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Owen Barder @owenbarder Somewhere in Europe, mostly

Senior Fellow at @CGDev. Visiting Prof at LSE. Ex No.10, Treasury & DFID. Likes: economics, science, evidence, running. Dislikes: poverty, injustice, sexism.

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A reminder of what life was like in the US without vaccines http://t.co/QhD4stat3m @wonkblog #polio #vaccineswork http://t.co/HnF4iAbTT6
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10 top writing tips and the psychology behind them - this is well worth reading. http://t.co/taPNyQtbvC@DavidWiking I do hope you will find the longer version persuasive.@DavidWiking indeed markets are not perfect. Hence the very first sentence of that extract. Look forward to your view when you've read it.@BruceByiers Thanks. I look forward to your feedback and ideas.Are donors better placed than private investors to judge risks ? (#QTWTAIN) http://t.co/6bVeUzhJWq http://t.co/reXjg89WWBWhy guarantees are often not the best way to support private investment: http://t.co/YCOwYMXLbF http://t.co/jNUKDQ3trvIf development agencies want to support private investment in developing countries, what is the best approach? http://t.co/YCOwYMXLbF"Guarantees, Subsidies, or Paying for Success?" On catalyzing private investment in LDCs http://t.co/pz9zsjsMTl by @owenbarder @theobot1000
Retweeted by Owen BarderHere is @nytimes on the great podcast renaissance http://t.co/vOvBWNaCSf ... and here is Development Drums http://t.co/RhkBoivfiA@cath_haddon I am worried that it will be accorded more authority than it deserves in resolving the issues after Thursday.@cath_haddon a guidance manual which is partly accurate and partly made up is of less use than no manual at all.@cath_haddon how does Baldwin 1924 set a precedent for (e.g.) Cameron being entitled to wait until Parliament sits?@cath_haddon Exactly. Where does that come from?@cath_haddon @jillongovt @_peterriddell is it like the Bible, where we have to decide for ourselves which parts to take seriously?@cath_haddon I understand the theory. Anyone who worked at No 10 / Cabinet Office has some passing acquaintance with this.@cath_haddon the first clause of the second sentence of that paragraph seems to be conjured out of the air?@cath_haddon @jillongovt @_peterriddell For example, para 2.12 cites no precedent or authority.@jillongovt @cath_haddon @_peterriddell some of it seems to be made up by GO'D. As a reference manual it is a curate's egg.@_alice_evans you are too kind; but thanks.Kluge Gedanken über die Zukunft der Entwicklungshilfe von @owenbarder vom Center For Global Development http://t.co/XuPTxyodWl
Retweeted by Owen Barder@owenbarder for human development, open borders more important than open govt perhaps? Spatial exit would accelerate better governance?
Retweeted by Owen Barder@jillongovt Does IFG have a view on whether the "Cabinet Manual" has any status? Should its guidance be taken seriously?Is David Booth right to come out against good governance? By Terence Wood http://t.co/JRIBIzAW26
Discussion with @NYTKrugman and @JeffDSachs on globalisation in 45 minutes. Livestream: http://t.co/yreMGNS6aw@Flandyke @ProfTomkins I suspect it also reflects the views of GO'D and Lords Peter H and Peter R@Flandyke @ProfTomkins For an attempt to synthesize the academic and legal consensus, it is remarkably short on citations (eg para 2.12)@Flandyke @ProfTomkins but some of it appears to reflect no authority other than Gus's distaste for temporary uncertainty?I think the British public may be about to learn the lesson which got Ken Arrow the Nobel Prize for Economics. http://t.co/s7cXzv4AcsShould we regard Gus O'Donnell's Cabinet Manual published in 2010/2011 as an authoritative description of the UK's unwritten constitution?@seyeabimbola Many thanks Seye. This positive feedback means a lot to me. Owen@orapmagon @stricto_sensu Some of us have signed up here: http://t.co/UwNkdijZGu@NelsonAmayaD I hope not too! The next one is planned with @MJerven next month.@franciscome I am glad you are enjoying it so far. Hope @bkumpf doesn't fall asleep at the wheel listening to it ... :-)@jenskarberg Thanks! You'd be surprised how much positive feedback like this means to me.My podcast for tonight's commute: the principles of behavioral economics. @owenbarder interviews V. Gauri http://t.co/RW1yqSANic #inno4dev
Retweeted by Owen BarderNudge meets development. Can insights from behavioural economics improve development cooperation? Development Drums: http://t.co/oWuKQEZgnSHuman & financial costs of lack of resilience (Kathmandu edn). http://t.co/BiUMYyAOcl < shows why humanitarian aid alone is not enough@meetabel sadly not. I'm travelling. Interesting topic though.Find out why Development Drums podcasts are on university syllabuses for development economics http://t.co/g0zy8BfAfQ@JeffBloem Excellent. Thanks for the feedback.@bucksci well if they are better than nothing, then maybe they should ...@bucksci right. That is what worries me about substituting our judgement for theirs.@bucksci right. I didn't find Varun convincing on the idea that nudge helps people to do what they really want.@bucksci but often there is no neutral default. If you serve school lunch, something has to be the first item on the counter.@bucksci we touched on that in the last part of the interview.@RottenInDenmark Thanks. I hope it helps rather than hinders the interviewee to get his or her ideas across be gently pressed this way.What can international development learn from behavioural economics? Varun Gauri on Development Drums http://t.co/oWuKQEZgnS@owenbarder: Globalisation is failing but could be made to work. Dan Trefler on lessons from Venice via @went1955 http://t.co/Nv7T628TsZ@JeffBloem I am looking forward to feedback.Currently listening and enjoying the newest @DevelopmentDrum podcast (It's about time @owenbarder).
