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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. More @ http://t.co/AvBTBiv8hn & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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On the phone with TiVo, canceling after 14 years of service. This is what I remember high school breakups feeling like.
Retweeted by Om MalikArista vs Cisco litigation points to one thing – Arista probably is taking a substantial chunk of Cisco’s business! http://t.co/OKThBQD7G0@averytlos @Jason @samfbiddle don't tell a grumpy old man to change his ways. Harrumph! Happy holidays!@Jason @samfbiddle merry Christmas gents"Twitter is a fast machine that almost begs for misunderstanding and misconstrual—deliberate misreading is its lubricant" @samfbiddle #quote@lissalauren or insomniac:) either works"What is the point in worrying oneself too much about what one could or could not have done to control… http://t.co/ctZjkkkeQ3Enjoying “SLACKER HILL” by Cliff Englert on @storehousehq cc @thatcliffguy well done with these photos! http://t.co/oXYDyQm4EpCoffee break this morning at Two Hands on Mott Street, NYC - just off Grand. They made sure I knew… http://t.co/7q9n8e9EiA
The final word on Sony Hack comes from George Clooney. And yes, he makes absolute sense in this interview. http://t.co/gVTTZLMjrO"The vast majority of it (news) isn't valuable to people and it may be even harmful, and that's well-reported, accurate news." @ev #quoteThinking of this awesome place as I am freezing in New York. I might have to catch an earlier flight… http://t.co/cVYLl5NzQQAny takers? http://t.co/NXOkXXvDbZ via @NiemanLab http://t.co/CUTbjCncja
Retweeted by Om Malik
Yobongo = Secret 2.0! Only four years apart!@tanookiben no....did they? Cc @instagramInstagram Rapture http://t.co/qOgE5Wed13Thank you guys for #InstagramRapture & getting rid of spam accounts. I want others to follow their best practices http://t.co/BTJTnuyscwThe 1st chapter of IoT is about sensors, devices that can hear & see. The 2nd chapter is about actuators, infrastructure that can react.
Retweeted by Om Malik@howardlindzon @scottbelsky I might have to move in - New York is way too cold for my old bones!@howardlindzon @scottbelsky I thought it was San Diego! Howard you still live in the retirement community... Right?Today we're announcing the Adobe Typography Customer Advisory Board, a new collaboration towards better Type UI. http://t.co/5MHwVTh9GB
Retweeted by Om Malik@panzer do this now - seriously you have to start writing more cc @alexia@benjaminpeskoe and they are and that is why retail is a hard business. Few make all the money :)Fractions of attention & what really is media? http://t.co/wYtB7gERsN@mat @AntDeRosa @hblodget let's just blame it on lack of rum in your eggnogSo @instagram cleaned up its act, nuked spam/bot accounts. I lost 1,400. Job well done! http://t.co/EolC45w4Ns Also, how many did you lose?@antderosa http://t.co/dYeyt5fC9X cc @hblodget i am making my point here. Easier than waiting too much of everyone's attention.@AntDeRosa @naveen_mandava @hblodget around understanding media?@AntDeRosa @naveen_mandava @hblodget not sure what you mean by conflict of interest. That he put money in BI and that he has a clarity@AntDeRosa @naveen_mandava @hblodget I don't thing Bezos has a pretty clear and simple understanding of what is media and how to value itOld street, new filter. 👋 @leffot #newyork @ Leffot http://t.co/gjbdgAdFlF@KevinCTofel maybe in canuckistan it is the same thing, right @mathewi@mathewi @photomatt LTE is different than private dedicated line. cc @KevinCTofel tell him ;-)This is what wide band LTE on @tmobile looks like in New York City. Cc @JohnLegere well done! #broadband #LTE http://t.co/XoBnNhbuQx
@DavidSacks that is forbes version of virtual reality :)@Basti that explains why my food is late - they all delivering to you guys! Happy holidays!“Millions March NYC” by @alexcharner on @storehousehq is exquisite and moving work! http://t.co/ZoVhq0Ay3YHoliday spirit is slowly kicking in!!! #newyork Edited with #litely http://t.co/oFhbiNFQaQEnjoying “Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony for Malala ” by Shervin Pishevar on @storehousehq http://t.co/eUK0yQDytW@martingeddes thank you martinFor media, Sony hack is a holiday gift that keeps on giving and giving... Faux News, that is!!!@naveen_mandava read Jeff Bezos interview with @hblodget and you will get all you need to knowWord on the rumor street is that Facebook is very keen on buying YikYak! Wonder if they will pull a @Snapchat on @finkd & stay independent!I started my work day with two fantastic emails from @johnmaeda and @espiekermann so I am betting rest of it will be pretty well designed!When I read @wired feature on media startups, I realized how limited is their understanding of post-internet media! http://t.co/F8rm50VITi@thDigitalReader hey would you actuallyread the piece before calling to click bait, knowing source of data in the piece @mathewi @gigaomBlackface, Indian Headdresses, and Now "The Untouchables": Why is Fashion So Culturally Tone-Deaf? https://t.co/26kly4I2bqSoho in repose! Edited with #litely #newyork http://t.co/TQJfCMqREaI'm in the top 5% of readers on @Pocket! See the best of what I've read in 2014 http://t.co/s8GSdBkeCW #MyYearInPocket
We @Trueventures are the #3 iOT investor in 2014, according to @cbinsights http://t.co/LEKFrmdejg @om @MrVelvet @tonysphere @puneet324
