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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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Disturbing. On so many levels. http://t.co/PhuV2jNiIKThe world as it should be. http://t.co/YD8blzySfK@kenvogel You are living in the era of the Planet of the Apes. Your processed food on the bottom of the totem pole now thanks to gov.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelSometime in the last decade, Inside the @nbaontnt grew into one of the most freewheeling & funny talk shows on TV. http://t.co/YDz5yMoQdbCool. One of my faves, @donovanjmcnabb, is now broadcasting games on @NFLonFOX. Well-deserved promotion for an insightful commentator.Riley Cooper seems to have an inflated sense of his importance to the Eagles. This is a team that cut DeSean Jackson, who is WAY better.cc: @TonyRomm http://t.co/u8aCgUD6n3Eagles. Pie. Scotch. This will be my last communication to the outside world for the evening.
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelChip Kelly to @ErinAndrews: "We're going to try to go faster." #IsThatEvenPossible?@kcchia80 you too man. @BadgerHerald 4ever@kcchia80 yeah, I don't think that excerpt was quite right, but it was a catchy turn of phrase."You pick your team, and that is your team for life. If you were dumb enough to pick the Vikings, tough shit." http://t.co/Aee7C2S19IThat's on the secret closed-press menu RT @cyrusk: @kenvogel no Humble Pie?Obama, a well-known pie aficionado, is going to have lots of options today, per the Thanksgiving menu sent to WH pool http://t.co/qHH0zGTLkQThe narrative is peppered w vindictive personal asides on security & politicians who rubbed the author the wrong way https://t.co/Ou6rIp4gsbThe author is wont to patting himself on the back for describing “never before reported” events. https://t.co/Ou6rIp4gsb
Even the WH couldn't find a photo in which Sasha Obama wasn't throwing shade at the #TotallyStupidTurkeyPardon. https://t.co/ORVN3OTxdm@ByronTau @leighmunsil parenting 101@ByronTau @leighmunsil and don't think that crying baby is gonna distract me.@ByronTau @leighmunsil sorry, honey, gotta file a story.@leighmunsil @ByronTau you're making byron blush.@57MCM i will, thanks!If by your train, you mean my train, then yes, that's accurate. RT @ByronTau: I knew it. @kenvogel is on my train. https://t.co/wLEKQZIRFlDespite unabashed Clinton boosterism, @DavidBrockDC hasn't lost the far left. Here's a big wet kiss from @thenation: http://t.co/3a5zyKiUc8@jbirkenstock @bryson_morgan IE rules would require an LLC to disclose its investors?If you think @RGIII would be a good fit on the @Eagles, you don't know Philly sports culture. #NotForTheThinSkinned http://t.co/VpxWATyHYcObjection! RT @ArthurDelaneyHP: Shorter @michaelbd: Don’t be an asshole at dinner http://t.co/aCmb16qblaPrediction: if FEC tightens 501(c) rules, it won't increase disclosure much. Operatives will create LLCs to fund ads. http://t.co/hSeH0g5UmIRick Santorum can't wait until Black Friday to tell you about this great Christmas DVD you can buy through his list. http://t.co/hwbSSLaYyOPretty classic, non-revealing post-publication denial from Adelson. He did same to me & @kenvogel (and we were right) http://t.co/vv4CouxQrl
