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Creative maker, internet geek, bionic chef, & brooklynite. Currently @yipit. Formerly @nestio @techstars.

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Best friends make for the best day. @ Secrets Maroma Riviera Maya http://t.co/UATeFO75WuMichael is enjoying my birthday. @ Secrets Maroma Riviera Maya http://t.co/9C39JYZgAW@bdotdub YAY. thank you! I better see you next week.I just turned 30 perhaps in the best possible way a human has ever turned 30: Dancing my ass off in Mexico with my best friends.
Whoops we're in Mexico. @ Secrets Maroma Riviera Maya http://t.co/z8RHP5y4Mu
…and then the office buys you boozy cupcakes and everything is great.My birthday weekend is off to the perfect start thanks to @yipit. @ Yipit http://t.co/5OCKd3AzA5
OMG @briantobal RT A shot from today's #BlimpParade over Boston with the @DTVBlimp @HoodBlimp and @MetLifeBlimp! http://t.co/5o5jE9M8IhThis is what it feels like to drink a jargarita with a 25 year old. @ Sweet and Viscious http://t.co/X4vwko8bB5Every dollar counts when you're talking about ending cancer. Donate today and help[ us reach our goal! #LightTheNight http://t.co/02HEcBMQb3"You should just carry around salty foods with you at all times. Pretzels, french fries, margaritas." - @spulec really gets me.I care so little that you drew all the Flintstones using a single div. I'm not even sorry.
@briantobal Yes! To lunch, not to you being a mess.Heading to @sarahmcsimmons's Birds & Bubbles opening night, obviously, and we could NOT be more pumped. #pimentolife (cc @lexyapostolou)@briantobal I wasn't sure it was you! You look so healthy! (I miss you.)@briantobal Are you at the apple store in SOHO? I'm staring. At you. I think.Why is my mom on @LinkedIn? She's retired.
@markcwebster Ha! Oh yeah I meant to tell you about that. It was nice to hear from you(r butt)!@stevorighthere @ianwestcott What AREN'T people dumping on their heads?"I might try dumping a bucket of bone marrow on my head…" - New fundraising ideas from @ianwestcott & The Leuk Skywalkers.
@heyitsnoah One of my favorites. I first heard it re: the Jefferson Memorial and it stuck with me. (True or not) http://t.co/JIV1T6AeQU
These guys. #raoulfamilyvacation @ Tropical Attitude http://t.co/TkXQQJ3zOFYou don't know determination until you've seen a drunk Raoul family do a puzzle.@rw I was really hoping this was the ghost novel.
Sunsets with Madison. #raoulfamilyvacation @ Tropical Attitude http://t.co/lg8HG30k1NThose looking to advance or switch careers in Design/Product should apply for a mini-mentorship at Project Moccasin http://t.co/VO3X9TwCyU
Retweeted by Matt RaoulMe: "SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SEÑORA" Madison: "Uncle Matt! Please, shut up." #raoulfamilyvacation
.@joshmateo Charity calls. http://t.co/zK9E0DE347Donate/join the team and @mattRaoul will swim with alligators. Or not. Help put an end to blood cancer. http://t.co/zJyh80hWFp
Retweeted by Matt Raoul
@joshmateo HELLO SON.Donate to help end blood cancer and I won't even make you dump water on yourself or whatever! #LightTheNight http://t.co/hK1LrSMFbpBeach buds! #raoulfamilyvacation @ Tropical Attitude http://t.co/h3QDTSQlsx
Top floor. kkelly920 meshel35 #raoulfamilyvacation @ Tropical Attitude http://t.co/HUEgzK11qF
Tyler and Kevin sitting in a tree, D-E-F-Y-I-N-G-G-O-D
Retweeted by Matt RaoulBeach, please. #raoulfamilyvacation @ Tropical Attitude http://t.co/RbrJAhTLGZ
@femmebot I am not! Well I am technically. But I have a place to sleep.
@annesaurus It's just incredibly simple and has somehow kept my attention.I can't quite put my finger on why…TapTalk is everything I want in a messaging app and you should totally TapTalk me. (u: mattRaoul)@joshmateo http://t.co/vu9jfdlyRt@joshmateo You're drunk.@nm_forms OOPS.Sprung. RT @davetisch: Spring is Here… @spring http://t.co/xz2p2UiwnT - Download it here: http://t.co/57Q9f5Vv7CAccidentally booked my airbnb for one day too short. Who wants an extra roommate for the night???
