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philtor @philtor Beaverton, OR

Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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@built FeedlyAn Archer Goes Old-School, And Wows The Internet http://t.co/pmVvX7m8OH
Retweeted by philtorThe World's Next Mortgage Crisis? http://t.co/xCsT4LjRyGDrones Are Now Appearing on Afghan Rugs http://t.co/TBgwjdXe03@headius We recently starting having problems due to this metal mixing in our 70's house. Will be replacing with PEX in the summer.@writerfarmer this appears to be spreading to Oregon as well now.@headius Not really. And if you have both copper and galvanized in the same house you're going to run into problems with electrolysis.Spare a thought today for one of our FP heroes. http://t.co/HTUaPKWSJu Get well soon Phil.
Retweeted by philtorAkira Kurosawa’s Masterful Use of Geometry in the Staging of a Scene From the 1960 Film ‘The Bad Sleep Well’ http://t.co/o3IMczjsW2
Retweeted by philtorRandom juxtaposition http://t.co/RrSpL4FQ9B
Retweeted by philtorFriends don't let friends forget to submit their #OSCON proposal. This is the last weekend before the CFP closes! http://t.co/BsWW6YVVUm
Retweeted by philtorBefore cofounding GitHub I applied for an engineering job at Yahoo and didn’t get it. Don’t let other people discourage you.
Retweeted by philtor@1337807 Did not know that @OtherChrisPine was back in Portland. I think he showed up to the first PDX.rb meeting in Aug 2002.@HashNuke @PragmaticAndy Fortran reborn as Julia.
Justice Department's pretense of deferring to states on marijuana is shown for the lie it is: http://t.co/EWyY1rGnsF
Retweeted by philtorDeep Learning - Methods and Applications http://t.co/1CyP2wS5wu #machinelearning http://t.co/rRDMRXeFaE
Retweeted by philtorI voted NO on the KXL pipeline bill again today. American consumers – not foreign oil companies – are my first priority. #NoKXL
Retweeted by philtorMicrosoft to invest in Cyanogen, which hopes to take Android from Google http://t.co/chSzpaAG3JTesla P85D 0 to 60mph acceleration will improve by ~0.1 sec soon via over-the-air software update to inverter algorithm
Retweeted by philtorWhy no Google Fiber in #PDX? Why no Apple solar farm in Prineville? Could be the same reason: http://t.co/AgiMvVOXH3 http://t.co/NkR5RUfR6u
Retweeted by philtorCritics pounce, but Oregon's Sec. of State doesn’t want to talk about her Comcast letter: http://t.co/fwTmqcGczH by @Jeffmapes
Retweeted by philtorOregon City man hit by pickup while walking bike in Oak Grove dies from injuries. http://t.co/f7DsFrmA8Z http://t.co/zjV7EKmUc0
Retweeted by philtor@BoingBoing So God forced us to burn all these fossil fuels we found laying around?@FioraAeterna ...then again, most hardware devs prefer Verilog for being less "verbose"@FioraAeterna Of the two, I prefer VHDL. Weak loosey goosey typing (like Verilog has) doesn't seem like a good fit for hardware design...@built Just a normal day in Arizona. (Waste Management Golf tourney? Who thought that was a good idea? Good place for it though)The January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics made history. And now it's a free download. http://t.co/Nc2rf3tpg9
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Feds admit they insist on secrecy surrounding monitoring of journalist emails because of public outrage. https://t.co/OcvZuCgUnK
Retweeted by philtor@built When you follow lady for several blocks, though, that's kind of a problem..@TheDecemberists Sing YouTube Comments. OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH My GOSH. NO WAYYY! http://t.co/MjK8H0CPbg http://t.co/E7jONHND0v
Retweeted by philtor@jurph so what's the cool part?We live in a culture that conflates competence and confidence.@JohnDCook we live in a culture that conflates competence and confidence.
