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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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@playwrightsteve @jeffvandermeer Done.@distar @debatesociety Nice. Congratulations. :)@playwrightsteve Awwwww I should have left @jeffvandermeer's book in its place!@playwrightsteve Awwww, I'd have loved that! Thank you :)@playwrightsteve Nice. Yeah, Dulles is way the fuck out here.@playwrightsteve Was it in the Bay Area??@jeffvandermeer Oh God no it was so good. Had to restrain myself from tweeting lines at you. Cheney especially was uughhhhhhh@monicabyrne13 I misread my itinerary. Ahahaha. Ahaha. Aha.@jeffvandermeer Left at Gate B49, Dulles Airport. Fucking loved it too. http://t.co/kCjCgJHfOZHaha JUST KIDDING, guess who's flying to Iran tomorrow night instead of tonight? Headed to Dulles Westin let's pretend this never happened.MT @everettharper: "The original anti resume from @monicabyrne13 that inspired The Ask List." http://t.co/6FCLEzDK2W…" #W2SF14
Retweeted by Monica ByrneIt is a very strange pleasure to forget everyone I love. And then, to remember them again. #travel@MsNazContractor NICE! :)@natalierobinLD OH yes. I have goooooood books!@PKhakpour "They saw it and I didn't" - exactly what a relationship of mine was like, too. So so grateful to you for speaking about this.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneWe can never understand what goes on between two people--BULLSHIT. People watched my abusive ex act it for years! They saw it & I didn't.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@PKhakpour Thank you. I get that Erykah Badu song in my head, "I guess I'll see you next lifetime..."@natalierobinLD Ten, amiga. There'd better be good movies.@photomattmills BINGO@PKhakpour Yeah. & I feel bad because I feel like I'm abandoning her. But it's like she's under some kind of spell. Nothing I can do.Guess how long the flight is from D.C. to Istanbul.@PKhakpour Lost someone very close to me, to that. Still hoping she breaks out someday.Don't live in a weird freaky island with your significant other, concocting conspiracies about the outside world! Don't be in a cult of 2!!
Retweeted by Monica ByrneNEW GUARD: talk about it all, loudly, in public, on all records, everywhere. Yell FIRE. It has actually saved lives.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneI've said it many times, before this incident even: ignoring, silence, tuning out was OLD GUARD. that didn't work & things got worse.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@cruz_cambranes Thanks man :)@ECthetwit Thank you, dear. <3New post: Next stop: Tabriz, Iran (!!!!!!!). http://t.co/kIf2gFRWGs #writerslife #wanderlust #travelpornGuuhhhhhhh free wifi in the Atlanta airport. So HUMANE.Travel day. Go. http://t.co/d1WwB8V9Jh
celery is my drug of choice“@CraigSJ: Real thing happening on my television right now :/// http://t.co/mAwZLTx0DQ” cool how it could be from any day in past 14 yrs 👍
Retweeted by Monica ByrneKid biked up to me & said in low voice, "You need any greens?" & I was like, "GREENS? NO, WHAT ARE THOSE?" Once a square, always a square.@belle_abroad Right behind you in Rites! :) @jeffvandermeer@belle_abroad Ooooh, yessssss. What page are you on?@mjrobbins I am! Birthday was July 13th :) If it makes you feel any better, I thought you were older than me too, haha.Oh, this land I love, love, love, love. #Belize http://t.co/3cx3EKt96rBurst into tears walking my dog. Two men from my building stopped me & we talked. ("Some guy did WHAT now?") Got hugs & "Harlem's got you."
