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@MrMalcontent There are some wonderful examples of how other educators use OneNote in their classrooms: http://t.co/3NFKokFbYj.@MrMalcontent That's what we love to hear, Mr. Corrigan. Have you seen our blog? 1/2@Christianhoff95 Glad we could keep you afloat, Christian! What are you studying?@Massis_ Fantastic! Have you you heard of Onetastic, a free multi-purpose add on for OneNote? See more here: http://t.co/E9cqZNBKeD.@mruktechreviews That's excellent! Have you seen our blog? It has great tips for using OneNote across devices: http://t.co/7J4mOSfHf3.Rock out to OneNote: You can embed and play audio files right from your notebook. Just drag and drop. #OneNoteTips http://t.co/vvE4FORaCD@JohnTaylorJT There's plenty of tips on how to get the most out of OneNote, especially for students. Have a great school year!@JohnTaylorJT Wow! That's quite the spread. Sounds like a great schedule though. Have you checked out our blog?: http://t.co/MQEkjrAqMS. 1/2@JeauxHollins Awesome! Did you know OneNote can record audio and video notes too?: http://t.co/Ns9ymYzCfX.@mruktechreviews We're very happy to hear that! How do you use OneNote?@BloomingCyclist Thanks Anna! What do you love about OneNote?@ThomasVochten You can let our engineers know here, Thomas: http://t.co/87h2NKFL5Y.@Massis_ We like that equation, Massis! How do you use OneNote?Create Outlook tasks in OneNote 2013: Put your cursor on the right line and hit CTRL, SHIFT, and 1 to set a task for today. #OneNoteTips@JeauxHollins You're too kind! How do you use OneNote, Joseph?@KaelynDiaz__ How can we help, Kaelynnn? We have plenty of resources to get you started! http://t.co/3sVFYpKLQC@diannekrause We're glad we can help keep you organized, Dianne. How long have you been practicing karate?@JohnTaylorJT That's what we love to hear! Which classes are you taking this semester?@themausman Wonderful article, thanks for sharing Maurice!@melissahrpsych Then, follow our blog for lots of OneNote tips & tricks: http://t.co/fo9FcTCziP. Enjoy! 2/2@melissahrpsych Welcome to OneNote, Melissa! First, see our OneNote Quick Guide to start: http://t.co/uQPMhQbl3G. 1/2Use Quick Notes for those fast, random thoughts and to-do lists for distraction-free, no-ribbon noting. http://t.co/iP57oCj0Zo #OneNoteTips@petermorency That's quite the task. We're glad we can help you out!@karlkovacs We're happy to hear it and honored we can be part of your daily organization! #OneNoteRockstars@petermorency There is light at the end of the tunnel, Peter! What is the project?@jkkruse Did you know you can record audio and video too?: http://t.co/BvIYb3Gi5Y.@jkkruse That's fantastic! We're so glad we can help you take excellent notes. 1/2@YoungCanais Awesome, we're glad we can help! Do you have any big projects in the works?@Omega_ Thanks, Alexander! We're glad you think so. What's your favorite thing about OneNote?@elburro908 We're glad you're loving Onetastic though! 2/2@elburro908 Sorry about that, Eric. Please submit feedback to our engineers here: http://t.co/J1i9EmUajz. 1/2
@KaylaBCross Awesome! Have an excellent week Kayla.@TinaAnna86 Awesome! Have a great week Tina!@I_am_Echelon Thanks for your feedback! Please submit it directly to our engineers here: http://t.co/7dJ6yqjWq8.@yefpie We appreciate your feedback! Please let our engineers know here: http://t.co/jvZqvUqGOc.@ehoffman12 We're glad to hear that. Have you seen our blog? It has tips to help you get the most out of OneNote: http://t.co/JJyjJPnW5i.“I wanted kids to…have a ring binder in the sky.” Another great blog from our friends at St. Andrew’s College. http://t.co/3hGSIKamKw@icecuvee Sounds so relaxing!@sortofwonderful @waynedixon We never want you to lose anything important! 2/2@sortofwonderful @waynedixon *jumping in* You can read more about syncing OneDrive with OneNote here: http://t.co/MJ28vDIqgh. 1/2@KaylaBCross Glad we can help you make sense of chaos, Kayla. What's your favorite OneNote feature?@D29Doriana We're glad we can help you get more done. What are you working on, Doriana?@Jmiller1534 Thanks for the shout out, Jonathon! How do you use OneNote?@TheOtherSid Glad we could help, Sid! Check out this blog post for tips on using OneNote with Surface Pro 3: http://t.co/CAYCtZ8GtL.@TinaAnna86 Have you seen our blog? It has tons of organizational tips: http://t.co/rbD8vhtXMn. 2/2@TinaAnna86 We're happy we can help you be more organized, Tina! 1/2@charliecm Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let our engineers know here: http://t.co/ZkKRMTpMLU.@TheBenLudlow Have you seen our blog? It has great tips, especially for students: http://t.co/SZSg0ZvmzX. 