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I need a new guilty pleasure show to binge watch on @netflix or @amazon- What series are you loving right now?No time to get a #gym for #yoga? Get in your workout at home with these methods: http://t.co/sBgRszS2cW http://t.co/N9GlVO2BKb
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaSo many good Labor Day Sale deals- this @BaubleBar bib necklace is only $25! http://t.co/vVcHGiHmli http://t.co/HVIurVmFz7@thingsshesees love it! :)@lpfashionista working away on the #socialmediawithstyle worksheets! As you can see 😊
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@theladyjaneblog @rhymeswithwhen SO cute. I love that we tweeted about our crafternoons literally at the same time!@thingsshesees yay! Welcome to the twitterverse! xoxoThe results of a #crafternoon 🎨 Feeling so thankful today for the launch of #socialmediawithstyle &… http://t.co/kgPbrsn8o7Sometimes opportunity only knocks once. Be prepared, be open and be brave. #gogetter
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@JulipMade gorgeous! i'm obsessed with the magical powers of gold spraypaint!The best sales of Labor Day from @nordstromrack, @loft, @ShopRuche, @furbishstudio, @oldnavy & more! #treatyoself http://t.co/tqs9uUAvIpWoohooo, just sent off the first week of the #socialmediawithstyle workshop. So excited to kick things off!
So excited to kick off week 1 of the #socialmediawithstyle workshop tomorrow! Want to find your… http://t.co/uriFcAtue5Today is the last day to sign up for my #SocialMediaWithStyle workshop. I'm so excited to send out… http://t.co/zhMi7HSIExWe know you LOVE color. Get more design ideas here: http://t.co/ZjxpKH6rEZ http://t.co/vYh6xZP3qK
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@VelvetCrate what a gorgeous way to start the day!Find your blogging bliss + social media success! Last day to sign up for the #SocialMediaWithStyle Workshop. http://t.co/Qv49bnELtA@TheHBICProject Thanks for love!Looking for your next book? #HBIC @lpfashionista rounded up her favorite #girlboss books by female entrepreneurs. http://t.co/hUWRFaY4ts
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaI would love to pretend that I'm that blogger that makes fresh green juices every AM & elaborate home… http://t.co/UfP8oQpEcD
Go #Noles! National championship cup & #allgoldeverything #armparty! 💛❤️🏉 #fsu #nolegirl #lpfgameday http://t.co/ygnOEMoNGv#Coffee & pinning! ☕️💕 Looking for some gameday recipe inspiration for tonight's fsu game. Pin with… http://t.co/CLmxiZeZRBBreakfast, coffee & @CollegeGameDay! Football is back ❤️🏉 #GoNoles #WakeUpForGameday
@annicanicole yes!! fall beer and football 🏉🍺How many margaritas before I feel like Beyonce?
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista#Whorunstheworld? Girls 💕 Wearing a tee from @maverickhill_ & talking about my entrepreneurial… http://t.co/LcBOhgCCtWThis is a great list of books for business and goal oriented women! #girlboss @lpfashionista http://t.co/tgWikL8Yb4
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@annicanicole thank you so much for the support! 💕💕@nicoandlala @gardenandgunmag how cute are these?! Can't wait for #gameday!Tailgate and celebrate with these invites inspired by @gardenandgunmag Southerner's Handbook!! Happy Friday, y'all! http://t.co/HYFfcbVufU
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaHappiness IS the highest level of success!
