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-------------Dance, act, sing, repeat.----------- Sometimes I pretend I'm a superhero named Phoebe Thunderman. I know, weird right?

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Super random but I'm thinking about the 20 episode of season 2 we've shot that are gonna air soon and I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO SEE THEM ⚡️@DesiSwift13 IT BROKE LIKE SIX MONTH AGOSuper suits for dayzzzz ⚡️ http://t.co/BUY15pGRp4
Oh you know, just @audreywhitby going beast on a donut. The usual. http://t.co/PNXcRlc4mYJust found some good light and had a hardcore selfie sesh, not gonna lie #whoopsMe while taking the following rejected selfie: "This lighting is on point" @DiegoVelazquezJ: "like my eyebrows" http://t.co/496wojbDNeSister selfie before rehearsals this morning with addisonriecke #sisterselfie http://t.co/xEOurzjgmMI seriously think the hardest thing about getting up in the morning is when it's freezing in the room cuz blankets and ugh #merightnowExactly 3 weeks to my birthday! Let the countdown begin...
Yes I'm aware I doodle like a 10 year old. I ain't even mad bro.I can't figure out if we're meant to be, or just crazy lucky 💖💫 -Better Than Ezra, Crazy… http://t.co/xv6E091gd7And with the feeling I forget, I'm in love now ❤️ #musicmonday ❤️ Side note: I'm fairly sure I did a… http://t.co/TxSVhGJfB5IF YOU REMEMBER WHAT THIS IS FROM I LOVE YOU https://t.co/8R2f5k0QMlWatching @Jenna_Marbles on @ridiculousness on set cuz GET LEGSDressing room chillin with @audreywhitby cuz they're rehearsing like 10 scenes we're not in 😂 #deepconversation #PheebsandCherry4Lyfe
If your wifi automatically connects when you come to my house, you know you're special to me 💗 http://t.co/o7fQZn3DTASour patch watermelon candy and the thundermans new episode that I have already watched, tonight's going to be a good night @kirakosarin 🎉👌
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@kirakosarin is spy @LittlejGriffo Phoebe is spy Max in the park 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴 http://t.co/r7wQsZ2W8J
Retweeted by Kira KosarinComing home from ballet to a 108° day calls for a pool day for sure 🌞Our Nick stars have a little story scramble for ya! http://t.co/2E8iREVb8S http://t.co/rmChod4rNV
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWe've got #HauntedHathaways, #HenryDanger, #NRDD, AND #Thundermans casts in the house now. Party time! http://t.co/QHE8DCL1pt
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@TheLizzyGreene haha no it's not! But I am indeed 😊 Thanks haha!Because life's too short not to post half-face selfies with my guitar. Happy #selfiesunday y'all http://t.co/3QwDsjQREiTo be clear, that last tweet I posted? That definitely just happened to me. #ThanksNewPointeShoesYou know you're a ballerina when your feet start bleeding in class and you don't even notice #ouch
Remember when I said Phoebe's getting into more trouble this season? Well, let the fun begin 😈@kirakosarin I LOVE THE NEW PHOEBE SHES SUCH A REBEL 😂😂 #TheThundermans #Season2
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWest coast! #thundermans is on NOW!Chilling with Spogebob at @nickelodeontv animation studios! East coast, what did you think of the new… http://t.co/kDkGUyUxTrWhat did you guys think? #thundermansSuperhero posing with themes @nickelodeontv family members! http://t.co/4y2WMHlD2kJust casually getting our #Thundermans poses on. Show us yours! http://t.co/taRZUTW5FM
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWow!!!! Phoebe is really changing!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! @kirakosarin
Retweeted by Kira KosarinWho's watching #thundermans on @NickelodeonTV?1 minute. You ready?@DiegoVelazquezJ @Rauhl_JDB Love you D!@Rauhl_JDB the best older sister ever
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin20 MINUTES #Thundermans @NickelodeonTVHanging with the casts of #hauntedhathaways, #henrydanger, #nrdd, and #thundermans watching @NickelodeonTV's New Saturday Night!Only 5 hours till Nick's New Saturday Night! @NickelodeonTVWelcome back @TheThundermans Season 2 begins 2nite on @NickelodeonTV @ 9PM! Join @LittlejGriffo, @kirakosarin & the rest of the gang 4 fun!