@asmith83 Find his personal # and sign him up for Cat Facts.Yes, please follow up with your poorly targeted cold sales email. You're doing the lord's work.@twahlin Thanks! And same to you. The subtle interaction adds so much.I'm doing a fundraising walk to end cancer with @mattRaoul and friends. Please take a second and donate if you can! http://t.co/y0dKX2FWvc
Retweeted by Matt RaoulHelp us fund more research like that & end cancer. Donate to the Leuk Skywalkers & #LightTheNight. http://t.co/hK1LrSMFbpRe-engineering HIV to fight Cancer. https://t.co/xuSKgDOoOv (An amazing example of @LLSusa funded research.)
@joshmateo bro stahp :("It’s knowing you’re not there yet, but you could be someday. It’s advocating for the future." - http://t.co/nDCKChh4wY@markcwebster There's no file size in the future.@usefultheory https://t.co/LFD9Td4Ls4It's 2014 and Photoshop still asks me if I want to Maximize Compatibility. Like dude, of course I do.@rickwebb I just want to send pictures over Tinder. For science.I wrote a little piece for the @washingtonpost! It has intrigue, some laughs, Beyoncé, and of course, @mindykaling. http://t.co/LGJUuoKe5r
Retweeted by Matt Raoul@rickwebb TapTalk me!
@stevorighthere UGH. I forgot about Toys!Ugh.@joshmateo Where's Jesus when I need him?@vondoom @joshmateo http://t.co/ILfL9k1cYA@timherrera @laurenwick Make all my dreams come true. http://t.co/ILfL9k1cYANEW IDEA: Pancake Selfies. I'll figure it out later.@femmebot Oh, and some responsive fairy came along and made it even better!I did a thing for @femmebot that was fun. - Aesop's Fables with hand-picked type from Google Fonts http://t.co/f06I7J0FkJStart the week off right, help put an end to cancer! Donate to the Leuk Skywalkers today, every dollar counts! http://t.co/hK1LrSMFbp@awgross http://t.co/n3xnGrhyVd"I liked fucking Kohl’s. I liked Kohl’s for you." - I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days… http://t.co/fIlxFkG52oMy morning commute buddy. http://t.co/U6ViVBo6rE
Why are snacks just so good?
Retweeted by Matt RaoulRT @xtine1: Aesop's fables, Google typified http://t.co/SlTNw1imrW
Retweeted by Matt Raoul#tbt That time lookupica and I made our own IronMan suit. http://t.co/iir0hTa5XISo @lexyapostolou and I are buying a bunch of farm-fresh lamb and the farmers want to know what kind of cuts we want. Suggestions?
An article that cites a reddit self.offmychest post as it's source. #journalism!@annesaurus Not yet, but this was certainly the start of my festivities! heh.@ianwestcott omg Ian calm down.Puddles the clown sang to me, hugged me, and then put his hand down my pants. @puddlespityp http://t.co/Nywn7tQOCC@nm_forms @joshmateo Yay! You did it!@joshmateo Stop stealing my tweets, JOSH.@asmith83 JUST DO IT! (Also I really think it'll be fine and great and you gotta give it a shot.)This seems like a really fair writeup on the new @foursquare. Excited to try it out. http://t.co/Wa6S7GT3UL@PolitiFact I love you but your website is stuck in 1999 and makes it a chore to read any of your fact checks.Spending my 30th birthday on a beach in Mexico seems like the best decision I'll make all year. #booked
Puddles Pity Party! @lexyapostolou (@ Joe's Pub at The Public - @joespubnyc in New York, NY w/ 3 others) https://t.co/tzXjFbLuteWe're one month away from #LightTheNight, help The Leuk Skywalkers reach our goal and end cancer! http://t.co/hK1LrSMFbp@pfeffunit Nice try. I'm pretty sure that's from China.@jwegener @bdotdub #NeverFuckingForget http://t.co/zs9q7uyZXQ@joshmateo @sadialatifi Wait is there porn on pinterest? Asking for a friend…@joshmateo @sadialatifi MORE LIKE PORNTEREST.Current Status: http://t.co/lgO9UncO1d@joshmateo @sadialatifi #PINNEDThese cows like listening to the trumpet and I bet they make the tastiest butter. https://t.co/L0D2tJu0Hq (via @lexyapostolou)
...2014 was my year! http://t.co/UnWrZubJ5VEvery year it's a race to see which of the Raoul kids wishes our parents a happy anniversary first...
@DANGERTAM Moments of gold & flashes of light.#RoofieSunday @ The Grand Rooftop http://t.co/zJIESfUkos
@joshmateo WE'LL TALK ABOUT THIS LATER. (Sunday)@joshmateo oh ok.@joshmateo Did you read the caption of that image?Almost done with the first draft of my TED talk- Stupid fucking salads: Frisée & the human condition.
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