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Larry Hryb @majornelson New England. But Seattle now

Let's all just be cool & respect each other. Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & tweeting since 2006 - Married to @thehappygirl - Need help? Ask @XboxSupport

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@LeonineGamer @Lvl25Magikarp See you next week !Well - that was a crazy, busy and productive day.[Promo] @MicrosoftStore is offering at least $10/game trade-in when you pre-order #Madden15 + a $10 GC at pick-up http://t.co/op9iYkPWKXIf you're in the Boston area join @Harmonix devs at @engadget live & check out #FantasiaGame! Details here: http://t.co/J0LCbYl2bX
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@litheon AND drink Overcharge from @FizzieSays - lots of it.If you're an @eaaccess member, you can download your Xbox One Madden NFL 15 trial now http://t.co/UkV2Dc3rQd http://t.co/TW4JZtqmB9You're invited to the Microsoft Campus to play ID_Xbox next Thursday. We'll pick you up! http://t.co/zbe1omQgSvSome EA Access members aren’t able to download/start the Madden NFL 15 trial. We're working on resolving the issue as soon as possible. ^KN
Retweeted by Larry HrybFrom the makers of @youdontknowjack, multiplayer trivia party game Fibbage is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/zMBlZj8ob1Celebrate our #Durham store opening & get select @Xbox 360 games for only $9.99 – today only! http://t.co/hUufhvqcOg http://t.co/QEKQzoJkk6
Retweeted by Larry Hryb
@sirick86 Thanks for dropping in!NOW it’s show time…hit this link to watch the Diablo III mayhem http://t.co/54Y9stwLVIShow time! Diablo III with a full party. Watch the mayhem here http://t.co/4UsmfNym4J@boobinharubin Submit them to http://t.co/84YfyvLKnX !Some of you who watched me stream DIII last night wanted to know about the name of my wizard (Väinämöinen) This--> http://t.co/Gk89uv74nf@Minalien Yea...that too.Remember when we were learned facts from Shark Week? Sadly, it's been devolving into something I no longer enjoy http://t.co/QaMCe4QvOOI need to find a place that makes real (good) German Currywurst in Seattle. Any ideas?@DMC_Ryan @PodcastUnlocked We will make this happen. Somehow....somewhere.@blacktuskstudio #IceBoxChallenge @GearsViking@HuntHenning It is.Today is National Radio Day. Not sure how many of my old radio friends are still working in the business. MUCH has changed since I left it@_ARKH4M Yes - It will be available stand alone later this yearKinda don't want to throw this away. Too many good memories http://t.co/CwtYLQ2secHey @DMC_Ryan - check your email :)Only 6-days until #Madden15 - did you order your Xbox One Madden NFL 15 Bundle yet? http://t.co/0wtfeecGST http://t.co/87O4DgRA9xThat graphic was from our gamescom presentation last weekFYI: Just some of the games coming to @Xbox One this Holiday season http://t.co/tgJvgcRen6I may stream Diablo III again tonight. ICYMI: Here is last night stream http://t.co/KL4ADXb9t2 Have you played it yet?Time for our yearly fire drill at the Xbox offices. http://t.co/pXoxcJqdkwSocial Media Tip: If you review games on YouTube, you're only allowed to have one of two expressions. Choose wisely. http://t.co/f7znVrnTCa
Retweeted by Larry HrybHarmonix is hiring for positions in Engineering and Publishing. Join our team! http://t.co/qdFWcCGdyN
Retweeted by Larry Hryb[Video] David Letterman remembers Robin Williams http://t.co/AOEQ8Vrpr9@VGNItalia Yes!@smacd101 Prices vary by region, and w/ all the various Xbox regions that's not practical in a post. % is consistent across alll though.Just when I think I'm over that Jet Lag...it grabs me by the collar again.
