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Larry Hryb @majornelson Born New Englander. In Seattle now

Working on the Xbox team since 2003. Tweeting since 2006. Multimedia host that likes games & tech. RT's Earned. Not given. Married to @thehappygirl

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Hey console Minecrafters - you are getting an update today https://t.co/nO9KUBGXWODid you see the huge list of ID @ Xbox game trailers from E3 we released yesterday ? http://t.co/xPuvNdYeuvAnd to my friends to the North: Happy Canada DayWelcome to July. We are now more than 1/2 through 2015
@SarcasticJunk correct@Dingo @MySkyBell pretty cool....Right ?@CM_Latten I will be !Scrabble, the classic word-spelling game, is now available for Xbox One. http://t.co/7ZZJhtXbf9 http://t.co/VkweXHXYW7@XboxQwik You mean like this https://t.co/P8vodrEChW ? ;)@SM0R3S Just makes sure you upload from Xbox 360 to cloud saves. If the title is in the BC program, it will pull it down@feliciaday yes yes yes ! Should I contact your "people"? 😉@justagamer375 Then you can use the shorter ones..it comes with short, medium and tall.@cptjennings6 Great…it’s a nice piece of kit.@blueamcat Pro 3Doing a few con calls from my outdoor home office & ‘testing’ Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming. Test = Sucessful http://t.co/bcieygenwqICYMI: Xbox is heading to Europe in August. We hope you can join us @Gamescom http://t.co/ljXdGf0lbVWow - Not many games can claim that! Great milestone. https://t.co/Z3C1vanr8uGet a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order from @MicrosoftStore for $14.99 http://t.co/sfg0VF69ce http://t.co/rmXbdrwJRvPSA for Xbox Live Gold Members: Today is the last day to get your free copy of @DoubleFine’s Massive Chalice http://t.co/R964GbW57D@feliciaday See you in August!News for Neverwinter fans: https://t.co/A7ValjUWpfThe @ID_Xbox team created a list of 100+ trailers for new indie titles shown at E3 2015 http://t.co/Qg3UmeJUMM http://t.co/JahBPHApfY@ryan @peterrojas That Karma was a beaut. Cross fade is key for me…really makes the music listening experience polished.Quick reminder about Xbox One Back Compat if you are new to the Preview Program http://t.co/cOgsX9set8Xbox One Preview members: You've got new features to take a look at on Windows 10 & Xbox One http://t.co/U254TIFJtG http://t.co/slZZloteda@pretzelbacon @Veronica I *THINK* Nick is a counselor at Quinnipiac (how is that for scary?)@pretzelbacon @Veronica radio used to be fun when I worked there in the 90’s - today? No so much. At all.@pretzelbacon @Veronica exactly. WMRQ circa 1997ish@Veronica NO idea…but I’ll ask some of the folks I know who used to work there.@Veronica but without Jake & Beth or Dee ;)Get a copy of Sunset Overdrive for $25 from @BestBuy http://t.co/7u7752isnt http://t.co/MOnLkBSHKiVERY excited to be returning to @gamescom this year - I hope you can join us in person or online http://t.co/ljXdGf0lbV@LudwigK I approve of this.gamescom, the biggest gaming event in Europe, is coming in August. What can you expect from Xbox? Details here http://t.co/gj1W7Wq2P8
This Week’s Deals with Gold includes a variety of titles like @PlantsvsZombies Garden Warfare http://t.co/lB5QUOHA6h http://t.co/mc5mT1f1IP@MesinaHector Enjoy!@DMC_Ryan I'm in!@JohnnyBawesome Great to hear! :)@petermooreEA @DMC_Ryan Spoken like a true COO :)@petermooreEA @DMC_Ryan I need to one of those!@yagrossman Challenge accepted http://t.co/Fd8CCIShvRNice updates to the latest build - and to the new Edge Browser. My blog looks great in it :) http://t.co/3xl5MsH8sPAlmost done! About to check out build 10158 that was released to @Windows Insiders today http://t.co/kcgfbcz1I7 http://t.co/djGzJDFeP2This guy. 90+ degrees out and he’s rocking a full sweat suit (and hat) on his run. http://t.co/zmGZ4xsYKd@ijustine @RocksteadyGames Does that extend to RL as well? :)BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/l2ESplMT2W http://t.co/lwpuVRieofQuiplash, the latest go-to party game from @jackboxgames, is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/3HNeNBk5ZR http://t.co/EvYkZidnGW@Isaiah_Estes Have fun guardian@absurbbrad That’s from my Windows 10 PCCortana tells me we have a warm evening ahead in Seattle http://t.co/dIyOqF6pwC@enables_ @Dingo Sorry, I don’t get involved in issues involving Xbox Live enforcement. Thanks.