Wow, the new Bloomberg site has really raised the bar for 404 errors. Seriously, click it. http://t.co/tw3BYYKZSc (via everyone)
Retweeted by philtorAnother insufferable video that'll make people want to move to Portland. https://t.co/NTHJNHU95P
Retweeted by philtorThis is a Komondor, a traditional Hungarian guard dog. http://t.co/fUhezMRLZe
Retweeted by philtor.@nbartlett "What is twitter?" "Msging system" "How do I get it?" "Over HTTP" "What's that?" "Msging system" "How do I get it?" "Over TCPIP"
Retweeted by philtor@built @HiveTheory Maybe we should require a physics test along with drivers test: The 3 laws of motion, coefficients of friction, etc.@built @HiveTheory Most drivers drive in a way that suggests they have absolutely no understanding of basic physics.@built @HiveTheory I drive 26 out to North Plains just about every day. Can confirm observing constant lawscoffing.Politicians like KateBrown ( @OregonSoS ) are supporting Comcast's merger with letters ghostwritten by Comcast http://t.co/ojWrKauNclRT @SteveDuin: The cozy expediency of Kate Brown's @Comcast letter: http://t.co/OdRgzL9na0
Retweeted by philtorThe coming food disaster (herbicides in your food) http://t.co/u1Qq1fVDa1Dumbass White House drone-crasher was drunk National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employee. http://t.co/VXkgdJQKx7 http://t.co/uac8QTe0lG
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In 1901, Theodore Roosevelt warned that there would be multiple award shows that would be creepy and ridiculous. http://t.co/jLVseHZPIX
Retweeted by philtorThe news of #Syriza's victory in #Greece is 6 hours old. The CNN story on the right was published 4 hours ago. http://t.co/CPhZFLE0N2
Retweeted by philtor"When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals." http://t.co/BFTeiCc5nT
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@peat ...in the year 2514 after sea level has gone up a couple hundred feet.This is what a Pygmy seahorse looks like. http://t.co/N93vKL8o6J
Retweeted by philtorThat first spring day when you do some yard work and later realize how out of shape you've gotten over the winter came early this year.It's been years since I've seen a plane towing a banner to advertise. Must be the return of cheap gas.Prepping some garden beds so I can plant peas. Usually do that in mid-February. Very warm outside.70 at the Oregon coast tomorrow. Checks calendar. Yep, it's still January.All that garlic I harvested last July is...just...about...gone. And it's not even February yet.
Do read @BiellaColeman on Barrett Brown and the nerd scare: http://t.co/83aLhCoywT for more context, depth on issues in my piece.
Retweeted by philtorWant to create a new generation of farmers? Forgive their college debt http://t.co/aN60Ap8XAf http://t.co/GBBwSMWVSq
Retweeted by philtorOnly in Portland would the airport’s carpet reach cult status. @HarrySmith reports: http://t.co/dtuognPZpg
Retweeted by philtorNot many stories make my cry from frustration, @quinnnorton's piece about backing off reporting on net security did http://t.co/Otqp09P8vJ
Retweeted by philtorThis maze sucks http://t.co/hG5rFbVy5w
Retweeted by philtorThe potato renaissance: get ready for the spuds as colorful, flavorful & culinarily diverse as apples & tomatoes http://t.co/stlfXjnatU
Retweeted by philtorIntel, Microsoft, Autodesk Creating Life | EE Times http://t.co/9SLkk7jAWH via @eetimes #GMO #Cancer #Cure #TheCure #news #follow #RT
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At any given time since 1983, the answer to this question has usually been "yes." http://t.co/B7HFlIgj9W
Retweeted by philtorHere it is: The greatest tech-related magazine cover of all time. http://t.co/4sAIlYQsJY
Retweeted by philtorVery suspicious how all of the Miss Universe contestants are from Earth
Retweeted by philtorIt just possibly might be bad news that Giant Subterranean Lakes are forming under Greenland's ice sheet. http://t.co/dRxt2v0M3S
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Looking at the 10 day forecast and thinking I should go ahead and plant peas. That would be about a month early, but it looks like Spring.Is there anything more humbling that watching a user test?
