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John Gerzema @johngerzema Tribeca, or up in the air

New York Times Best Selling Author/Social Strategist. Fellow at the Athena Center on Leadership at Barnard. Advocate for Women & Girls:The U.N. Girl Up Campaign

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New @WeizmannInst technology could alter the way we understand physical reality: http://t.co/f6PgjO6AZS @CuriosityReviewGreatly looking forward to keynoting at the 3% Conference in November. Let's up the percent! http://t.co/gC5uLFrO7O @katgordon @3percentconf@johngerzema @nyhrps Thanks, received great insight on leadership characteristics and millennial entrepreneurs. #theathenadoctrine #research
Retweeted by John GerzemaKeynoting 3% conference John Gerzema 64,000 People Can’t Be Wrong! http://t.co/oEqbQdkaJF’t-be-wrong @katgordon @Johngerzema
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Iceland announces UN conference on women and gender equality http://t.co/JkJoOPO0bpStudy on Funding Reveals Massive Gender Discrepancies http://t.co/z2BVWlx7vDWe Need Better Managers, Not More Technocrats http://t.co/Z14ziAc7a1With $50 Million From Top Investors, Reddit Plans Cryptocurrency http://t.co/oqP002fKkTBanking From an Oculus Rift? Google Glass-Clad Tellers? Wells Fargo Tests It Out http://t.co/aZKDd66yn6
This is a generic brand video (hilarious and so true) http://t.co/14Uh7dzBhiIndian PM Narendra Modi Brings Vision Of "Toilets Before Temples" To A U.S. Audience http://t.co/pWQ0fiOq4ePaul Krugman: Our Invisible Rich http://t.co/3l5sVVncwrThe Tallest Tower In The U.S. Is Being Built By A Woman http://t.co/MESFxp0ULyA Defining Question in an iPhone Age: Live for the Moment or Record It?, via @nytimes http://t.co/8QvWPM2cZV
Brace yourself for the corporate journalism wave http://t.co/sloQMfdeIQ
New Orleans blend of education overhaul and startup zeal sprouts a new kind of business incubator http://t.co/IfnSM730wiHas Capitalism Reached A Turning Point? http://t.co/cVVtDb1Di8Owl family wakes up to find GoPro outside its burrow. http://t.co/2EZ2KBGneeJohn Oliver Is Becoming One Of The Best Journalists On TV http://t.co/D86vRQy4OwEllo Is a Wake-Up Call for Social Media Marketing http://t.co/15Q9aXu7l1
The U.S. Cities With The Most Bike Commuters (It's Still Not A Lot) http://t.co/37hCxGF7V2Saving languages through Korean Soap Operas http://t.co/Rz9wyOtnbHI’ve ruled people out because they don’t help clean up after dinner. Jimmy Kimmel - Esquire Mentorship Project http://t.co/Q5PbkUFiluPeter Thiel's Zero to One Might Be the Best Business Book I've Read http://t.co/x7S7PDgCWeLG tweeted its Bendgate joke from an iPhone http://t.co/U2U65AX7xfThe 20-Year-Old Who Plans to Remove All Plastic from the Ocean http://t.co/28EZPQBPFB
The Insanity Of CEO Paychecks, Visualized http://t.co/NMjatr7r5TOne secret to the success of Quartz, BuzzFeed and Gawker: They look at news as a service http://t.co/EaDJxouhAASteelers William Gay volunteers at Pittsburgh shelter for battered women, but he’s more than a player stopping by http://t.co/tX1aKb4YsXCompanies With Women On The Board Crush Those That Only Have Men http://t.co/oLHHnsDvAPBook News: Amtrak Unveils Writers Picked For A Residency On The Rails http://t.co/pzCTPcwgN6Exposing Hidden Bias at Google http://t.co/GlBZP1oUrd
Air Wars: Researchers run study to measure how much people value the ability to recline compared to extra knee room. http://t.co/3ABPflaHqiPsychologists are testing ways to reduce unconscious racial prejudice--not just in the police, but in all of us. http://t.co/Ak8u7KJWHxCEOs Get Paid Too Much, According to Pretty Much Everyone in the World http://t.co/ku7stAMkSM
Greatly enjoyed speaking at #WPRF on Conscience Communications & @bavconsulting's Purposeful Meaning Index (PMI) http://t.co/Z03rkpzOKPChange the conversation @johngerzema #WPRF2014 great one http://t.co/gKnEF1VTng
Retweeted by John GerzemaIt's Time to Put Humans Back in Charge of Government http://t.co/UcTCQZS7i7Can women fix capitalism? http://t.co/2TrsWTEiYd
Why Men Never Remember Anything http://t.co/qxvSiPHmvCAnita Sarkeesian shares the most radical thing you can do to support women online http://t.co/1tIMKinl1PMeet the College Women Who Are Starting a Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault http://t.co/1ylwPB6pTIThe price of exposure http://t.co/TLcp2W6QCZI am a passionate supporter of gender equality. @EmWatson @HeForShe @UN_Women http://t.co/IpudHsNpu3
Retweeted by John Gerzema'Feminists Are Not Man-Haters': Emma Watson's Moving UN Speech http://t.co/GpjT5pazaH