@nrubert1 Nice!@JTaylor1983 @PNF4LYFE @aarongreenberg Impressive!@MoranMario @MSStudiosBlog Later this year.@enables_ @Dingo I read as many @ replies as I can - but I can’t reply to them all. Sorry.@shaneleemayer @EAStarWars Nice!Need to upgrade your mobile wallpaper? @EAStarWars can help: https://t.co/lEGsdzgBGUBe sure to try Xbox One -> Windows 10 game streaming. https://t.co/TTTTMR8aCxSave $200 @surface Pro 3 i5 256GB today only until 4p ET http://t.co/mMINnBlaHd http://t.co/GBpaz7ELnYICYMI There is a great Xbox One deal happening @Walmart now http://t.co/nzkxhQIoy8 https://t.co/SeQm7LRsKT@ArchibaldWolfe #FactWant to learn more about the Xbox One Elite Wireless controller ? Listen to my latest podcast for many details http://t.co/oBgOWEbD0H@maxschirm Glad you enjoyed it!I’ll say this though: Batman Arkham Knight is a lot of fun. If you enjoyed the previous Batman games from @RocksteadyGames - get this oneCheck point saves vs save anywhere is a game design decision. I’ve talked to a lot of devs about it & understand both sides of the approach@ericarrache Sometimes it is a game design decision - which I understand.@nickchester Right? 2015 flying byGame Devs: If you are going to use checkpoint saves please do this like @RocksteadyGames did for Batman AK - thx http://t.co/MCulVSL7qiHey Monday. What’s up?
@Dingo Very awkward :|@cookmi1 Very nice. Does exactly what it says it will do.Instagram is weird w/ tagging Twitter accounts, so this is the account I tried to tag in that post @MySkyBell https://t.co/mjFrt3b7QLMy latest weekend home project: I installed a myskybell doorbell https://t.co/AbV1ItxY62Adding this credential to my collection - what a great event that was. http://t.co/AufXmvjiaRSpace is hard... @NASA we're with you and ready to try again!
Retweeted by Larry HrybOn behalf of everyone at Xbox: Happy Birthday @feliciaday 🎂.@amazon also has Halo: The Master Chief Collection on sale for $27.10 (Free shipping) http://t.co/emRqdLbZi1 http://t.co/fmDTW6Eva3Sunday is Deal day I guess….Also at @Walmart : Buy an Xbox One MCC Bundle, get a free controller &free game for $349 http://t.co/nzkxhQqNGA http://t.co/IrkZ6lyU07@dnk900 Hello!Thunder in Seattle (not a sports euphemism)@Arie_Dedain Thanks!Good tip for @EAAccess members https://t.co/Cu7zFeQsKKGet a copy of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for $27.10 over @Walmart (While they last) http://t.co/vJu0zOgSci http://t.co/Z9ss8hMjofWell that sucks 😕 https://t.co/gt7D0OMEV8
@jonshiring That sounds about right. The inebriated Karaoke singer did it no favors though....I may have to roll over to this karaoke party and do my version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” before I come back home and play Batman AKMy neighbors are having a massive outdoor party and I just heard one of the strangest mashups : Gangnam Style and Y.M.C.A@ajphares @bubbawatson Absolutly not a paid ad. I don’t do that. I do not know Bubba at all. I just saw he’s a fan. BTW: any animal cause :)Nice - glad we can provide a bit of relaxation between rounds. https://t.co/dWtsrNnh2M@MajorYnos @HypeOdb @PNF4LYFE This has been a heckuva week with change for the better. Right?@MajorYnos @PNF4LYFE Take PS blue and combine it w/ Xbox green…and we have Cyan. The new color of peace. http://t.co/A3IFIEkl81@miDnIghtEr20C thx@scottm9000 Bonafide animal lover here. My sister is even a Vet :)@MajorYnos @PNF4LYFE http://t.co/YyaOdRcrrw@miDnIghtEr20C Stay cool(er) dude!@morvelaira Agreed.@Dark_Prince80 Exactly. Most houses do not have it.@PNF4LYFE @MajorYnos I like this :)Yea yea - I know that’s not as warm as other parts of the world, but the Seattle area is not known for temps like this. Thus the warning
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