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Imagine what went into this 'get.' RT @peoplemag: PEOPLE has Brad and Angelina’s wedding album! Check out the cover: http://t.co/uhgC0yWUsS@RickBrooksWSJ @cyndilauper Sounds like a good party to me@RickBrooksWSJ @cyndilauper She just awanna, she just awanna?
She's got one less problem without Rory! RT @peterlattman: @CaroWozniacki upsets @MariaSharapova http://t.co/d9M6V5EBkULove a clever church marquee. #GodHasWifi http://t.co/4duGrlhr8EBest time to be in San Fran? When the locals techies leave for Burning Man. Funny culture-of story by @ConorDougherty http://t.co/N292Sdn4VAWife Of A Good Father Takes New Job RT @raju: +1 @EverydaySexism: This is 2014 https://t.co/ReYmh9JGKi via @wvhtlucy
It's moments like this we wish he didn't invent the internet RT @algore: My dear friend @jason_mraz, an incredible musician is on tour now!
Retweeted by katierosmanQuick plug: Add umichathletics on @Snapchat for unprecedented content like @DenardX selfies. http://t.co/OOOopV1fyY
Retweeted by katierosman"Next level" is now next-level cliché. #RetireIt
@dmac1 We will.SCOOP: Time Warner pulling out of deal talks with Vice. Story to follow.
Retweeted by katierosmanThe beauty of the bride is NOT what everyone will buzz about at the wedding of MSNBC's Alex Wagner + chef Sam Kass http://t.co/EJcN6LOQSO@abbygardner She'd have one less problem without them?
A career- and life-defining piece by Jason Gay. RT @jasonWSJ: For tomorrow's @WSJ: From my Dad, a Game for Life: http://t.co/g42IyRAyZ0I met @thegarance!!! She's just as smart and delightful IRL.Scarier than an episode of 'Fantasy Island.' RT @DannyDeraney Creeped out by @JulieChen and the Love Boat reunion. http://t.co/qrzJF7T5UQ@TheKimHong @rayalexsmith It gives me something to do w/ my hands when getting my social bearings at a party. better than pretending to textI love a dress with pockets! What a smart observation and great story, @rayalexsmith!! http://t.co/tZFZg2BrMP@FunkyGourmetRVA until we're passé againCurly hair is in. THANK GOODNESS. http://t.co/rvaNnHRurB"Being unconventional is part of @lenadunham's shtick. She posed for Vogue w/ a pigeon standing on her head" #mystory http://t.co/yeRWukYuMGDonatella gets doused by beefcakes boys + Versace buckets as brands co-opt #IceBucketChallenge. Gr8 @VVFriedman take http://t.co/JoTo7pbZcv@erin_gs YES, EVEN THERE! No school is safe when they remove booze from the student sections.Soaring ticket prices/new booze-free stadiums send student attendance at college football games into decline. WSJ Pg1 http://t.co/v79Yzc8kddJennifer Aniston's wedding plans just kicked into high gear."Being unconventional is part of her shtick” – @katierosman on @lenadunham’s carefully scripted red carpet style: http://t.co/XHbdEXQbMF
Retweeted by katierosman@Larakate @nytimes @abbygardner When you say something as trenchant as what Abby did...could happen!!
Rule #1 should be: Get Off Twitter. RT @TheAtlantic: How to break procrastination's doom loop http://t.co/nBLq8EuwRi http://t.co/dHlAJaWo6RLoving all the tennis coverage. (See ya, soccer!) http://t.co/1lsPRCKrUA 🎾❤️🎾❤️🎾❤️🎾@nycjim Wonder what involvement of a 9 yr old girl does to the NRA mantra of "guns don't kill ppl, ppl kill ppl."My daily #bitofbeauty RT @AdamsLisa: Drove older kids to school early for first time since 2013. Was not well enough til now.Womp, Google-style. RT @WSJD: Google to open a 20,000-square-foot startup center in Seoul’s Gangnam neighborhood. http://t.co/nc460JFLAhSo many lives ruined. RT @nycjim: 9-year-old accidentally kills Ariz. gun instructor training her to fire an Uzi. http://t.co/K1KqKT6cmN
10 billion bucks doesn't seem so ephemeral RT @WSJ: Snapchat gets a valuation of close to $10 billion. http://t.co/CmAuTFRHEX"I don't have the 1st clue about being an owner" of a sports team, Steve Ballmer, new owner of LA Clippers, tells WSJ http://t.co/IiAMxpySQNMember of the Tribe/Hummus Humor on the E Train. http://t.co/YD33D0hVjv
They gonna put that writer from Breaking Bad on the lazy-Susan and spin her around?What can I do onstage to make sure no one ever, ever takes me seriously?@rachelsklar women, period.Sofia Vergara is like Charo.Sarah Silverman thanked her "Jews at CAA."Orange is the new white. #McConaughey #emmysAARP makes Julia Louis Dreyfus its poster child/senior citizen. RT @AARP: Best comedy actress goes to @OfficialJLD! http://t.co/JIHdstmgmA@emilynussbaum He's got leading man charisma. Wasn't breathy and shocked. Appreciative and brief.Seth Meyer, upstaged again.But who's counting? #Emmys@sistaklein could only help his approval ratings@EHolmesWSJ Oh come on. No! Is he just like, "Maureen Dowd called and she needs a topic for her next column"?@Larakate Looks like he's going to buy school supplies@BrianJMoylan Brian, you kiss your mother with that mouth?!Start penning your Lena Dunham dress think pieces, internet. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? #Emmys
