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Alison Denham @paddymaid Wellington, Somerset

wants to be a hermit (with laptop), woman, Irish, once told by a manager didn't 'play the game.' So there you go. Arsenal fan through the bad times.

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@KieranGibbs Nice xx@Podolski10 Nice xxNEW research by @WHO reports #TB is a bigger problem than we thought >>> http://t.co/FCY0gPH2xA http://t.co/Kmlshlr50z
Retweeted by Alison Denham@PeasOneDay @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @habarosen @jut1972 Afternoon all. I've put the heating on xx
.@GreenJennyJones has confirmed that @MayorofLondon is responsible for the repressive policing at #occupydemocracy #olsx
Retweeted by Alison DenhamWell, helloooo there. You look raddishing this evening. *gets coat* http://t.co/CGOQmdoOmv
Retweeted by Alison DenhamA response to The UKIP Calypso. http://t.co/LmJJAlmTor (by @jakeyapp) http://t.co/EEDT9XQi6N
Retweeted by Alison Denham@DoctorChristian Morning xxUkip partners with a Polish MEP from a Holocaust-denying party to rescue its EU funding: http://t.co/pyolwv2vie http://t.co/KfSxqh30L3
Retweeted by Alison Denham@MacBojangles @IHPower @habarosen @shaunfy13 @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Morning all. Lots of leaves here xx@samwollaston I'll see what I can do. xx
Why did Britain’s political class buy into the Tories’ economic fairytale? Ha-Joon Chang gets it right every time. http://t.co/epGwe6Ro4GI signed the #ECI, to demand that the EU #StopTTIP! Sign to keep jobs safe & corporations' hands off government: http://t.co/P6YoSKNMl6@samwollaston Excellent but you shouldn't have to watch Downton any more. It's just cruel. Shall I start a petition? xxHitler’s Hidden Drug Habit; Downton Abbey review – high Hitler, and hang Bates. http://t.co/PKWlvyAPFZ@Podolski10 Making more sense than @AndyTownsendITV on a good day xxSomething to watch ;) https://t.co/IorC8AtBnF #Poldi #Santi #aha #Fun #AFC
Retweeted by Alison Denham@BBCSport @Arsenal Hell will freeze over before this transfer would happen. #Poldi #aha #AlwaysAGunner #NeverCheatYourClub #AFC #Redarmy
Retweeted by Alison Denham@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @habarosen @PeasOneDay @jut1972 A very good afternoon to you all on this fine Monday xx
@shaunfy13 @habarosen @PeasOneDay @MacBojangles @IHPower @jut1972 Well, what you never had you never miss. xx@stevyncolgan You need a lie down xx@IHPower @PeasOneDay @habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @jut1972 Morning all. I need a snooze. 7/10. Oops xx
@CardinalPhink @Almighty_faye Or Bilko's friend? xx@Almighty_faye @CardinalPhink Ah, so true xx@Almighty_faye @CardinalPhink Not something cute then??? xx@Almighty_faye @CardinalPhink What are you calling her? xx@CardinalPhink @Almighty_faye There are worse dreams xx@PeasOneDay @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @MacBojangles @jut1972 Afternoon all. Been wallowing. It's Saturday xx@Golden_Gaytime Lovely, lovely people xxxx
@sarapascoe Are you a bit in love with Paul Merton? I know I am xx #HIGNFY@sarapascoe Always tune in when you're on. Christ, how old am I, 'tune in?' Seriously, you were excellent. xx@sarapascoe OK xxStop Gambia's anti-gay Bill | Amnesty International UK https://t.co/4tommt2BpOJohn Crace’s sketch: I’m David Farage. Bear with me ...This is our PM folks. http://t.co/6USAIuTORQ@shaunfy13 @habarosen @IHPower @PeasOneDay @MacBojangles @jut1972 Morning all. It's a sunny one here xx
@johnprescott @LouiseMensch That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.@PeasOneDay @shaunfy13 @habarosen @IHPower @MacBojangles @jut1972 Good afternoon all. It's a bit dreich xx
@jtlovell1979 Down back of the sofa? xxLORD FREUD (the unacceptable face of Conservatism): A FORCED apology is no indication of a change of opinion. #disabled #minimumwage
Retweeted by Alison Denham@samwollaston @guardian Blocked by Alan Sugar. Respect xxI did a review of The Apprentice http://t.co/HVsFv8s7VJ via @guardian
Retweeted by Alison Denham@beccanicholson Excellent words on TV. xxWhy TV’s old guard are wrong about modern programme-making http://t.co/1VOJoepqk9Why we’ll be kissing in Sainsbury’s http://t.co/uQQ6CD8vur@MesutOzil1088 Happy Birthday xxMorning all - and we start by wishing a very happy 26th birthday to @MesutOzil1088! #HappyBirthdayMesut http://t.co/QIfYbm5Djt
Retweeted by Alison Denham@PeasOneDay @habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @jut1972 😄xx@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @habarosen @jut1972 Ah. There you all are xx@PeasOneDay @IHPower @habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @jut1972 Afternoon folks. What's wrong with the Twitter? xx
Not sure what the #NHSstrike is about? Here's a quick summary... http://t.co/m96P4iPB8J
Retweeted by Alison DenhamThe 'key workers must be rewarded' argument is used to justify large CEO pay rises in the NHS but the real 'key workers' are frontline staff
Retweeted by Alison Denham@mrnickharvey @MsLupin That settles that then. I will be eternally grateful xxSenior NHS managers see pay rise 3 times as fast as nurses since 2010, @aliceTTimes and I discover http://t.co/NhlxTIJwK6
Retweeted by Alison Denham@wesstreeting @LabourLeft @BBCr4today Hunt's ability to bluster & lie never fails to astonish. It's the Conservative way.Jeremy Hunt's bombastic claims on savings from NHS reorganisation currently being unpicked on @BBCr4today. Shocking (not shocking).