2/2@TheBenLudlow Very cool! We're glad we can help you with your studies. 1/2@therealkro That makes us happy, Kimberly! How do you use OneNote?We’re curious, do any teachers use OneNote in art instruction? Kids love doodling with OneNote on tablets. #edchat@CasualClark Very exciting! Have a wonderful week!@jkkruse We love it, Jason! What do you use OneNote for?@therealevangelo No word yet, Evan. Please let our engineers know it's something you'd like to see here: http://t.co/Iee8KJ4ihL.@brinkeguthrie Please send us a DM.@elburro908 Let us know if that helps. You can also request the feature here: http://t.co/4A4cxnNB7X.@elburro908 We may have a solution for you, Eric. Check out the Custom Styles add on as part of Onetastic: http://t.co/QDlKQ9T8rd. 1/2@brinkeguthrie How can we help, Brinke?@MKPolutta Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let our engineers know directly here: http://t.co/5JITfGxcs0.@CasualClark That's what we love to hear! What are you studying?@greenbes Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@ElianeVdB On the Surface Pro 3 for example, there is plenty of doodling capability!: http://t.co/9I01avmeqU. 2/2@ElianeVdB That's what we like to hear, Eliane! And we respect your need to doodle -- which device are you using OneNote on? 1/2@NilsBe Thanks Nils, glad we could help. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need support in the future -- we're a tweet away!@mynotsoopenbook Learn more here: http://t.co/TfXqJU9sBv. 2/2@mynotsoopenbook Glad we could help! Also, have you considered using OneDrive? It works with Office to save and backup your files. 1/2Why use Microsoft OneNote 2013 in the classroom? Why use anything else? http://t.co/a76aDQKIHE via @WyHighOTeam
6 tips for creating manageable to-do lists. With OneNote, it’s easy to separate lists and break down big projects. http://t.co/qOIQFhQI3Y"Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before" --Kafka Achieve more with OneNote. http://t.co/0056cFAVIk7 productivity tips for more effective teams. Includes smart advice from our very own @BillGates. http://t.co/hVlcpghXHp
5 ways you can put your life online with @OneDrive, including Office Lens and OneNote on all your devices. http://t.co/eDck91DUOJ@NilsBe You might like these blog posts: http://t.co/bZENroNcpA & http://t.co/Xl4JJ74km5.@mal_disposto @bobtabor We're listening! How can we help?@TheBenLudlow We're very happy to hear that, Ben! What are you studying?@TheMisterMet You're very welcome! And please feel free to tweet us if you ever have OneNote questions, we're here to help.@gmansoliver Right on! Have you seen this blog post about using OneNote on a Surface Pro 3?: http://t.co/QX2rsYU3zL.@TheMisterMet What a lovely evening. Looks like you're setting the tone for a great weekend!@stvnperkins Wow! We love your definition of "note taking." This is fantastic!@MasterjediJohn That's fantastic! Do you keep up with the OneNote blog for news and feature updates?: http://t.co/8KSRXBLmvz.@NoahDouglas21 If it happens again, please use CTRL+ALT+8 to send us a screenshot.@MasterjediJohn Thanks wonderful, thanks for being such a loyal user! What is your favorite feature?@sayonical Please check your inbox, we sent you a DM.@sayonical It keeps a backup of all your important info: http://t.co/0ho8mFVhXA.@sayonical We're sorry about that. Have you synced your OneNote to OneDrive before? 1/2@mynotsoopenbook Please see this thread: http://t.co/w99xWTQOMM.@JadoreCas That's what we love to hear! Have you seen the OneNote blog? It has all kinds of handy tips and tricks: http://t.co/qPXLjFOb8D.@HeCtOrDvS We love you too! What's your favorite OneNote feature?@MasterjediJohn Thanks for sharing the article, John. Are you a OneNote user?@sayonical We're sorry to hear that! Were you able to recover them?@NoahDouglas21 Anything we can help with?@mal_disposto @bobtabor *jumping in* We're happy to answer any questions! http://t.co/oKDUS8dR3Y@SaraHazel42 Thanks Sara, you rock! What's your favorite OneNote feature?@MaguiSilvaS We're here! Anything we can help with?@mlsanzo Ha! We love it! Have a great weekend, Megan :)@WMCritchley We're very excited about it! OneNote works on many other devices too. See more here: http://t.co/1CoFXtOcPK.@ionblade Sorry for the inconvenience. Feedback is important to us! Please let our engineers know here: http://t.co/lahzHMoodb.@gmansoliver It's a super handy feature! Which Surface are you using?@Da_Don_85 We're so glad we could help! What subject do you teach, Mr. Ramirez?@richard_parkin Let us know if you ever have questions, Richard! http://t.co/r9PdVTm34V@TKrk That is incredible! Thanks so much for sharing your story!
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