Thanks for dropping by my Diablo III stream. Hope you enjoyed it.Playing and streaming Diablo III *RIGHT NOW* - watch me crawl dungeons here http://t.co/54Y9stwLVIStep back in time and let me welcome you to the @Microsoft World Wide Web Server. Circa 1994 http://t.co/6xgfWSq1HnICYMI: Busy day in Xbox Land w/ Reddit app, Diablo III released (among other titles) GTA flight school,sales & more http://t.co/tpwuwlcJtwThe @Xbox #CODGhosts Season Pass is finally complete! Get all 16 maps, both weapons, and the entire Extinction saga: http://t.co/aJzNG2HsHh
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@gottaburnemall YesA new, larger Media Hard Drive is on the way for Xbox 360. Details here: http://t.co/JiC6Xbnc2o@Magus What browser? Are you using add-ons/extensions? I am using the standard YT embed, and I tested in IE, Chrome & FF No autoplay for me@litheon Congratulations !@geoffkeighley Have fun and say hello to Peter for me . @pmolyneux @hellogamesClassic Don Pardo clip: "Use Shorter Words" http://t.co/71wDm91Z8YRIP Don Pardo. You may not know the name, but I bet you know the voice http://t.co/m3fjXjJktYFYI: @FiveGuys is testing milkshakes at select locations http://t.co/ahKOjTmiev #YesYouCanGetBaconGTA Online's San Andreas Flight School Update now available for GTA V owners http://t.co/dBF96LOURt@smcinnis @dannyodwyer @geoffkeighley @AceyBongos agreed - currywurst is important. Not sure if it’s medieval, but it’s a dream right?Xbox One's first golf sim, The Golf Club, is now available for download: http://t.co/gU8waBFCLgDiablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition is now available for Xbox One http://t.co/kPGIVOYXjO Try not to stay up all night.This week's Deals with Gold include Trials Fusion, Call of Duty, and just about everything @RockstarGames http://t.co/fn4KjWH5eb
Posting to @reddit using the new ReddX app for Xbox One http://t.co/tMXnqIMr1HIntroducting ReddX - the @reddit app for Xbox One http://t.co/znYMjKtEBZ@ShowtimeShelbs @windowsphone http://t.co/ZnkKX3rGz2@RisingBackpack http://t.co/ZnkKX3rGz2The @windowsphone Xbox One Smart Glass app has also been updated http://t.co/FZVShFze4IYea...Jet Lag is hitting me hard. Sorry about that...@shawn @CameronMines Yup....I'll need to get a new one The System Update button though has not moved :)@Fighting118th I was getting a lot of ALL CAPS QUESTIONS....so yea.@shawn @CameronMines That's an old one...see the date/time?FAQ: WHAT'S IN THE UPDATE!?!?!?!? A: http://t.co/0sqEfaANn8PSA: The latest update for Xbox One was released last night. Hit 'System Update' to force it if you can't wait. http://t.co/eEkco5f9ULiOS Users: There is an update for the Xbox Smartglass app. Hit the release notes for details http://t.co/0e67LD4rLt http://t.co/Z6fPxv95HWYup. cocacola nailed it with this whole name on a can thing. @ Microsoft Studio C http://t.co/2wOmV3GxNo@notch ALS #icebucketchallenge accepted. I challenge Shuhei Yoshida @yosp, Gabe Newell, & Reggie Fils-Aime next. http://t.co/stVdembBjC
Retweeted by Larry HrybBeen in meeetings since 9 - trying to get them all done before the jet lags hits me hard.@Brickzerker @lauralollipop @jeffrubenstein What @thevowel said!New Sharing Features Added for Upload Studio on Xbox One http://t.co/BvBX6q4YyDICYMI: The next Xbox One update is now available. Details on what to expect here http://t.co/0sqEfaANn8
Next Xbox One update begins rolling out today. Full list of features here http://t.co/0sqEfaANn8Getting back into the groove... http://t.co/CIgd6tBtkqIf you missed #gamescom2014 , you can (kind of) experience it via the 3D audio walkthrough I recorded. Listen here http://t.co/4mLtUenSS7@Fwiz Thanks man…hope you are feeling better!Time to retire this. Thanks for a great week #gamescom2014 - now it’s time for a little R&R. http://t.co/BJZXwVRS0h@OnAirJannick Thanks for coming to the event!If you went to #gamescom2014 this week, I hope you had a good time. If you are traveling back home have a safe journey!Aaaaand there’s the jet lag. Wide awake at 2:30am.
Home. Commence jet lag.
@RaYk717 see you next year!@SteveWeller @ReissJ great seeing you as well. Have a safe, uneventful journey.Heading to #gamescom2014 this weekend? Enjoy the show. Time for me to head back to Seattle..thx for a great week GermanyIs there a weight limit on the amount of German gummy bears you can bring back to the US? Asking for a friend...Today is your last chance to download Motocross Madness; Dishonored joins Games with Gold tomorrow http://t.co/P00RgRef37ICYMI: Xbox One System Update Now Available for Preview Members. List o’ new features here - > http://t.co/FarcXsC11r@ZzHasbrozZ lk%)#$oslfj ;) No problem@marckeeling @Laughing_Jackal Next time say hello!@ADR365 Thanks!@geoffkeighley GK OUT!@TOSrobn149 I gave them all away already. I have no more - sorry :(Xbox One Digital Download Codes are going to be available for select games/add-ons. Like Max The Curse of Brotherhood http://t.co/GGmJTxJ3QRLast few hours on the #gamescom2014 show floor…as I head home tomorrow.12 More chances to get in on the Xbox One Preview Program http://t.co/00Rv5oxQfm - that’s it…I have no more codes for now.Can't make it to #xboxgamescom ? Put on your headphones & listen to my binaural audio tour http://t.co/u90e3LWTupDigital download codes are on the way to participating retailers in the US and UK http://t.co/nIzGvvWV3dHeading to the Xbox Booth...if you see me, ask for an Xbox One Preview Program codes. Or use one of these http://t.co/kCRX9jZM0TI'll be talking more about #QuantumBreak in just a moment: IGN live at #Gamescom.
Retweeted by Larry HrybThe Xbox One system update announced earlier this week is now available for Preview members, details here: http://t.co/S1X5Yau2fW
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