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23% of the 202 full-page ads in Politico from June thru Sept were related to economic dev't http://t.co/dL4DH9LJAV http://t.co/iH5v4c8eWr#2016 RT @stefpetrop: Never change, Bill. https://t.co/6GAV3MhU2J"Mr. Adelson made clear that he was the only person in a position to know how he felt about the Senator." http://t.co/HXzAB4BwI5Sheldon Adelson called the @NewYorkObserver to dispute its characterization that he found Ted Cruz "too right wing": http://t.co/HXzAB4BwI5This is outrageous: Someone torched Michael Brown Sr.'s church http://t.co/8m34pa9jRj
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelThe National Education Assoc. donated $610k to the Democracy Alliance & its affiliates in 2013-2014: http://t.co/30YLAdmmpl #UnionDuesAtWork@GlennThrush @nickconfessore https://t.co/vy1uzE4dBsThe worst kind of RINO MT @mattkatz00: Stop Chris Christie PAC hates dancing RINOs in khakis. http://t.co/LzWRXrZcAQ https://t.co/7mPhBnOqZRThe Sheldon who supports abortion rights & national healthcare? MT @MGEmancipation: .@JonathanLanday No one is too right wing for Sheldon.A title can be helpful for selling books RT @AlexPappas: Ted Cruz has a 256-page untitled book coming out on May 12. http://t.co/eEEQkl7Q0AQuite a trio here: Shmuley Boteach, Ted Cruz, Elie Wiesel. NYC; 11/24/14. http://t.co/oKmm1ccczM http://t.co/c76JqUla3wTed Cruz, to major NYC Jewish donors this week: "I think Hillary is every bit as radical as Obama is." http://t.co/HXzAB4BwI5After a 2-hour private mtg this week in NY, Sheldon Adelson concluded Ted Cruz was "too right wing” to win. http://t.co/HXzAB4BwI5Cato's Crypto Reception: "Wine, cheese, & instruction on installing & using privacy-protecting technologies." http://t.co/vub8PxGhOO
@mollyesque @jameshohmann maybe he's bought into NYT framing of Philly as NYC's 6th borough: http://t.co/3dirPEwQNK http://t.co/mfvgbcucnpStraks: @kenvogel van POLITICO, over het opstappen van de Amerikaanse minister van Defensie Chuck Hagel: http://t.co/wApLPLD1rw
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@KingofPolitics What do you mean by "PLANET OF THE APES"?Marion Barry used the tools of government to expand the black middle class, writes @daveweigel: http://t.co/XkL7mrmPXtWould-be SecDef Michele Flournoy is tight w/ defense contractors. She & hubby paid $60k by Lockheed, BAE, etc in 2008 http://t.co/FmAzbPL2GXCheck out @DGisSERIOUS latest from #Ferguson https://t.co/ZiznZNCx7i
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@maustermuhle @jon_m_rob and you think they could paint anything they want there?@maustermuhle @jon_m_rob 1 min on Google http://t.co/aZIQrnR1pl@maustermuhle @jon_m_rob you need all kinds of govt approval to do things on private property -- zoning, historic, health, building, etc.#Win RT @timothypmurphy: You just can't get a decent Hagel in DC.@jon_m_rob @wamu885news requires govt approval, no?Fastest DC govt has ever done anything MT @wamu885news: Marion Barry was honored w a mural just 12 hours of his death http://t.co/HsMA6AUFv8.@alroker @SavannahGuthrie @PeterAlexander take a break from pedaling to get produce here during #cranksgivingTODAY. http://t.co/47X635ZTuQ
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So, it's going to be 73 degrees tomorrow and then is going to snow on Wednesday? http://t.co/4yEcbpSZI2At Zionist Organization of America dinner in NYC RT @mtracey: Ted Cruz seated next to Sheldon Adelson http://t.co/bxjxmouqjoI'm sure @CBSSports appreciates the fan near the broadcast booth repeatedly yelling "Get your shit together... https://t.co/MKLXi6QdfiUh, dude, you forgot your jock strap back there. https://t.co/hgf7ZPmTbvhttps://t.co/hgf7ZPmTbvObama golfed this a.m. with Butch Harmon, Tiger's ex-swing instructor, per pool. Perhaps taking Jordan's criticism of his game to heart?