When Philosophy Becomes Therapy http://t.co/AR6pE2VBlYThe Late Stephen Colbert http://t.co/ufUEOVAMLsAgainst All Odds: Gaza is Home to A Promising Startup Scene http://t.co/UnlD74MUPvGo back to punctuation school. (Great and handy read) https://t.co/7vd6g4yc74Beyond Charity: Turning The Soup Kitchen Upside Down http://t.co/v8XCwRFMPsThe Pop-Tart at 50: Perfect Just the Way It Is http://t.co/GbOad7zy60The population of the internet, in one map http://t.co/ZQjJeUKzGH
1/3 of Alibaba’s co-founders are women, and a similar % in group that controls nominating a majority of its directors http://t.co/ufz8ovyvH8
How Americans Spend: 1993 vs. 2013 http://t.co/aj4c6Wg1AoBuddhist Economics: How to Stop Prioritizing Goods Over People and Consumption Over Creative Activity http://t.co/yCwMDMpXaDThere is literally not a single woman in this iPhone 6 queue http://t.co/yobj8wWu25Angry with Washington, 1 in 4 Americans open to secession http://t.co/yyDz8AwMnOHow Philosophy Makes You a Better Leader http://t.co/KF2HPb6l6qNo, This Isn’t The iPhone 6 Line; It’s The Ray Rice Jersey Exchange Line http://t.co/R4faheLcigForget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data http://t.co/FUgLdtEgsm
An Independent Scotland Powered by Bitcoin? http://t.co/2Zi4EcIjxi
Meet the 2014 MacArthur Fellows http://t.co/JPXtlX2KK8
We Are a Camera: Experience and memory in the age of GoPro. http://t.co/h1EG5dmi3ZNearly one and a half percent of the entire American economy is spent on hospital administration. http://t.co/aEOpSCA76r“We the people want our money safer than our selfies." PayPal goes after Apple in a full page NYT ad http://t.co/nt8WmlBs3q
Median Age Around the World http://t.co/tkfjxxgmD7Sign of the Techpocalypse: Chinese City Creates Cell Phone Lane for Texting Pedestrians http://t.co/n5O0k3UEIj
Predicting and Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease with Google Earth http://t.co/gwrDbBgBClJell-O Art: Jell-O 'Bricks' Make Up A Large Wall http://t.co/1RdPPm7kbPIt costs 1.6 cents to make one penny because of the rising price of zinc http://t.co/izLEqpo7FS via @qzThe internet of things is setting up the ultimate culture clash https://t.co/1ws2fIafZj via @gigaomDon't Mess it Up!: A 10-year-old's thoughts on Microsoft possibly acquiring Minecraft http://t.co/6A3hrqFiw3
Grandmas keep accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash on Facebook http://t.co/lwVDppwBMOTeaching math through percussive dance http://t.co/6MwOzMasswSteve Jobs's office remains untouched at Apple HQ http://t.co/cWf8gHBeZX.@nigelbarker & @johngerzema are just a few men advancing the #SHERevolution. Read how 2 engage more: http://t.co/1q02MSty8I
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The Death of Adulthood in American Culture, via @nytimes http://t.co/4R4smLUTKqOur book, The Athena Doctrine mentioned in a great article by @ClaudiaChan in @Forbes on including men in feminism http://t.co/Rdf1qevq6PThe Next Women's Movement is integrating men. Read @ClaudiaChan's interview with @Forbes #HeforShe series http://t.co/TaZdoVFSje
Sue My Car Not Me: Products Liability and Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles http://t.co/oYxQVDM2yyWikipedia Edits Reveal America’s “Data Deserts” http://t.co/KiHiB4pgngBretagne, the last known living 9/11 search dog. Top photo is 2001, bottom is 2014, she's yet to retire http://t.co/kMGuMjxk1C #remember9/11This 9-Year-Old Built A Nonprofit, No-Kill Animal Shelter Out Of His Garage To Help Stray Animals http://t.co/SP47PlBKqASagging Pants And The Long History Of 'Dangerous' Street Fashion http://t.co/2xboJiblRHF-15 pilot was ready to give her life to down hijacked planes knowing one pilot might be her father #remember9/11 http://t.co/hfD1GqPMsLWhy Disruptors Are Always White Guys http://t.co/fVGZQx0e9S11 Successful Products Originally Invented for Something Else http://t.co/DwFnc31XFmGenerations Are an Invention http://t.co/uyeBvOApty
The U.S. Map Redrawn as 50 States With Equal Population http://t.co/wI0kmXJJ8Y
Booker Prize 2014: the shortlist revealed http://t.co/Il5IiJhT4WGratified that our book, The Athena Doctrine is being published in global markets. http://t.co/qg1uQmf5TkMeet Zelda, the unlikely ‘Dear Abby’ of NSA http://t.co/pV56sVdMZo
Americans don’t just work longer hours—they also work stranger hours http://t.co/OVAMrr7zXmHow Millennials Spend Their Money http://t.co/TvY4ILGxse@women2 @AOL @WomenWhoCode @womenintech @johngerzema SEE Interview on #WomeninTech & #Sexism in #SiliconValley https://t.co/Kx8XwE0YZE
Retweeted by John GerzemaAcademic study: Asking for advice makes you seem smarter http://t.co/MlOZBfWnfX
The One Billion Who Live on a Dollar a Day http://t.co/nLrJXFLC3XWhy Don’t More Men Go Into Teaching?, via @nytimes http://t.co/RY9ioL0ycYDads at One Direction concerts http://t.co/ezVcvUG8VV99 percent of Sweden’s waste is now reused (Science http://t.co/QF1WO2KSpx
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