Retweeted by katierosman@PreetaTweets am i a horrible person?Tinder, the analog version. http://t.co/b2x58J0eipThis is where it starts, ladies. #sixwords #netflixemmyspartybus @Piper @OITNB @realleadelaria http://t.co/uoghW53oGY
Retweeted by katierosman@JamesDDetroit yep!!@JamesDDetroit thank you!Will the guy who threw a bucket of water in Ari Emanuel's face ever eat lunch in this town again? http://t.co/0bblCkPsIBFacebook is cracking down on click bait. You won't believe what happens next ;) http://t.co/YyBeTS0wya
Retweeted by katierosman#BROKELYN: Moving Out of Brooklyn Because of High Prices http://t.co/8DNOZ34BNX"I think the organization had gone to sleep,” says the NBC News president of NBC News. http://t.co/scGkMGs4az@AdamsLisa I will text you a photo bc it's not ready for social media!Everything is bad for you; Nothing may kill you. http://t.co/wcGw1viLpc via @UpshotNYT@AdamsLisa @lucythecorgi This is so incredible !!!!!!And wearing 25% of the clothes. RT @TheCut: The women ruled the #VMAs last night. (Taking home 63% of the Moon Men.) http://t.co/RLj8FwmC7z
Coolest glasses covering rose-colored eyes. RT @SnoopDogg: Me n my date 🎉🎋😘😍😍 http://t.co/JbLGyTry9Kcc @ConorDougherty RT @yvesbehar: California: where earthquakes and skateboarding have "always" been around... http://t.co/QA85ymgLQ2How to deal w/ Comcast/Time Warner? "Take a two-by-four & hit the mule between the ears." @emilysteel's Page1 debut! http://t.co/T8QzVK3u7z@ejeancarroll hide the paint guns and we're there!@ejeancarroll We really do need to make a date, for real.She has taken to #deadhead culture with alarming ease. @ Grateful Dead Festival, Warwick, NY http://t.co/dN66Dy68cLTaking kids to a #GratefulDead festival. Explaining why the band doesn't much since Jerry died: Iit'd be like a 1D concert without Harry."Whole Foods, Napa. #earthquake http://t.co/Bui6pPmKt7
Retweeted by katierosman@katierosman @therebeccamead power is out in napa. hospital on generators. my mom in golden living down street from the queen.
Retweeted by katierosman@therebeccamead search the #napa hashta and then look at photos that come up. I think power is out in napaOuch. RT @jaredbkeller: Cornell West on Obama: "You’re looking for John Coltrane and you get Kenny G in brown skin.” http://t.co/exG5uWXwjdScary pictures out of #napa. Hope everyone is safe.Don't miss @NYTStyles today! Brian Williams + @sethmeyers talk bromance; Caroline Wozniacki talks failed romance 📰👬🎾💔 http://t.co/kriPOebbUL
So hot. 🔥 @ Mt. Fuji http://t.co/Vu6BLbkLtDTrying to put music into context for my kids. "So, was Bob Dylan like your Beyoncé?"My kid is looking on his @SnowDayCalc app to see if there is any chance the first day of school might get snowed out. #wishfulthinkingThe #IceBucketChallenge becomes the #iceboatchallenge in the hands of my friend @stdoyle, whose Pop died from #ALS. https://t.co/nBtuUkvb2Z"We’re registered at Bed Bath & Beyond." -- @BWilliams when sidling up to @sethmeyers for a pic. Great weekend read. http://t.co/Mi9VWuE5NcOn this day in 1775 King George III proclaimed the American colonies in a state of open rebellion with the hashtag #makecolonieslisten
Retweeted by katierosman@Delistraty Wouldn't it be amazing?!On a farm field, nestled behind Grand Central: Tennis, Anywhere? Great photos, if you love (no pun intended) #tennis. http://t.co/kWeI78cOsp
Awesome night in Detroit. Thanks to all the @umichfootball faithful that came. Tweet me pics from the game and I'll post my favorites to IG.
Retweeted by katierosmanFriday afternoon PR dump: Airbnb shares the names of 124 hosts with the NY attorney general http://t.co/eWXNFKzcCS by @dmac1
Retweeted by katierosmanThe painful beauty of @AdamsLisa's "Little Words." http://t.co/Ty6yg0Xb8tThe listicle > porn. via @mitrakalita http://t.co/FTxEnQQCVc@casacks 😘😘😘😘😘😘Obama talks to James Foley's parents, then hits the links. "Presidents learn to wall off their feelings." http://t.co/JNyIE3Suj0@casacks You're so sweet. Mine too. She's an amazing woman.Mary Petrovich--my late mom's caddie & CarlyleGroup's sr advisor--scores a 75; qualifies for USGA amateur #golf #hero http://t.co/MfWreneEE9
is this for print or online? is this for print or online? is this for print or online?
Retweeted by katierosman@PGHDave @MikeIsaac That's a funny link.@MikeIsaac exactly. Also when someone starts a sentence, "I hate to be *that guy* but..."@samfbiddle tachycardia or arrhythmia?“Your food, drugs, costumes are all handled, all you have to do is show up,” a Burning Man "sherpa" tells @nickbilton http://t.co/gx2lvo9FG0Wall Street banks, under pressure to improve working conditions for junior bankers, raising salaries 20-25% http://t.co/vo9MmwIiD6 via @WSJ
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