Retweeted by Om MalikA REDEF ORIGINAL: If Video is Booming, Why are Revenues Evaporating? via @MediaREDEF http://t.co/NcDvwkUmYWThe (New) Robot Reality / Some of my thoughts http://t.co/JMLkY03j2H the @nytimes had this scarier version of reality http://t.co/xf0lFhNeVsSo this happened. http://t.co/HftImTJ962 just like I said. A long time ago! Sony hack confirms it. #weird https://t.co/PCA9Np6m4eEvery so often you can find yourself on a very empty Broadway and you wonder what's wrong with Big… http://t.co/M3Uf3nN9aYMobile, Search & The Continental Drift http://t.co/mnBM3zm8Y4Bradley Price, Brooklyn watch maker & designer tells @readpico why Apple's design process is different from rivals http://t.co/qmVIIYFlxVJP Morgan says @Facebook is better positioned for ad $$$s -21% share of mobile time spent, opportunities in video, Instagram, newsfeed $FBJPMorgan on @google: "lowering estimates for 4Q14, 2015, 2016" due to "slower organic growth, continued strength in the $" + more. $GOOG
Surprised retailers are sold out of drones (DJI, Parrot) already for Xmas. Apple & Amazon shipping many in 2mos! Merry mainstream drone Xmas
Retweeted by Om MalikThanks @rsafian & @davidlidsky for showing me around the @FastCompany offices. Nifty! By the way don't you miss the Time Inc drinks cart?A conversation between @om and @AutodromoMedia, two smart dudes I'm proud to call friends: http://t.co/AfJEpFGOOE
Retweeted by Om Malik@LindsReichardt actually it is @WordPress :)IN-DEPTH: Inside The Archives Of Audemars Piguet (Video) http://t.co/fvZbtpl28T via @hodinkee.@nytimes should create a standalone app for The Upshot. Like QZ it is so perfect for large screen phones! + good ad-opportunitiesA photographer's vista / inspired by @crump gradientnation http://t.co/OBjUuThzksIf you have to create an "empathy team" then one thing is clear — you don't really know what empathy is. #facebook http://t.co/AlEIelMTEfOakland is not Brooklyn says @susie_c and rightfully so! Read this piece by her. It is worth your time! http://t.co/M3mQFYxm5q@anildash you just jealous.Time, Apple Watch & Marc Newsom - 3 of many things @autodromo founder shares with @readpico http://t.co/aiWAOoEOEL http://t.co/X0E80deIrG
Great essay by @Om about unsolved photo challenge: http://t.co/ASeLtWtTkH Makes my post last week more relevant: https://t.co/zVCxLs4gnN
Retweeted by Om Malik@jakehawkes42 it is fixed. Thanks for the heads upWay too happy gate attendants and then really surly flight attendants -- someone needs to modify @VirginAmerica medications to add normalcyFerguson/Chokehold/Torture - one of the best pieces about the current reality of our nation! http://t.co/6B6rBhcIVrHere is how 5 jetliners worth $1.5 billion try to be Blue Angels http://t.co/gIsqHEzhuc@rstephens you win the Internet for todayOcean, land, mist -- it is good to be 15 minutes away from a zen break! #latergram edited with #litelyhttp://t.co/sVPBuGKhko2014 will be the most active year for technology offerings since 2000 http://t.co/HjOKIVPXGh http://t.co/Em9a3PvmcqSo this is what an oxymoron means -- "Verizon's New Encrypted Calling App Plays Nice With the NSA " Businessweek http://t.co/NJozmCzU87Tom Maxwell: “Blogging is meditative” what a wonderfully simple way of describing what took me almost 200 words. http://t.co/dJLGwCHkbFToday is the last sequential date (not day) & we won't see one for another century. It is also another anniversary. http://t.co/7jDeFCcZYA
Just published “A walk along the Ocean Beach, San Francisco” on @storehousehq #sanfrancisco http://t.co/uA142pnngh@mona i love it :-)Birds on the beach - a quick visit to Ocean Beach before I leave town. I am not sure, but my iPhone 6+… http://t.co/Hfgcyv5pow@simplyShervin lol :)12-13-14 http://t.co/aX4jqftvXg@Kiteaton month/day/year would be hard as well 13/14/15 only no month #13 - maybe you can elaborate@Kiteaton what are the future sequential dates using non US date format aka day/month/year next year is 2015 and we only have 12 months.Some amazing stories to read this weekend. http://t.co/MYDI339WhL http://t.co/ARSUzu7vhJToday is the last sequential date & we won't see one for another century. It is also another anniversary. http://t.co/5AmsSyolpd (Resending)San Francisco has a new store and it is carrying some cool stuff curated by pals @ACQUIREmag http://t.co/Qc0SgyXHgs http://t.co/WeSci79aJ7Not much attention for @adobe buying Fotolia for a whopping $800 million. http://t.co/jbqgbn1r8l they would buy @flick from @Yahoo too!Instacart vs. Google Express vs. Prime Pantry: Which grocery delivery site is best for your… https://t.co/LRz8JlvHgo by @laurahazardowen
Retweeted by Om MalikHow to Take Better Holiday Photographs ... No seriously! http://t.co/tbTl424S9eTechnology IPOs: Party like 2014 http://t.co/I1LIntZsRH5 things to read this weekend http://t.co/E8PoZ3UUNM
2014 will be the most active year for technology initial public offerings since 2000. http://t.co/l76cEMibkf http://t.co/wSnbB98TdmHere by Richard McGuire http://t.co/Zivbna5XbXOculus buys 13thlab of Sweden - another moment in the continuing rise of computer vision. http://t.co/8RSoKaT8jCOn IPO day, New Relic CEO Lew Cirne eyes the future of analytics https://t.co/l5eIwNJCQ7 via @gigaomCongrats @sweetlew on a great outcome for your team and believers in @newrelic and here is wishing that best is yet to come! #ipo $NEWR
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