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"I am not a perfect parent," says NFL's Adrian Peterson, arrested for hitting his toddler with a tree branch http://t.co/6bRFninhWp@carr2n @katelaurielee She the best! ✨🌟💫EWR --> BOS. Hosting Medium maximum wizard @katelaurielee for BU class today. Lucky us.
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@AdamsLisa I hate hearing this tho I am hopeful the transfusion will bring some relief. I'd like to see you this week if possibleAt SoulCycle Tribeca, The Spinning Stops; Panic Ensues http://t.co/7Ldo8uvKHa. This is so amazing. Perfect Sunday morning entertainment.
Retweeted by katierosmanProfoundly moved by the sheer bravery in the face of suffering on display here http://t.co/L2pIjkziG9
Retweeted by katierosman@oliverburkeman I love how the story came out. Arched indeed! @courtneybrubin did an excellent job!!Wedding-day congratulations to @JoannaStern, my former WSJ-seat mate and (still) dear friend! 👰❤️👰 http://t.co/blqZFJt7cU
Oh dear God RT @intelligencer: ISIS Reportedly Beheads British Aid Worker David Haines http://t.co/81o8df7VTcTrue, @chaddickerson? RT @TheBigFoxx: @katierosman @romenesko you can still buy nazi memorabilia, swastikas and blackface art on etsy.@ProfKeefe Pls follow and DM me or email at Katherine dot rosman at nytimes dot com, I've been thinking about you and your deed all dayDid you hear that the folks in this 9/11 pic were finally found & all are alive? https://t.co/nYSTSY8Ugr
Retweeted by katierosmanEtsy bans crafts and vintages items with descriptions that include the name/word "Redskins." https://t.co/GrmE1d1tj3@brokemogul http://t.co/4q9NmqOF17The spinnerati of Tribeca faces a dark fear: SoulCycle is closed for 3 weeks. Skillful + hilarious by @courtneybrubin http://t.co/rCRMu1MuUfA beautiful way to start the day, being confronted by the humanity of @ProfKeefe.@ProfKeefe @mashable @lauravitt0 elizabeth Fred and I are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year. Please come! We will pay your way!
Retweeted by katierosman@ProfKeefe you are one of a kind.
Retweeted by katierosmanEvery year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT http://t.co/mZ9LdQqE7x
Retweeted by katierosman@danthompson_TN I found them! :) it took about 18 hours once it went viral :)
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That Goodell runs a tight ship!@kevinroose People in SF talk on the phone? How analog.Like a modern-day Jessica Fletcher, reporter @KellyCrowWSJ solves an art-world mystery. What a delightful piece. http://t.co/HFXQUaecIHJesus's answer to YOLO, (in cross-stitch). https://t.co/8MTMLY190rWonderful column by @nickbilton is the most emailed piece on the NYT site: Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent http://t.co/m3E3x6UGJySpeaking of domestic violence and star athletes: Oscar Pistorius found guilty of "culpable homicide." http://t.co/DEROShSSHCThe Shipping News: Book publishers aren't only ones facing Amazon's strong-arming. Nerdy, fascinating piece about UPS http://t.co/x4w0Kj0MoJ
Shorter Marc Jacobs, according to my Instagram feed: Beats pink. #NYFWElevator Chat with Bill Cunningham Me: "Are you enjoying Fashion Week?" BC: "Oh, it's exhilarating! It's like watching horse racing!" #nyfw@samfbiddle @MikeIsaac Loved him in Sweet Home AlabamaAnna Wintour, on brand. 👓 #NYFW http://t.co/osTCWFaKwGLots of khaki, cargo-pockets at @RalphLauren #nyfw http://t.co/0SAjbRRfzmAll the pretty people. ralphlauren #nyfw http://t.co/hOXinpVHOXRising above it all. 🇺🇸 #911 http://t.co/omysyOwhJfThe New Yorker likens the iWatch to "a Happy Meal prize" and calls the new U2 album a "douche-fest." http://t.co/LXM4ybgGOM@hblodget @NewYorker One line is more jaw-dropping and brilliant than the next!!!
@emilylawi it's not easy being you/gwynnie!@JamesDDetroit I mean, we all make mistakes!HATE it when I pose with a group + accidentally wear a miniskirt/heels + sit in the center + dangle my long gams. http://t.co/CymxVwZDNrAt my house, this guy's as huge as T. Swift. RT @murraymatt Rise of Minecraft creator, in talks for $2B sale to MSFT http://t.co/GV9QzIbB5FAnother #Apple product launch that will have the tech-obsessed generation drooling! http://t.co/mAxvTrlx73Hilarious http://t.co/GRG3lUVxIg
Retweeted by katierosman@vsaffron 😘
RT @tanlines: Apple has revolutionized the bar mitzvah gift foreverClinical trials and an update on her health, from the gripping (and wonderful) @AdamsLisa: http://t.co/xxQXiNd6RH
Retweeted by katierosman@brianstelter @nflcommish @NorahODonnell That's what Ray Rice thought a few days ago too.Conveys more cool upon Microsoft than the iWatch does upon Apple: $MSFT to buy #Minecraft. Great @EvelynRusli scoop! http://t.co/1KjFJ3Cg3OIf you aren't reading the #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft tweets you are missing the power of twitter
Retweeted by katierosmanHAHA nice timing Snapchat http://t.co/AVRfnzivZf
Retweeted by katierosman@AllanGates1 cc @jonathanwaldYou know who is really skilled at getting journalists to treat PR like news? #appleIt's called the uPhone. RT @JoannaStern Did I miss the announcement of the iPhone 6 U2 Plus?noticed @davemorin in front row next to johnny ive and dr dre -- clearly @path is getting bought by #apple!!! you heard it here first.