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@built good point. In that case we need to should set a whole pack of coyotes loose in Pioneer Sq to fight with the panhandlers' pitbulls.@built They actually let a wild coyote loose in Pioneer Square during daylight hours?
Post on Unikernels for everyone! Creating real-world services as well as static sites http://t.co/GcwMUoHixX #Mirage #OCaml
Retweeted by philtor@DoctorLongscarf Kind'a looking a little Columbo there. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions""Hawaii seems like a very refreshing state. You wouldn't want to have, like, Oregon Punch." https://t.co/q626lpTbmu
Retweeted by philtorIn his house at R'lyeh, delicious Cthulhu waits dreaming. http://t.co/7CT8zSGDj2
Retweeted by philtor'OOP does model the real world! Things at the top of the hierarchy seemingly do nothing but tell those at the bottom what to do.' -- @fogus
Retweeted by philtorTrue peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice. -Martin Luther King Jr.
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@built what kind of music does the tamale truck play?@samkeen @tlockney tech companies not downtown should have auto mechanics on site.Remember when the British broke cryptographic algorithms, instead of trying to ban them? More Turing, less Cameron please.
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@built you never know: a future potential employer may require proof.@built With global warming it seems that spring is just about here.There is less than a 1-in-27 million chance that Earth's record hot streak is natural http://t.co/H7Ns1OXnYP via @mashable@lenadroid @jjvdangelo Not much out there yet, but Meyers' Effective Modern C++ looks pretty good: http://t.co/fByhbGeFN85 of 5 stars to The Plover by Brian Doyle https://t.co/QejaHsnF6KDear @RonWyden we need you to be a hero! Please don't betray the Internet. Oppose #FastTrack! http://t.co/DxpXC7n8v2 http://t.co/gBYmo6f4Gi
@built this is the best way to fame & fortune I've heard all week.@built If you do this, make sure to have a hidden camera handy so you can cash in on YouTube gold.@built ...and then proceed to eat keyboard while chewing loudly (so they can hear your thought process) after which you loudly say "42!"@built why? I dunno, so you could pretend to code with your breakfast? Fun in interviews? "Instead of whiteboarding we want you to type on tThe keyboard waffle iron: http://t.co/VJ8TlGJiTL@shaunwalker7 @tarasglek Is there a Putin action figure?Super-Resolution From a Single Image http://t.co/Yq9tgFlF6i http://t.co/9IcCMxiCN8
Retweeted by philtorHackers seize media twitter feeds to live-tweet fake WWIII outbreak http://t.co/grxf3lF3g0 http://t.co/TlybJa4ewu
Retweeted by philtorYes, global warming is real: 2014 was the world's hottest year on record. http://t.co/ELK4Ct9yYt @nasa @noaa http://t.co/7FwEDr0VtQ
Retweeted by philtor@brixen can you imagine the sound of the typewriters in that big room? There must've been constant clatter.@brixen Yep. They're awful. Intel was moving to them. Kills productivity. But startups love'm cuz cheaper rent.Facebook's new 10 acre open plan office is said to be the largest of it's type in the world: http://t.co/fhpdHDUpKk
Pope Francis says that, with climate change, 'man has gone too far.' That's the bottom line http://t.co/X6awoFSkp8
Retweeted by philtor“Forgot password?” assumes I’ve tried and failed to memorize 200 passwords. No, I gave up after about 6. Call the feature “log in by email”.
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Italia Startup Visa http://t.co/C2a7Yyq7BJ
Retweeted by philtorProof by Clementine: the surface area of a sphere is 4 pi r^2 (trace around widest part of clementine 4 times) http://t.co/Bxj2v6wpAO
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