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Early retired Lecturer :United, blues rock ( ex-lead vocalist with Flying Blind) and greyhound (Billy) fan. Ex Nurse & Social Worker.Tory hating Humanitarian

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And now they're saying Vidal will be announced as United player tonight ....we wait with baited breath
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Sea of poppies at the Tower of London honours fallen #WW1 soldiers http://t.co/m5wnmNCnd9 http://t.co/JYGkhLZRQG
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanIsraeli air strike outside UN school in Gaza kills 10 http://t.co/BVjl9qqP0f Photo is heartbreaking. http://t.co/mp70e3yvlr
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanThe Tower of London pours 888,246 poppies from a window to honour WWI's British deaths. Stunning. http://t.co/D7xcHNjHI6
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman
Glazers will make around Β£95m from selling more shares in Man Utd. About the same as Southampton's owners have generated from summer sales
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@WayneJBurrows @MissEllieMae @EverydaySexism irony clearly lost on you thenHow depressing the Middle East is-any sympathy for Israel totally lost in what amounts to targeting civilians - or war crime for anyone elseSocial work needs an alternative narrative to constant negativity http://t.co/a49NDrXuB2
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@MissEllieMae @EverydaySexism Hope she told them to fuck off then!
@smeecol @FootballMcD me too- missed the furore apparently Tom but can't see why anyone would criticise - first class journalism IMO
@samwollaston oh yes!! As you said though it is absolutely brilliantly written- can't believe you will be able to resist !🍷@samwollaston fuck me Sam the fingernails!!!!!!@samwollaston ureggghhGove out! Nice one@samwollaston am watching Utopia tonight and will now be doing so with trepidation! Thanks for the warning- should have known though!
@rioferdy5 enjoying the doc Rio - good and insightful programme
Oh bollocks extra time - there go my bets- not for the first time!@Prufrocking he would make the Angels weep!!Rihanna looks like she's been marked up for a tracheotomy by a fiercely patriotic doctor. #WorldCupFinal http://t.co/mu1yW17Y3W
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman#GERvsARG Christ the Redeemer what an amazing statue@Prufrocking yeah fab really enjoyed it apart from the debacle that was England team - so unpredictable (as bookies will testify!)@Prufrocking know the feeling been emptying the garage pre move and village BBQ ( piss up) last night 😊🍷@Prufrocking roast chicken dinner half a bottle of red and ( so far) 2 bottles of my home brewed spring ale having much the same effectπŸ˜„Can someone please tell Lawrenson this is the #WorldCupFinal and not the graveyard shift at the shit farm...
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanMark Lawrenson sounding like he would rather be shitting out the entire contents of a ScrewFix catalogue #WorldCupFinal
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanHaha @rioferdy5 RT @michael_rant: @RobbieSavage8 lol http://t.co/AS5leQgQXz
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanNeuer lucky there !!@samwollaston absolutely - cheers 🍻@samwollaston already gone Sam along with many others I suspect - Andy Townsend much better ( shock) will go back at adverts thoughPlease everyone retweet this to try and help find my dad, he's been gone nearly 48 hours now, it would help so much http://t.co/gzzbmpKwyw
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@VanGaalrious will switch back for discussion with Gaz and the boys though@VanGaalrious absolutely I have gone to ITV sound also better qualify and Andy Townsend less annoying 🍷😊@VanGaalrious me too#GERvsARG Germans are the BMW of football teams - they have it when they need it without being flashy
@BBCNewsnight Sarah Dunant nailing the arguments all the way@Prufrocking me too a big loss IMO@daraobriain @tiffstevenson @GaryDelaney @joshwiddicombe @RomeshRanga even funnier tonight than usual brilliant- well done had me in tears@Morrigan106 we can dream eh?😊@Morrigan106 RVP to score first@Morrigan106 put your money on it- I will😊🍷@Morrigan106 you would only have to worry if you were England 😊I reckon you will win 2-1@Morrigan106 I reckon you should the way their morale is!!@Morrigan106 ha ha glad it wasn't just me 😊 yes hate to say it but I hope they win it as well xJust heard that Ed Miliband isn't supporting today's PS strike in an effort to sound even more like Cameron- what a disgrace!#BBCr4PM@Morrigan106 sad - at least I was spared the misery - I fell asleep!! Sorry for Holland