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@mjrobbins Welcome to the Jesus Year Club! It's great!Oops, Lena took away your firewood! Quick, find something else to hate her for.Today in Orgiastic Hating on Successful Women@scalzi Well, I don't do chest-to-floor yet, and I still have my knees up. So that puts it in perspective. By the end of this trip, though..@scalzi What? Did it? Nah it seemed gently self-deprecating!I love getting stronger.I'm getting stronger. Did my 50 push-ups in four sets instead of eight. That's only after a few days' practice.Some good points were raised and I've ensured that all opening acts will be compensated for their time, their labor and their talents.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneThis feature of the tour was meant to be a way to showcase local talent and I could not be more excited about it.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@amandapalmer Yep.@jabrilfaraj @inflammatorywrt OK. Thanks. Peace.Ed Champion is more than an angry blogger: What to do about the men who abuse women? http://t.co/3DlNdAmM6L via @Salon
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@jabrilfaraj @inflammatorywrt Whole lotta "shoulds" & "shouldn'ts" in the world. Another form of privilege = expecting that ours be fixed.@jabrilfaraj @inflammatorywrt Tired of making same point over&over, so I'll just say one more time: cool, that's your choice. Mine are mine.Hahaha, remember when Phyllis Schlafly came to speak at @Wellesley? That was hilarious.@scalzi What dipshits. This is why I don't.@inflammatorywrt OK.@rajkashana Nope. Plan B's are poisonous to dreams.@inflammatorywrt But how do you think it makes people feel who choose to perform/write, regardless of that?@rajkashana It means, with no guarantee of publication or compensation.@inflammatorywrt ...They are making an active choice based on what they believe is best for them.@inflammatorywrt Definitely. I'm just saying, pay attention to the (non)payees' agency in the situation....@ouijum Sure. Definitely that.Took a chance on the novel, too: wrote five years on spec. It paid off big.I'm not yet well-known enough to be commissioned. But I know I will be someday. This is the road there.Another example: today I'm working on spec on another long-form essay about caving. No promise of placement. Still my choice to write it.For example: wrote 8 pieces for TGitR's debut. Four got placed. Four didn't. Was paid for none. It was book publicity, that's how it works.@ouijum OK. That's your choice. I've made other choices.@inflammatorywrt Yes. I disagree. Also: can you point to men who've been criticized on this front to the extent AFP & Lena Dunham have?Of course the goal is to get paid for every gig someday. Or to have the freedom to choose all-paying gigs. But road isn't perfectly smooth.I write for free a lot. Still. That's my choice.And here we go again with the whining about not paying performers blah blah blah. As if the performers had no choice in the matter.RT @thegaytraveler: If lucky enough to be in @DurhamNC when @ManbitesTheater has a show, go. That's all. #gaytravel http://t.co/OrppOxCWB1
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@aurelia_nicole Whhhoooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa!@aurelia_nicole Oooohhhhhhhhh I see. LOL.@aurelia_nicole :( Well, it's been hard for Americans to get visas there for ages, but suddenly it's loosened up. Maybe there's hope?@aurelia_nicole All over! Tabriz, Alamut, Caspian Sea, Tehran, Garmeh, Yazd, Persepolis, Shiraz.... :) :) :)Very soon, now. #Iran http://t.co/i6wYl9SrFoFinally the classic advice of ignoring abusers feels no longer relevant nowadays. Too many have gained power thru our silece @magiciansbook
Retweeted by Monica Byrne
@everettharper Me neither! That's why I picked it!Wow. Crowd chanting "This is what democracy looks like." https://t.co/FHKHHDNDND #Ferguson@everettharperWHOA! Kate Winslet's first screen test for Titanic. And playing opposite her is...ELTON. https://t.co/cVvYVKaMrDReading by candlelight in Belize. A rum-and-pineapple, and @jeffvandermeer's Authority. Both excellent. http://t.co/byYtmmPfBb@everettharper #ceviche #rum #belize@everettharper Yes! But also I have to go eat right now so that I don't waif more. More later :)@everettharper I don't know how to access the emojis on my laptop! Help me Everett Harper, you're my only hope.@everettharper :)New post: Like one of your French girls. (AKA don't talk shit about Titanic around me, ever.) http://t.co/hBxKKodhXnNo, You Can't Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much http://t.co/KJvW1ySyqp via @forbes
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@JustinCookPhoto @Forbes Yessssssssssssssssssss.I'd fuck all of you personally but there's not enough time, so I make the movies. I'm always w/you in spirit, be it wanking or w/partners.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneSunday afternoon work spot: Cafe Express-Oh, across the river in Santa Elena. #Belize http://t.co/nuAok8s95D@distar ...or playwright!?...Happy birthday to my beloved brother Donald, aka @PineCoffinator. I am so proud of him in so many ways. http://t.co/cRffvxK9HxIf you can sneak in some time to curl up with a book today, we have some reading recs at http://t.co/AS6YjOKMnb
Retweeted by Monica ByrneMmmmm, it is a good n'HOT day in Belize! Ninety-nine degrees and enough humidity to make your skin bead sweat. <3Special diary bought for Iran. The cover art is a Qu'ran from El Escorial Library in Madrid.… http://t.co/kxu8xEWBsRMmmmm, next-day caving bruises. http://t.co/VhdGxkNCSN@DonShaunMiguel Yes! Just go to @DramatistsPlayS web site.
Opening of new Indian restaurant on Burns Avenue seems to be going well. Hooray! Gnight, San Ignacio. http://t.co/ILa1yiluRzdudes trying to prove how not-attracted they are to younger adult women by calling them "children" or "infants" = that sucks. stop.
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