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JBoss / Red Hat Software Engineer | Somewhere between Fedora, Docker, Java, Ruby, Life, Beer, Electronic music, Poznań

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Poland - Brazil 3:2, my heartbeat is around 200! Well done!!! #FIVBMensWCH
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannGo Poland, go! #voleyball@vbatts Try env.@vbatts I'm waiting for some way to squash layers to save some disk space and merge crap onto meaningful layer.@vbatts http://t.co/ZXafJUNkqR@vbatts AKA built-in nsenter? ;)@0x4C4A0A46 "docker -v" and "docker info" outputs? Let's move to the gist.@babunshell You talk to me as I would be a graphic designer. Or Windows user :)@0x4C4A0A46 Added a comment to the gist.@babunshell I think you need a high-res avatar, or logo. Everything!We have just turned 5! Happy Birthday to us ;-)
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@marekgoldmann good to hear that :) you can also used the tool called "tuned-adm" that can execute your powertop rules on start up
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann#protip Run powertop --auto-tune on every boot as a #systemd service: https://t.co/OIIMlpDG4I #linuxI'm pretty surprised (positively) with the "powertop --auto-tune" command. I gained ~30% of battery life.@sickill This is my first time, yes.#WildFly 9.0.0.Alpha1 released! Download: http://t.co/CqfDOXEnqX Release notes: https://t.co/4vn0tEO3jb #jbossPrinting memory usage of a #Docker container on a continuously updated graph in a terminal? Why not? http://t.co/58PNUQaBpq
Gnuplot is fooling me today.The music industry in 4 images http://t.co/DkQqoUqM6q http://t.co/u6H2pLgjn2
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@sickill I cannot sign in with Asciinema using my gmail email, it returns 400 (Bad request) every time. Anything I should be aware of?
@mellemcwhirter Happy birthday!@paolo_antinori_ @jdrawlings I just wanted to make use of the old hardware ;)#Fedora 21 pre-alpha works nice on my MacBook Pro too! #happyOctober 3rd - I will be talking about #Fabric8 in Warsaw (Polish JBoss Users Group). Wanna share a beer or two after the talk? Ping me :) .
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannI highly recommend Fink's new album: Hard Believer: http://t.co/aVJwS6Bmcb #music
If you want to draw some diagrams, give https://t.co/wOJjeb5BGU a try.@normanmaurer Thanks for this RT, I guess it's a nice way to finally learn what's going on. Bought the PDF.Nice online materials for learning about operating systems: http://t.co/KIxWE8q8VO
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannThinking about an #HA setup on #DigitalOcean for my blog. Naturally based on #Docker. Anyone would like to read the documented steps?looks like *FREENODE* was compromised yesterday. change you NickServ passwords! http://t.co/sWlIUvdSY5
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@grdryn @abstractj wfm@wololock Thanks, you too! http://t.co/7hQqXTIU4wMorning!.@docker networking http://t.co/B3sHS1jHUs slides by @cpswan at @containercamp
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann
@vbatts True, I hit even some show stoppers, so I created the copr repo.@vbatts Runs in prod since a couple of weeks now :)@vbatts How about this? https://t.co/xhS1nHElaH :)Very nice introduction to #Docker and boot2docker from a #Java developer perspective, by @abstractj! http://t.co/oNpyxW8VQfI've updated my dssh function to use environment variables from the #Docker container: https://t.co/Tpx7iqNupn@marcinskarbek True, true :)Satya Nadella: WHEN I SAID I WANTED TO BUY MINECRAFT, I MEANT A LICENSE FOR MY KIDS!!! #Minecraft #Microsoft
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannInstalled #Fedora 20 on my MacBook Pro (mid 2010). Works great of of the box.@normanmaurer Asus RT-AC66U (or newer, since I bought this one some time ago). Works very well, but is not cheap.
Resource management with #Docker containers: https://t.co/YV4mParhM5@kbsingh Haven't seen T440s yet. Besides battery and speakers - I like this hw a lot.Limiting CPU usage of a #Docker container on the fly at work: https://t.co/Zw1qKK4aaZ. (focus on groups with long hash)@vpavlin Update: it sometimes works, sometimes not. Cannot find the cause yet.Happy birthday, @maxandersen !
