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Chad Johnson @ochocinco Liberty City

Famous for grammatical corrections, football, fashion, GHOSTS/FIFA. Solving world problems with love for all women. Employed by @CBSSports & @MTLAlouettes

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People have been telling me it's coming for 3 months now. RT @jaredbook: @ochocinco Don’t worry, Chad. It’s coming.Edmonton gets snow but I have to pray for cold weather & snow in Montreal... Bull droppings”Supposed to snow in Montreal tomorrow, I'll be highly upset if snow isn't falling when I wake up at 5:30am...Cigars, wearing the same clothes days in a row, weird shoes, horizontal activities & Orcas RT @DeMetra1913: @ochocinco what makes you smileMy kids, savings account, any woman w/ a fresh mani-pedi, FIFA, Mcdonalds & Starbucks... RT @DeMetra1913: @ochocinco what makes you smile??Why wouldn't I be happy? My credit is damn near perfect... RT @dymepyece_352: @ochocinco r u gay?Actually I proposed while playing Call of Duty... RT @davfazio: @ochocinco you also proposed while playing fifa #LikeAChampDamn Barbie fine as the end of a toothpick, dawg look at Phil πŸ˜‚ RT @YourFavoriteZoe: Who wore it better? http://t.co/sc8M96Y7ErI played FIFA when I was left for being a douche bag, it helped... RT @tffggfddd: How do you deal with depression after being dumped Chad?She was so aggressive when all I need is McDonald's or Starbucks...Starbucks will suffice... RT @NikkiBBgurl: I'll suck that Dick 365 days a year and on Halloween I'll suck it till u shoot pumpkin seedListening to Janelle MonΓ e w/ a torpedo Cuaba enjoying Halloween vicariously through all of your tweets...Spam RT @Barbie_Bates_: CHILE PLEASE πŸ˜’ RT @ochocinco: @Barbie_Bates_ I unfollowed you & blocked you, how are even tweeting me...Erykah Badu can shut down all Halloween costumes if she wanted to...And don't ever forget I am... RT @DoubleOreppa: @ochocinco you're broke@Barbie_Bates_ I unfollowed you & blocked you, how are even tweeting me...I wish I was home for Halloween I'd hand out money to the kids & make sure they hide it from their parents...Nah RT @Barbie_Bates_: Singing to me or nah? RT @ochocinco: Jeffrey Osborne's song "We both deserve each others love" bouncing off the wallAre y'all ignoring me because it's Halloween or is Twitter messed up?Jeffrey Osborne's song "We both deserve each others love" bouncing off the walls...πŸ“ RT @waymoflydenu: Who name on yo rib ? RT @Barbie_Bates_: #NaughtyPirate πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» http://t.co/RpyLWBxBHFListening to Florence + The Machine watching Ottawa & Hamilton...I love my people 😏 http://t.co/UwUEFWNalO@Lakers I love you guys, see you soon...Wonder if his Starbucks cup says "Black Mamba" RT @Lakers: Kobe has arrived. http://t.co/wQ91z2puzy@speedybanks87 Boy you running tonight like a Chevy w/ a small block 383 strokerPirates wore long pants, I suggest you cover up before I block you... RT @Barbie_Bates_: #NaughtyPirate πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» http://t.co/RpyLWBxBHFIf she was wearing a bonnet she could've gotten the follow & possibly sex if she cut the check...I almost hit that follow button... RT @Barbie_Bates_: #NaughtyPirate πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ’€ http://t.co/UKhmiXNiyEWalking to Starbucks in 40 degree weather listening to Mellow Man's song "Take My Hand" on repeat telling people I Love You in passing...@Usher Stogies at 8pm, I have cigars for days...They nailed it... http://t.co/vXOciXaX0JBest costume ----> RT @YanniPanos: @ochocinco Ochoesque Halloween Costume! http://t.co/lfJSv5dhFW@Barbie_Bates_ I made a grammatical error so I had to redo the tweet so don't think for 1 second I'm going to hit the follow button...I know you're trying to turn me on but I'm refusing to follow you back... RT @Barbie_Bates_: Fucking this McDonalds up 😩😩😩Anybody I'm following from Miami Twitter that goes to Take 1 tonight tell Barbie I unfollowed her...Y'all please be safe with the kids as they trick or treat tonight, those of you clubbing turn up responsibly & tell me your stories tomorrowI'm up 7k on my grandma in "The Savings Game" we play at the end of each month...Take care of your necessities/needs & say f*ck your wants until your next pay period...Happy Halloween...If you get paid today I bet you won't save it till your next payday & double up...