Retweeted by Alison Denham@PeasOneDay @IHPower @habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @jut1972 Morning all. YouTube now please. xx@tracey_thorn All the world xx@UpturnedBathtub @MittenDAmour So sweet xxBritish House of Commons votes 274-12 for motion calling on British gov't to "recognize state of Palestine alongside state of Israel."
Retweeted by Alison DenhamEl Salvador's ban on abortion is killing women and girls, @presidencia_sv: please end the ban https://t.co/cO34zvBkml via @amnestyuk
@habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 There's a lot more 😀 xx@shaunfy13 @habarosen @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Yes, indeed! Think Reid had problems with his management. Had integrity xx@habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 He is worth a listen. Great voice. Should have been bigger name xx@habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 http://t.co/ipNNKf8YOs@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @habarosen @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Ooooh, get you. xx@habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 It's been selecting Terry Reid a lot lately & some old John Martyn 😊 xx@habarosen @shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Impossible question to answer. I just listen to what my iPod selects xx@shaunfy13 @habarosen @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Had a Neil Diamond one though, if that makes you feel any better. xx@shaunfy13 @habarosen @MacBojangles @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Nope. Not me xx@habarosen @MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 .... really good xx@habarosen @MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Rem finding husband had Carpenters' LP. Luckily rest of his collection was@habarosen @MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 A fan club of 1 Habs? xx😉@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @habarosen @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Not meant to be obviously xx@MacBojangles @shaunfy13 @habarosen @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Doesn't have quite the same ring to it. xx@shaunfy13 @MacBojangles @habarosen @IHPower @PeasOneDay @jut1972 Afternoon all. We're Carpenters' fans now? xxI want you all to come to dinner. xx #Gogglebox
SHAKE http://t.co/t0SGlUlMew@PeasOneDay @IHPower @shaunfy13 @habarosen @MacBojangles @jut1972 Afternoon all. Had a snooze xx
@TomFoxTom Keep UP. UP. I keep missing words out when I type. Stick with the Carry On xxRT if you remember these ` http://t.co/v2QY1WbkYP
Retweeted by Alison Denham"Not familiar with the case" FFS RT @thei100: Ukip's MP Douglas Carswell has this to say about Malala http://t.co/mcl7qfs6LZ
Retweeted by Alison Denham@AntrimLens @carntochair1 Lovely xx@GenialGenealogi @janegarvey1 @10AM Graham Norton would be excellent. Or James O'Brien from LBC.@jtlovell1979 Inscrutable xx@TomFoxTom Someone has to keep with these things xx@jtlovell1979 Lovely xxNo one mention the whippet in the room. http://t.co/gs7i1SO6d8
Retweeted by Alison DenhamShocked about the closure of Bitterne Walk In Centre. It costs £1m to keep it open compared to £16m spent on local NHS reorganisation.
Retweeted by Alison DenhamVolunteers building a dry stone wall at Drumnaph community nature reserve. @carntochair1 https://t.co/X0fyuSH2J6
Retweeted by Alison DenhamAnd now this: http://t.co/jWTJarZHOe
Retweeted by Alison Denham@MacBojangles @PeasOneDay @shaunfy13 @IHPower @habarosen @jut1972 Afternoon. It's fairly chucking it down xx@grahnort I thought Pietersen, Cleese & Taylor Swift would be a disaster. I hadn't allowed for your talent. Excellent xx@Channel4 Have the participants all met up? #Gogglebox@EducationNinja Excellent. The bath's smaller. xx
recreated a 32 year old photo with my brothers for laughs. http://t.co/zmyxmhfjmT
Retweeted by Alison DenhamDoh... http://t.co/WkAn6ecZ59
Retweeted by Alison DenhamThe evidence, before he denies it: Paul Nuttal's support for NHS PRIVATISATION: now deleted from his website. #bbcaq http://t.co/KBPnKoWuTb
Retweeted by Alison DenhamAre the Michaels defrosting a chicken on their coffee table? #GoggleboxT - 1 hour until very bright short #ISS pass over the UK and W Europe. For times and info visit http://t.co/Jrl57PH59R
Retweeted by Alison DenhamJamie Cullum from BBC Radio 2 and star of the BBC 6 music promo is the guest on the BBC One Show. Wonder how they managed to book him.
Retweeted by Alison Denham
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