading?' http://t.co/WllOIqh9Dk
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Cant watch the news anymore. Incompetence makes my blood pressure go up! Hope we make it till the midterms. Peace out.I wish the CDC was half as good at protecting us frm Ebola as the media is at protecting Barack Obama from the fall-out from it's spread
Retweeted by Jay BurdettVery nice Kelly!American flag appears to emerge from night sky in incredible photo. via @wsoctv http://t.co/q1LIuZCiiJ http://t.co/COp0PC0T8n
Retweeted by Jay BurdettPLANE STUPID: Alarm after vomiting passenger dies on flight from Nigeria to JFK http://t.co/7oj71Y16kC via @nypost
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBiden's son discharged from Navy after reportedly testing positive for cocaine http://t.co/kaPWvzvNYW http://t.co/rJ1EIRx8JB
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhere is the OUTRAGE???? @ACLU Nothing? @WashingtonDCTea @WayneBogda @Steph93065 @Pinkadottts @ChristieC733 @AmyMek http://t.co/rlO4iskBY1
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@LadySandersfarm @IowaDawg typical partisan hack who will end up killing us all.@jjburdett Absolutely beyond arrogance, selfishness, and conceit. Contemptible bastard.
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#CSI Las Vegas episode on #Ebola a little too close for comfort!Paul Krugman is proving once again is a stone cold moron!Dulles Va Airport is now protected by travel ban! Hypocrites! All Americans should be protected by a travel ban! #fail #ebola@ForMotionCreatv @drginaloudon perhaps he could allow them to use AF 1 as a shuttle. You know when he is not using it for vacation!
US Ebola Hospital Laid Off Staff Due To Obamacare, Now Has Staff Constraints. @DailyCaller http://t.co/T1Ara04rcZ
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@LATiffani1 @OCAmericans protect against all enemies foreign and domestic! #brokenoathObama worried about political fall out & "hurting African economy." Obama will not issue travel ban. #ImpeachObama http://t.co/mGeW0nMXsL
Retweeted by Jay BurdettGreat News! The same @HHSGov that oversees @CDCgov will handle the rest of your healthcare with equal excellence and flawless execution.
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RT “@jjburdett: Its frightening when the head of the CDC Thomas Frieden sounds like your basic refried politician!” // "TRUST ME"
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIts frightening when the head of the CDC Thomas Frieden sounds like your basic refried politician!Royals one win away from World Series berth after 2-1 victory over Orioles http://t.co/RbX6JqKZzTH/T @eavesdropann Great Question! @WayneBogda @TwitchyTeam @TEXASSHEBANDIT @jjauthor @Just_a_Texan #ccot #tcot http://t.co/bFe0hV7j6e
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMoose! Best catch ever! #BeRoyalKC
@drginaloudon @worldnetdaily outrageous!Christian job applicant gets obscene rejection http://t.co/kkEv1k67fq via @worldnetdaily
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@slone maybe she had lunch with Hillary.RULES DO •NOT• APPLY TO LIBS! NBC's Dr. Snyderman quarantined, goes out for food anyway http://t.co/OASpGmT9bs #tcot http://t.co/8sRcwSaiOf
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMichelle Obama Stumps for Democrat Candidate... but Doesn't Even Know His Name! - Eagle Rising http://t.co/cf8kkBAqBY via @theEagleiRising
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I am my Mother is no longer a Nurse! CDC LIES. This Government is incompetent! I am certainly comfortable traveling en masse! (sarcasm)#Obama Admits he's a Socialist in New York Times Interview. http://t.co/KCz4Ss6q1P I Was Thinking Marxist Myself! #tcot
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@jjauthor especially Health Care! #ebola#Detroit provides a future look at the whole United States – if liberal spending policies are left in place! #tcot http://t.co/14kzYDThOK
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@JohnLibertyUSA thanks John I found it. Should be on reg fox!#Mlb should be embarrassed! Can't find the #NLCS on the damn TV! Talk about losing market share! Americas pastime-----hogwash!Ebola in America. It's a direct result of Government Health Care. This Administration is responsible for a growing Pandemic!Can they unleash the walkers in DC tonight. Start off with Reids office!ARMY REFUSES TO RELEASE FINDINGS OF BERGDAHL INVESTIGATION http://t.co/NZfl5g3xrd #homeland http://t.co/iiegayvt7V
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhat happened to Tahmooressi?? Why is he still in Mexico? This is UNFAIR!!!! #BringBackOurMarine #TCOT http://t.co/BdUPAPNMys
Retweeted by Jay Burdettunfair to Nero RT @RantReaper: Ebola Spreading ISIS Winning Obama Spends Sunday On Golf Course http://t.co/hKt4mDbpoI http://t.co/qz3JVGGfZq
Retweeted by Jay BurdettKurds halt ISIS advance at Kobane. Imagine what they'd do with U.S. arms #Airdrop2Kobane #tcot http://t.co/WZSmOtSi0p http://t.co/97KNoPJfLk
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhat? RT @BreitbartTexas: CDC Didn't Monitor Anyone Who Came in Contact With Duncan at Hospital http://t.co/eqZMZ92MJB
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#Ebola Healthcare workers should be wearing respirators. Not Just facemasks. http://t.co/xGZUP3evdx h/t @Wifeofspock
Retweeted by Jay BurdettSusan Rice on Meet the Press---oh no! Lies more lies.........@CronkiteSays @pinksugar61 priceless!Pres. Obama said, "A President must clear many hurdles successfully if he wants history to remember him favorably." https://t.co/TkMUXNIq3j
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The most important thing in baseball: Getting hot at the right time http://t.co/QHchh5by41
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