Retweeted by katierosmanThe first image shown on the new iPhone at its unveiling? The @paula_knight-styled cover of WSJ's Off Duty! #nyfw http://t.co/i6UohIAKWSRuling the world, two phones at a time. @jonathanwald #macher http://t.co/rVWVZ4qOAYLook who it is at #NYFW! @teriagins, the hottest author in town! Pre-order #HijackingtheRunway now. http://t.co/S59oC7m1o8
Retweeted by katierosman@AdamsLisa I know sweetpea$1.2B tech co. w/ 2764 Twitter followers RT @raju @WSJ: @taboola looks to raise $75-$100 mil, valuing up to $1.2b: http://t.co/oy5mwDbPHt@lizaswanson @AdamsLisa can you come to my house and reorganize my whole life?One early theme is beginning to emerge from Fashion Week: dogs http://t.co/jQpaNGb3b0
Retweeted by katierosmanAnother reason to dump my Mac email account. When I go to sign on, I get redirected here. http://t.co/KWxQy4UvZA #veryannoyed@AlexandraJacobs love the frizzy-hair look. who's cooler than Jenna?@lizaswanson #penporn cc @AdamsLisaThank you to Robert Haskell and @WSJ for this cool story. http://t.co/kn3b1IftgM http://t.co/QhVZPRXbCZ
Retweeted by katierosman"It’s the NFL’s opening week, and it was only expecting on-field tackles." -- @theskimm on the Ray Rice/NFL drama http://t.co/MRYy5udbP8ISIS-Affiliated Twitter Account Calls For Assassination Of Twitter Employees http://t.co/Qb6mZiQRee #socialmedia #security
Retweeted by katierosmanMade my morning! RT @jpodhoretz: One of the best White House photos ever RT @MikeDelMoro: Kid bored by Obama (WH Pic) http://t.co/mqerZRHjKK@katelaurielee @WSJ Those emails btwn the Amazon employee and the Random house employee !!!@emilyjanefox @umairh so mad 😡
@umairh @emilyjanefox Emily, you got tweeted by my economist-crush! 💲😘"He does push her legs together with a shove of his foot. That is what it looks like when a man beats up a woman." http://t.co/PerCdCW7ul@nycjim Almost worst than his hitting her is the way he callously handled her unconscious body afterYou know who's likely not that excited about the royal baby news? Designers who have fashion shows today. #nyfw #upstagedFunny. http://t.co/NNUolr6h1t@EHolmesWSJ @royalist Is this some kind of prank?That Miley is such a nice girl. #nyfw MT @Fashionista_com: Miley Cyrus got wild at the Alex Wang party: http://t.co/YKE2yESaS7@EHolmesWSJ is gonna wake up to news...!The Queen "delighted" at news of Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy, Palace says http://t.co/fSKJgSmmQh http://t.co/eLXZZP9gRS
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Things I helped make...including the flowers which I grew! 🌸📰 http://t.co/YTgjPdXncP“My goal was to hook up with a stranger, and I actually hooked up with two.” That's *one* way to network, I guess! http://t.co/83sp0QHuc7My daughter simply doesn't understand why Helen Keller just didn't get glasses.
@AdamsLisa @hriefs Translation: she's even more insane than I am.Tonight's hostess-gift wrapping session, video by my son. 🎁🎥 http://t.co/VMKaLszXnRThese looks are like Stan Smiths in clothing form @AlexanderWangNY http://t.co/aTVpFIoryv
Retweeted by katierosmanCOMEDY GOLD OMG "@nytimes: WeWork Goes to Summer Camp http://t.co/SMFnpBhqE1" @officenomads @AdasBooks
Retweeted by katierosmanThis row of flats at #NYFW belongs to the feet of the US Vogue team. The orange ones are Grace Coddington's. http://t.co/x6GjK5QSz0
Retweeted by katierosman@rayalexsmith cool pic, Ray!From Totally Geek to Totally Bro: Woulda-been bankers and lawyers are changing the culture of the start-up economy. http://t.co/DmpCV0T3FZ
@colincdocherty @kevinroose well put“We’re gonna bro out so hard.” 1500 tech entrepreneurs & pals went camping in the woods. @MarisaMeltzer tagged along. http://t.co/TqX0MjSZYa@EHolmesWSJ You're so cute. There's a reason everybody loves you.@BirdMoo I know.Wow umpire says match over TKO for Woza
Retweeted by katierosmanNew York Fashion Weak: Caroline Wozniacki's tennis dress is the on-court version of Obama's tan suit. #uspoen http://t.co/jJ90shGlTg@MikeIsaac I wish you wouldI don't really understand this but think I want one. RT @MikeIsaac: “technology meets beauty with the SelfieBrush” http://t.co/hKEJpASDMD
@paula_knight I'm not totally sure who it is but what he has in good looks, he seems to lack in brains!"PR trumps art," says the guy next to me at the bar who won't stop talking no matter how much the ppl around him wish he would. #nyfw"My daughter & I are close. I call her every day & say the same thing, 'Pick up, I know you're there.'"--Joan Rivers http://t.co/KtynUrzWLdAll the #nyfw news we could fit to print...and then some! @NYTStyles http://t.co/J8LHESHoll http://t.co/zRpN7KlCrf
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