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@AOCBlogGirl Obsessed with the color palettes! I'm actually excited for fall fashion :)NEW POST #2 is up for your reading pleasure: Fall Style Guide. http://t.co/KusdcM6e12 #FallFashion http://t.co/dG8qmicLWO
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaI'm sharing my list of #GirlBoss must reads from @Sophia_Amoruso, @ariannahuff, @DVF, @LeanInOrg & more today on LPF! http://t.co/BPLuFFe8ZuI'm talking about the beginning of my #girlboss journey & sharing must reads for women entrepreneurs… http://t.co/VK32vtZn9qFind your blogging bliss & social media success with my #SocialMediaWithStyle Workshop! http://t.co/Qv49bnELtA http://t.co/XODRqUMeQaShop this holiday weekend for an extra 25% off red tag clearance items during CLEAR THE RACK! Savings end 9/1. #NordstromRack
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@26NotCounting @MidwestBloggers ditto! it's an exciting time :)Shop 50% everything at #AccessoryFanatic all weekend! Use code LABORDAY >> http://t.co/E7Gp0jIpz5
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistait's time to finally #organize your closet. @hernewtribe shared a few helpful hints & tricks: http://t.co/HYUW2UhwOo. http://t.co/PazHM7c3Hi
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaHappy #FriYAY! If you get my emails, you just got some inspiration in your inbox & Labor Day deals- If not, sign up! http://t.co/mkldsySQrIThe #cleartherack sale at @nordstrom_rack this weekend is calling my name..! It's my fav weekend for fall shopping! https://t.co/OnZWy7iOxXCan I just tell you how much I adore my group of bloggers in the #SocialMediaWithStyle workshop- excited for Monday! http://t.co/Qv49bnELtAPretty sure laurelynsavannah captured my perfectly in my element at the mintandlovely shoot- laughing,… http://t.co/66GBKzbpJG
Free "Favorite Things" #Printable! Download & see how to get a custom print on LPF today: http://t.co/QZUZKHgtJx http://t.co/9DdKhfvPkbLoving the #SeminoleStyle posts from fellow nole girls today-@PoorLilItGirl @KristinClarkFSU @seersuckersaddl @LacePerspective! #GoNoles!xo@POPSUGARHome I'm OBSESSED with the @RiflePaperCo covers! So beautiful.#TBT: The @FSUChiefs on the field during homecoming in 1955. Who's getting ready for #FSUvsOSU? http://t.co/hGORjtfzfd
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@BoyMeetsGirlusa YES! #socialmediaproblems haha, I was afraid I was the only one.@mad_madeline1 soon enough you can have your cookie cake & eat it too, miss madeline! ;)@Carolina_Alvo so excited, so proud!You have 8 hours left to get the perfect #petite dress. http://t.co/ONGmAwZk5F Support the #PetiteisPowerful movement http://t.co/vVjQqAE98G
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaWatching #football this weekend? Check out our Guide to #Gameday from @LPFMag Issue #1 http://t.co/fJTTvm5o38 http://t.co/9x5RYX7IL9Thursday #Topknot, accessorized with a gorgeous @ginamadeit gold #bow! 🎀 http://t.co/EA7RZPVLLs
@BowsandBoats @BigGreenEgg @YetiCoolers couldn't be more excited for college football to be back!Modern office supplies roundup by Smitten Blog Designs + free workspace printables http://t.co/id40kjmuPE
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaTurn up the volume, close your eyes and let the music take over your #soul. http://t.co/sg90A2xvbu #malabeads
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@lpfashionista Yay!!! #GoNoles
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaA5: @lpfashionista’s photos reflect her brand 100%, which I love. #PassionPunchChat
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaA5: A favorite #girlboss to follow on Instagram is @lpfashionista. She promotes her biz and shares personal photos. #PassionPunchChat