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@zoey_burger Happy birthday Zoey!!!!We're LESS THAN 12 HOURS AWAY from season two premiere of #Thundermans! Find out what happens when the… http://t.co/Tq4MDfohrFTHE SEASON 2 PREMIERE OF #THUNDERMANS IS LESS THAN 12 HOURS AWAY!!!!! You ready?! @NickelodeonTVRT if you're excited for Season 2 of #TheThundermans! @kirakosarin reveals deets about her character HERE: http://t.co/7Z3ITWXpMd
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin
Live tweeting tomorrow during the premiere of #thundermans! Don't miss it!The cast of #Thundermans #HauntedHathaways #NRDD & @HenryDanger are taking over the acc. of @NickelodeonTV on IG http://t.co/GztC2v5Cob
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin#fbf 14 years old (Summer 2012), taking one last picture with my long hair before cutting it for the… http://t.co/CkArFCytUeAll I want for Christmas is to be able to riff like @scotthoying and @ToriKelly http://t.co/HVWwAJpzXBWe got to talk with @kirakosarin about season 2 of #TheThundermans, and now we couldn't be more excited! http://t.co/rJJykLWDmv
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin
@ryrynewman @SherriHill GORGEOUS!We've got some special guest Tweeters from #Thundermans #NRDD #HauntedHathaways & @HenryDanger taking over our account Saturday night ;)
Retweeted by Kira KosarinRT IF YOU'RE EXCITED FOR THE SEASON 2 PREMIERE OF #THUNDERMANS SATURDAY AT 9/8C ON @NickelodeonTV!GUYS THE SEASON PREMIERE OF THE #Thundermans is THIS Sat. YAS It's at 9pm if you wanna watch it 😏 @kirakosarin @LittlejGriffo @AddisonRiecke
Retweeted by Kira Kosarinnicks new Saturday night will be epic!! watch the thundermans at 9 everybody! new hilarious episodes! 😏⚡️ @LittlejGriffo @kirakosarin
Retweeted by Kira KosarinCaption contest! Caption this pic and I'll shoutout some of my faves on my next post! (Mine is "that… http://t.co/Zl22bIo6Lx"When I look at your bio I don't want your imdb, I wanna see a quick witty saying" -@audreywhitby #wordsheardGonna start doing #wordsheard on the set of the Thundermans. Our cast says some crazy things"That's all very nice and fancy, but I think you're an idiot" #wordsheard out of @rosablasi's mouth in hair and makeupI think the only way to describe my feelings towards getting out of bed right now is UgghhhhhhhhhhhhhWoke up this morning and thought "please let it be 5:20 so I can sleep for another hour." I looked over and it was exactly 5:20. #thanksbody
@NortoriousGAB Not sure about the powers, but welcome to the @NickelodeonTV family!So now that we're family, we get super powers right? 😉😂😘 excited to be live tweeting w/ u Saturday. @TheThundermans http://t.co/HmL1kxtrZ8
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@zeyma1998 Lol I'm answering interviews by emailJust kidding. Time to get to work! #GraduatedAndIStillHaveHomework (Not complaining, it's totally worth it. But I better get typing!)I have a 40 question interview to do, two scripts to memorize, and 2 emails to respond to In other words I think I'm gonna go take a napGuys. "Paparazzi" was meant to be ironic. Paparazzi do not follow me to boba stores 😂Don’t miss Nick’s New Saturday Night! Brand new episodes of #Thundermans at 9/8c, plus #HauntedHathaways, #NRDD and #HenryDanger!
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@melani5sos Taro for sure 😍Work, boba date with the best, and then a Corinne Bailey Rae jam sesh? Today is a good day.When a quick boba date turns into a paparazzi attack... #awk #BobaDatesForDays http://t.co/m3KTs1T22oNew #HenryDanger, then the premiere of #NRDD, then the season 2 premiere of #Thundermans! Stats this Saturday at 8. You won't wanna miss it!@EricAllanKramer @AddisonRiecke Alas, no. Although I may have to look into CGI ballet now...“@AddisonRiecke: @kirakosarin and director #JonathanJudge BTS shooting #ThunderVan. http://t.co/8MA7kROBLi” That kick is CGI, yes? #yikes
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin@kirakosarin and director #JonathanJudge BTS shooting #ThunderVan. Tune in Sat night at 9/8c! Only on #Nickelodeon! http://t.co/hQqO2zCz1A
Retweeted by Kira Kosarin*Does 5 sit-ups* *looks in mirror* "umm where are my abs"Check out my official Facebook page (https://t.co/xhBNHZHlRx) for some #WayBackWednesday pics!"Is my last Insta post cute or stupid? There should be an app that tells you if your Instagram posts are cute or stupid" -@audreywhitbyMe right now. http://t.co/ZEUgdncdaL
Happy birthday @DesiSwift13! Thanks for being an AWESOME fan! 💕@aqfarrell Ummm... Are we like doing a show or something? Whoops@audreywhitby Umm who said anything about "playing?" We are spies, duh.Rehearsal? Nah man. Today's all about #AppleLive“@kiranator_: Kira, you're so much pretty! <3 @kirakosarin http://t.co/nuZONPIWJw” Thank you! 😘💕Did you know that @KiraKosarin is a fan of her #Thundermans co-star @AudreyWhitby's style? See what she said HERE: http://t.co/XQgJl1ngQO
Retweeted by Kira KosarinIt's 64° in my house and I have to get out of bed for work #ButItsSoCold #WhyDidIWeaeShorts #BrrrrrIt's funny how little things can mean so much 😌💕
Thx for coming!! #ukilledit 💪😆 RT “@kirakosarin: Sick class tonight with @MattSteffanina at @DanceMillennium!”
Retweeted by Kira KosarinTHIS SATURDAY!!! 9/13 Brand new episodes of #Thundermans r BACK at 9/8c, + #HauntedHathaways, #NRDD & #HenryDanger! http://t.co/7fFM7GkjP1
Retweeted by Kira KosarinSick class tonight with @MattSteffanina at @DanceMillennium!I just got out of hip hop and now I need to get home ASAP cuz @CW_ANTM IS ON AND I'M MISSING THE MAKEOVERS UGHForever wishing I could riff like @ToriKelly or @scotthoying (I tried in my last Insta-cover... Still have a ways to go but working on it!)Riffing around! 😊 Here's a little secret. If you say the word "try" enough times it stops sounding… http://t.co/DDKWDKu4Vg@kirakosarin EXCLUSIVE Actor Spotlight: The Thunderman's Kira Kosarin http://t.co/3CeWcHoGYI
Retweeted by Kira KosarinHad an amazing hiatus week this past week. Now it's back to work, and lots of it! #HereWeGo ⚡️
@Jenna_Marbles Of course. Cuz everyone knows that the best thing to do after an award show is eat eat eat. Duh.Hmm... Made a guitar, uke, and piano cover. Which to post, which to post?I may be recording an Insta cover for music Monday tomorrow... ;)All I want, is the taste that your lips allow ❤️Pardon the EXTREMELY long caption on my last insta pic 😂😂
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