I'm in the net for the Isles tonight...NHL & MLS as well...If she doesn't DVR Scandal so you can enjoy tonight's sporting events she doesn't love you...Unbelievable night, NBA, NCAA & NFL on at the same time....Find someone, make eye contact, exchange numbers then have sex...Has your day been as positive & loving as mine?I am broke though, don't wish money on me... RT @jazmynn: I think I liked the idea of @ochocinco much better when I thought he was broke.FaceTime her out the blue, don't say anything, just let her to stare at you for 5 seconds then hang up...How do I fix this fellow FIFA players? http://t.co/OXt1YCdp6iI'm thankful for everyone who has appreciated my McDonald & Starbuck dates over the years...πŸ“ RT @xoNELLY: If it's not a date over $500, do not take me out to dinner. I can't eat with you!Thanks RT @AliceClems: Gotta admit from quickly seeing him downtown, @ochocinco is a damn good looking man πŸ‘ŒDoes she fit in your salary cap before I conduct this search? RT @Trey_Oh5: Aye @ochocinco find her for me Bruh http://t.co/3texRiq07BMayweather thinks I forgot about that tweet about fighting, put these paws on em before Christmas...Actually that's broke according to twitter.. RT @EgyptianHeru: So @ochocinco was unemployed but still making 66K a month? That's success lolThat's the spirit boss, I was celibate for a year... RT @JoeBudden: ok, I will love them without inserting myself in them, worth a shot !πŸ“ RT @PatchOHoulihan1: "@ochocinco: For a broke guy I'd consider myself the real MVP..." Sir... http://t.co/6QHyQnkWlULove em all, it's much easier than having to decipher who's who... RT @JoeBudden: same here, minus the hoes, I’m learning to unlove them.I've been awesome big bruh, loving everybody & everything in sight... RT @JoeBudden: @ochocinco Chad, how the hell u been bro ?For a broke guy I'd consider myself the real MVP...Mango Bay for lunch...Last car she posted I bought it, might as well keep the routine going... πŸ“πŸ“ RT @Barbie_Bates_: πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜ http://t.co/rJnq4zDH3tJust knocked him out with a smooth combo...Minutes before I beat up @CaesaRay95 http://t.co/9B9lWP5a0nπŸ“ RT @Barbie_Bates_: Ion like Lexus cars but that shit raw Af... 😍😍Awesome RT @TBabySlick: @ochocinco good way to start the morning. http://t.co/S3eUWyUFnYIt works --> RT @Tattoo_MyLife: β€œ@ochocinco: Text the mother/father of your kid/S & tell them thank you & I love you” http://t.co/YGKkEWAbm9That's a start RT @iAm_Seth64: β€œ@ochocinco: Text the mother/father of your kid/S & tell them thank you & I love you” http://t.co/akUDagLFhyI texted the mother of my kids & told them I love them...Shit, text me & tell me you love me too 514-β€’β€’β€’-8585Text the mother/father of your kid/S & tell them thank you & I love you...Love somebody this morning...Is there a grammatical error in my previous tweet? I'm missing a comma after "first" but that's all I see wrong...If they try to brush their teeth first break up, that's not real love...Wake your boyfriend/girlfriend up out their sleep, put on Trey Songz song "What's Best For You" force them to dance while you sing the wordsLOVE aggressively today w/ your actions...
It's past my bed time, kiss your parents & pets for me & tell them I love them. I love you people & we'll catch up at 5:30am...I only eat McDonald's RT @KelleyLCarter: I feel like I missed something! You have a love for filet 'o fish @ochocinco?I love you for this... RT @KelleyLCarter: Mmmm. I just ate a filet o' fish and fries and I COULD CARE LESS.Royals & Giants tonight...Don't miss your blessing trying to hit a home run, nothing wrong with running the bases from time to time...Ladies follow @OGBEARD , with the holidays approaching he is looking to spoil multiple women without sex being a requirement...I can't watch the Heat game but I know we'll win tonight... The Dolphins will win as well this week & the Panthers...How can I @ every ESPN affiliate at once & scream I LOVE YOU...Did you tell someone you love them today?@AdamSchefter I love you Adam...She still loves you if she doesn't follow you but you're in her saved searches...Don't hate procreate...Get your #WCW pregnant...RT @cristinamackey: I love men with beautiful teeth like @ochocinco 😒😍Arguing takes too much energy, energy that I need for FIFA...I should u-stream like I used to a while ago...Don't love me back, you'll end up hating me for the same reason you liked me in the first place...I love you people...Y'all good out there?Cop to Woman: I Won’t Take You to Jail, If You Show Me Your Feet http://t.co/o7DEzwaYbg http://t.co/WW4epPNbGq
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonI'm tryna help yall hoes! Stop pointing out what's wrong wit a nigga and point out what's RIGHT wit him and help him improve smh
Retweeted by Chad JohnsonRT @carly_2u: Look what I found @ochocinco I choose treat so give it up. umm please? http://t.co/dRMRB2WDYQ
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