Jim Webb could be "the perfect potential challenger" to @HillaryClinton, assesses @chucktodd. http://t.co/yuNACMALwEDon't forget @PeterAlexander! MT @GlensGardenMkt: .@alroker @SavannahGuthrie & @TODAYshow swing by for #cranksgiving https://t.co/QnguG6OQ8NHad it yesterday. Delicious. MT @GlensGardenMkt: Welcome The #Unpardoned Thanksgiving inspired creation. #EatLocal http://t.co/xpAoQELIoWLeBron @KingJames, apparently comparing playing for a losing basketball team to the Civil Rights Movement: https://t.co/qShw0C4twR
Paul Krugman cites the @TenementMuseum in explaining support for Obama on immigration: "people seeking a better life" http://t.co/KEizHGMKsqJohn Boehner: exempt from leash laws RT @sinderbrand: @JakeSherman was this just a stunt dog? http://t.co/xbwmlqifV1 https://t.co/CmasaBLB0ANothing his staff/family can't handle: https://t.co/waQww0fpl1 RT @mattklewis: Jim Webb’s Busload of Baggage http://t.co/WbVQoNnSTg@adkted2me i would not defy him/her.Super PAC era here to stay MT @BobLenhard: .@KenDoyle16: "Without explanation, the RNC has withdrawn its challenge to the soft money ban."@asmith83 did you get the chicken roasted potatoes? they're amazing.Different Koch RT @kenvogel: #KochLinked MT @GlensGardenMkt: The Turkeys have arrived from Koch's Turkey Farm in Pa. https://t.co/0kTRwNX80O
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel#KochLinked MT @GlensGardenMkt: The Turkeys have arrived! 2000 lbs of 'em. From Koch's Turkey Farm in Tamaqua, Pa. https://t.co/n1MXkLzoLbOne of the few things I'm willing to admit that NY has on DC - legit smoked whitefish - now available @GlensGardenMkt http://t.co/9gO4QQ9BLTsorry, couldn't resist. good luck finding it. MT @PoppedRepublic: @kenvogel oh man, corn-y! But thx for helping spread the word. #FindPoppeda-MAZE-ingly bad news RT @jsidman: The @PoppedRepublic food truck was stolen last night: http://t.co/OJXOEDT2q0 https://t.co/03wBwLfOX3
Ben Carson on 2016: "There is a good chance ... I feel fingers" from God. #GodFingers http://t.co/AxXv0psTKoWonder if Jim Webb's exploratory cmte will pay his wife & daughter as consultants like his PAC does ($8k in 3rd Q): http://t.co/x0YATMJXv4RT @ABC7Suzanne: Want 2 watch Pres Obama's immigration reform speech? Tune in @ 8p to @NewsChannel8 for the entire address.You should stop by @GlensGardenMkt: 20th & S Sts NW. Great sandwiches! RT @KingJames: D.C. what's good! Always loved this city.Redskins also will not play Sunday RT @AdamSchefter: No surprise but now official: Jets-Bills game will not be played Sunday in Buffalo.Intercom announcement at DCA: "Mr. Sean Duffy, please report back to the security checkpoint for a lost item." #GetAwayThursday@nickconfessore @aseitzwald “Hillary Clinton would make a good president," @JillAbramson said: http://t.co/Pe333obZds.@nickconfessore The other irony is that CCP, a group opposed to regulation and disclosure, filed a complaint that MayDay did not disclose
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel.@JillAbramson has all-but endorsed HRC MT @aseitzwald: Hillary appearing w/ Jill Abramson in Silicon Valley in Feb. http://t.co/cRIjTKNDY2Will be surprised if he doesn't spend more on someone in '16 MT @UChiPolitics: Vogel on Adelson/Newt: "Question is why he didn't spend more"@aburnspolitico @JakeSherman how low-profile is likely RGA chair Bill HASLAM? so low-profile that I couldn't spell his last name. @politicoNice @aburnspolitico @JakeSherman on Bill Haslam, the non-confrontational Tennessee gov. & likely next RGA chairman. http://t.co/uRe9kuG7IK.@lessig super PAC, which wants more campaign regs, failed to comply w existing ones, @campaignfreedom alleges to FEC http://t.co/8t24TlSLusIt's a policy announcement affecting millions of people. Of course it has a political impact. So what?
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel@evale72 sometimes helpful, but major lag time and not comprehensive.#TBT @Publici Muckrakers softballers 2000 @crelewis @direnzulli @schelzigap @tweetalexknott @DanaCJensen @dcsportsbog http://t.co/tUufJTorJcSearchable 990 database proposed by @SenatorTester's SUN Act would be a great service―at least to campaign $ journos: http://t.co/Jfs38SMRUS"If u cld create perfect panel this is it. They've done best work on $ in politics" - @davidaxelrod on @nickconfessore @mateagold @kenvogel
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No, the Kochs won't make $100 billion from the Keystone XL pipeline, says @PolitiFact http://t.co/1NbByz6FLO@David_Pittman @GlensGardenMkt I obviously need to escalate my pitch!Finally made it to @GlensGardenMkt. It's even better than @kenvogel says it is. http://t.co/2C0NPEc780
Retweeted by Kenneth P. Vogel"Rich people, in my experience, don't want to change the world. The world suits them fine." - trenchant Michael Lewis http://t.co/4k5afURA3P
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