Oh well there goes my RVP to score first betWell on the positive side I have Holland to win in extra time Oranje Boven!!Competition Time - Win a pair of @taloloboots the amazing cowboy boot style wellies retweet for your chance to win . http://t.co/HvMWKLZfJk
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel Coleman@prodnose oh can't agree there ! Radio Ethiopia a gem !Last nights game was a freak show this reflects how evenly matched sides are http://t.co/nXeVVDzRSqRVP barely had a touch - tactical stalemate so far@GeorgeSewell good to see you putting prem league prejudices aside mate 😊🍷Camera man needs to find pretty Dutch girls a again soonI've got Dutch to win in extra time@FootballMcD second half will be better Tom IMO when players start to tire@GeorgeSewell ha ha fair enough - good game so far- want the Dutch to win@GeorgeSewell looks better for Holland IMO but I suppose the World Cup is going to add something to anyone's game!😊@sturdyAlex well done that camera man I sayKuyt looks twice the player he does for LiverpoolRVP looking in great shape - good news for UnitedTough game this- teams will be knackered - expect mistakes in second half@Morrigan106 I'm with you xx😊🍷@Morrigan106 I think you'll do it! Van Gaal 's tactics x rooting for the Dutch@Morrigan106 oranje boven!!😊😊
The bookies must be rubbing their hands in glee! 7-0?@BrentKockman Unbelievable! Thank God for drink 🍷😊Holy shit! 5-0 half time??@TransferRelated oh shit hope not - love Evra big loss IMOA pig's orgasm lasts for 30 minutes. So would mine, probably, if I was having sex with something made out of bacon.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanHas no one yet identified the owner of the Glasto dog? Surely someone knows? What kind of shit must they be to do that
@BBCPM Eddie- 16%!!
@Morrigan106 yes amazing- so many dramas - enjoy x🍷@Morrigan106 I bet😊@Morrigan106 wow what a relief! X@Morrigan106 I'm not surprised! X@Morrigan106 come on you Dutch !😊Come on Robin make me some money! Got him for top scorer- one of my bets has to come in surely?
@Prufrocking just about pulling around now thanks😊I had a ball!!#bbcqt Alan Johnson would be so much better as leader of the Labour Party ! We would have a chance@Prufrocking oh of course ! I mean they are stopping those in the public sector living in the South East-& abolishing national pay scales#bbcqt well said that man in the audience! This govt is increasingly creating ghettoes in the North
@liamdutton @nathanGallagher @GlastoFest never caught us out Liam! Ponchos at the ready - weather was better than everyone said it would beYou have to admire the US team - giving their all for their country
In the mosh pit waiting for Dolly woo hoo 😊🍷😎#downwiththekids
Lana del ray in the sun!! Shock Glasto weather😎😎😎😎😎🍷 http://t.co/wEpIJ7Tk0VMatress down spirits up πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ·πŸ·πŸ· http://t.co/Dm2INoxExUIt's a new dawn it's a new day and I'm felling good!πŸ˜„ day 3 and still alive # bonus http://t.co/qHhOcBP97hMe and Gaz at Glasto having a great timrn🍷😊 http://t.co/TFIHCa18n6
And so to Glasto tomorrow and a weekend of shite weather as usual! Never mind we will just have to anaesthetise ourselves appropriately🍷🍷😊
@liamdutton oh well i live in Hope 😊 cheers@liamdutton Liam increasingly desperate now 😊any sign of dryness or warmth over Glasto? Too old for mud bath again πŸ˜„
@StephenMcGill @liamdutton mean😊! First time for 18 years have some sympathy I've suffered enough in the past!@liamdutton thanks Thursday tent day so hoping it will get better! Cheers@liamdutton how's it looking for Glasto now Liam? Any hope?
Jose Mourinho offered to pay a year worth of food for the school he visited today as UN Ambassador. Legend.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanHoddle is just about to say that Rooney was a bad person in a previous life.
Retweeted by Dr. Nigel ColemanBollocks@liamdutton phew !! 😊@liamdutton it's the official website weather forecast - how bad does it look??
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