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@GeeCON Looks great!new blog post: “my pull-request workflow” => http://t.co/qnz8d2EfYG
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@kbsingh Same here and I have similar load on such hardware. I got used to it...
It seems that @adamwarski is famous even across the pond! https://t.co/hYqwXSLfNiNice findings today in the #Docker source regarding resource management. I should have a blog post soon.Good game #USA!A few #Docker aliases / helper functions I use on the daily basis: https://t.co/Tpx7iqNupn@0x4C4A0A46 With pleasure! https://t.co/Tpx7iqNupnNevermind, I can always have my editor on one side of the screen and browser on the other. #simplesolutionsworkthebestI like the #Asciidoctor.js Live Preview extension for Chrome . If I only could edit the file side-by-side it would be awesome.@pawelwrzeszcz Tough decision I guess, good luck!@michaelneale I'll forward the "thank you" to @rhatdan, @lokeshmandvekar and the rest :)@michaelneale I'm not :) But yah, we put a lot of effort to make Docker play nice with Fedora.@michaelneale Fedora feels rock solid here, tbh.@michaelneale I feel that Ubuntu in general has some issues with Docker. Have seen many issues preventing containers to even start.Systemd - by john http://t.co/bq6yHsVLtI
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannPlaying with #systemd, #cgroups and #Docker to manage/limit resources.@ktosopl RLY?@adrahon You should refactor your sister.@adrahon I think that's a good excuse at school these days.@IzzyHollars Happy birthday!#Apple Watch http://t.co/bDHN8tvavq@michaelneale You should really drop dial-in and buy some cable connection. Or DSL at least.
@Fliegerweg Thanks!http://t.co/6URt1DvW1q
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannIt's a $349 watch.
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@paulojeronimo It's online! https://t.co/cxbMEYSbv7If you missed my today's presentation on #JBoss and #Docker - you can watch it at any time: https://t.co/W5b33mDk8J@paulojeronimo Give me a few minutes to upload the preso and the code.@ktosopl @tombujok Jakbyś nie miał numeru telefonu - spytaj się kogokolwiek na lotnisku.TODAY: Virtual JBUG: "#Docker and JBoss - the perfect combination" with @marekgoldmann. Live: Today @ 5PM UTC. http://t.co/v7wmiP3nMH
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@ktosopl I would delete this tweet really fast :)Today's gonna suck for you if you don't like Apple.
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannRecurrence explained, #Windows way: Check for updates > Select all > Install > Check for updates > Select all > Install > Check for...
@whitlaaa @vjbug Yes!@kubem Thanks! I booked the hotel already: http://t.co/hCNTJttZGR@jarry_dk Thanks!I plan to visit Copenhagen in Dec. Anything special I should see/try there?@vpavlin One thing - I use an Apple external keyboard, this one: http://t.co/zCu2m2SEm1@vpavlin Fedora 20 with google-chrome-stable-37.0.2062.94-1.x86_64@vpavlin I have no idea, it just works :) Probably because I installed this: https://t.co/NulJ5QQChs@normanmaurer Awesome! Congrats to the family!I like that the keyboard bindings to play next song, etc work with Google Play Music launched in a browser.Tomorrow I'll be presenting #JBoss / #WildFly on #Docker at the @vjbug: http://t.co/aj6BoPzBfq
People, there is an invite-only social network, it’s called beer with friends #brotip
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@maxandersen Mini-PTO == weekend? ;)Why do you use Vagrant to install CoreOS on VirtualBox to run CentOS over Docker? Use #Docker under #Fedora instead: yum install docker-io
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann
This is how RMS became evil: https://t.co/0l6tjPeegWMessing with #FirewallD and #Docker.@mwessendorf @abstractj I use #Wunderlist since quite a bit. Good: sync on devices (chrome, Android). Bad: sometimes slow (UI is 'heavy')My @WroclawJUG talk (in polish) about #Docker and #JBoss is now online! https://t.co/ixW0BrVNb6@ArvixeSupport You can store this information without requiring an account on my side + there were no transactions at all (free account).
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