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@redheadrachel you are so sweet! Thank you for the support!! 💗💗 totally made my day!Margarita & media kit updating tonight! Life's all about balance y'all! 😉#bloggerlife #girlboss #marg http://t.co/lLt6BaJc1f@PoorLilItGirl yeah girl! How psyched are you for football season to be back again?!🏉❤️A peek at my glam #fsu gameday style post up on http://t.co/awxhTlXQI2 today! See my #garnetandgoldhttp://t.co/f1U5ppKetuA great piece on @MidwestBloggers on how to leverage your social media influence for travel opps #midwestbloggers http://t.co/pwQDizmkEW@SocietySocial @HGTVMagPromo This looks like SO much fun! What a great opportunity.Pretty psyched for the new @HyperlapseApp from @instagram! #socialmedianerd http://t.co/Y1LcW5NL63@StyleCaster @AmazonFashion @thehunt ah Cher, forever a fashion icon! #stylechat@WhiteHorizonPR @EmyMackShoes @AmazonFashion @bariiitweets especially if they have a cute + quirky embroidery! #stylechat@styleisland @HSN @StyleCaster I love the full ballgown skirt paired with a croptop a la Sarah Hyland! http://t.co/bWeW7EjJn5@NicandZoe @amorojewelry @StyleCaster agreed! love ankle boots with dresses and skinny pants!@stylecaster Did you "dress up" for gameday in college? Any fellow fashionista football fans? http://t.co/MsMCMtCcgl #stylechat@StylekickPR I'm obsessed with those gold stiletto cowboy boots! #rhinestonecowgirl #stylechat@battleshopinc @StyleCaster Pretty sure this sounds amazing! #stylechat@The_RachelRoss @SplendidLA @HSN @StyleCaster She looked SOO fabulous! I loved that look too! #stylechatWhere my #Seminoles at? Sharing my Glam #GameDay picks from @lmaeboutique @twelvesaturdays @CollegeBoots + more! #fsu http://t.co/MsMCMtCcglI can't even tell you how excited I am for the start of fsufootball! I'm sharing my #garnetandgoldhttp://t.co/wJG1XYOizW@altsummit A5 I think instagram comes most naturally! It's so easy to snap a pic & post! #altchat@edenhensley @WindyAndFriends great tip!@edenhensley @abubblylife @LifeAnchored you go girl! I'd love to have a three month plan detailed out! #altchat@altsummit A4 I definitely could make it more so! Being relatable is one of my "brand words" & super imp. to me #altchat@originalkos @edenhensley here you go: http://t.co/blIH402bO6 #easymealsforbusygirls@edenhensley So great! I do a Busy Girl's Recipe Series where I focus on recipes for those just learning the ropes in the kitchen! #altchatA3. With food, I think about whether the final project will look/taste good without special photography if a reader makes it. #altchat
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@mintarrow @altsummit ditto! If I wouldn't be able to afford it for my own closet, I generally won't post it! :) #altchat@altsummit A3- I always consider the cost of supplies, to make sure it's cost-effective to create- super imp. to my audience! #altchat@altsummit A2. Post about it! On blog & insta. Bring them into my world a little bit by sharing my process, my ups and downs etc. #altchat
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@altsummit A2: my followers seem to like my process almost more than the finished product, which I love #AltChat
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@altsummit I think it's fun to see a real-life view. It's not always as pretty & colorful as it looks on instagram ;) #altchat@altsummit A1- Knowing all of the hard work & passion that goes into the process is just as beautiful & rewarding as the end result!#altchatLet's start today's #altchat WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS QUOTE? #altsummit http://t.co/nOx9uj7UMk
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaI'm Lauren a Social Media Guru at @LPFMedia & a longtime blogger at http://t.co/2b0f2SEqAp #altchat@ConfettiDDreams @JenniLeGrange SO beautiful. Makes me want to create a beautiful arrangement with all of my farmer's market finds!Today's organic, earthy goodness captured perfectly by @JenniLeGrange http://t.co/UbqHloZ2ph http://t.co/DUIcAByMIY
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionista@HomeDepot Counting down the days!Pinning #wordsofwisdom this AM: http://t.co/BeAibrSO3m http://t.co/XN4wTCRQxJ
Rocking a super colorful #armparty in today's #ootd post wearing @rachelmorgan6 on… http://t.co/va1O7j1k7SAct Like a Lady Think Like a Boss. Get your tee now! http://t.co/FzfG2B0arf http://t.co/dsHXaCQiTO
Retweeted by LaPetiteFashionistaOne of those "just because" baking kinds of nights. Baked cinnamon apples w/ oatmeal crumble, vanilla… http://t.co/HJ1nelgzdk@thepioneerwoman's baked potato wedges were the highlight of tonight's dinner! http://t.co/VbxkUvj1GO
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