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BNP Paribas set up an intricate web of “satellite banks” designed to disguise its role in illicit transactions. http://t.co/cHpKs2YJFM
Retweeted by Owen Barder@bucksci It took me that long to recover from the wound of your disdain for my intros....What is behavioural economics, and how does it apply to development? Varun Gauri explains on Development Drums http://t.co/oWuKQEZgnS@bucksci You find the audio intros more annoying than the "outros" (itself an annoying word)? New episode online http://t.co/oWuKQEZgnS@wjl2133 Your wait is finally over http://t.co/oWuKQEZgnS@pappubahry @gabster0191 You do indeed. It is here: http://t.co/KV5UXttN9BI was refused by yet another Uber driver yesterday b/c I am blind and use a Guide Dog. And I got charged a cancellation fee? @Uber_support
Retweeted by Owen BarderAfter working on #eval for many years, it's almost physically painful when I see folks compiling huge amounts of info that no one will use.
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Absolutely delighted to announce that we have launched a site for #notguilty. Contact & contribute to the campaign @ http://t.co/I9rsYSVWAj
Retweeted by Owen Barder@aemalknecht @Amtrak there's logic?@SaltireTelecom the wayleaves are now done. Virgin was trying to make it hard for the landlord to get the line taken out.@SaltireTelecom I wish I had known. We are probably too far down the line to start again.@SaltireTelecom yes@SaltireTelecom I'm not sure of the proper term. It is a fibre cable in to our comms room, so I guess so, yes.@SaltireTelecom ten months since the order. Mainly unnecessary complications over wayleaves.@SaltireTelecom to be fair, they seem to have escalated it to someone who has a clue. But it has been 10 months so far ...@SaltireTelecom fibre broadband for the office.@SaltireTelecom Not yet :-(@owenbarder - Brand the Data and Code Transparency Policy as a model for others to use (probably needs a snappier title… ;-) )
Retweeted by Owen BarderGood piece by @CJFDillow on why policies of big parties are crazier that the greens, but not scrutinized as closely http://t.co/h5JjB69gJH
Retweeted by Owen BarderWhy #migration matters: Nepali migrants sent $6bn back home in 2013, approx 1/3 of country's GDP. http://t.co/Ega4LzNj8T
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With stuff like this @m_clem is fast moving from guy doing interesting work to role model for ppl at think tanks https://t.co/gYiOzkDm2G
Retweeted by Owen Barder@chrismaclay @fp2p right: how did you miss that?!@ithorpe thanks Ian@JohnBurton13 you chose well!I will fight to support the Oxford comma until I draw my last breath. http://t.co/Y0T6c3F4iI
Retweeted by Owen BarderThis #HowOldRobot by Microsoft http://t.co/j5wHfilRZF works for me ... http://t.co/FE4BguSe0P@IlonaKickbusch you are very kindBest article I've read for a while on #aid and, more importantly, going beyond it. http://t.co/MyaSdRLzHU @CGDev @owenbarder
Retweeted by Owen BarderNew WRI paper: A Carbon Price Would Benefit More than Just the #Climate https://t.co/al3WIT7OoI http://t.co/9aAT5JfX0V
Retweeted by Owen Barder@hl_cooper thanks HannahFinancing for Development – stuck in the mud? - This post has been written by Publish What You Fund’s CEO Rupert S... http://t.co/Scahyph25n
Retweeted by Owen Barder@owenbarder @croche123 @dlprog And "maybe a good thing?"
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@croche123 @dlprog file under "NS,S"@Sarahlasuisse anything@SimonMaxwell001 @Sarahlasuisse mentioned on our table as "not likely to have any impact any time soon"@CharlieBeckett more viewers than the news at 10, perhaps double that @owenbarder @jjn1
Retweeted by Owen Barder@CharlieBeckett @jjn1 Agreed. It is a gradual process. I wonder if the Russell Brand interview will change anything (my guess: it will)so far the best bit of the 2015 General Election has been watching mainstream media realise that its power is ebbing away.My thoughts on how development cooperation will change in the coming decade http://t.co/vrGrgNDbgl@vmbusinesshelp I look forward to call today from your CEO's office. I hope they will tell me the date and time an engineer will come.TripAdvisor for Syrian refugees - fascinating idea and big up to @theIRC https://t.co/2SQWvJVWVH via @cblatts http://t.co/lqTcDEmcX2
Retweeted by Owen BarderImportant possible step forward on linking aid to budgets, from @aidtransparency http://t.co/tt1G9rI9Gi
@mattpdmorris thank you Matt@sburall @steiny tests seem a better basis for decision than opinion.@sburall @steiny maybe not. So why not test it?@sburall @steiny we should test it.@sburall it isn't hard but it should be frictionless.@sburall that may not be true of online voting. We could try it?
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