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Gardener, geek, frugalist, programmer, maker, learner.

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Los Angeles schools will return grenade launchers but will keep dozens of M16s they received from surplus program http://t.co/G3VTPKiwoV
Retweeted by philtorOmg, U2 has been doing this for thousands of years. http://t.co/shBc43AKra
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There are a lot of ways to assess "culture fit," but I've seen it most used as a way for people to hire others just like themselves.
Retweeted by philtor"RadioShack, despite some terrific marketing, has been in turnaround mode for almost two decades." http://t.co/mUpcECvhye
Retweeted by philtorWhen I dropped off the boy at school, the playground was a hotbed of fear at what Microsoft would do to Minecraft. They’re eight.
Retweeted by philtorFrom @nytimes & @flichtman, a beautifully animated tribute to the man who discovered microbes. http://t.co/DzoGkq4gPH http://t.co/5YRaOwNl05
Retweeted by philtor@built You mean it's happened again?!How to hire and build a remote team: 1. Hire team 2. Do not ask them to move
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How times have changed. http://t.co/aAUUYOj7Ye
Retweeted by philtorSuddenly so many interviews. Hard to keep them straight. Is this going to be the machine learning one or the JavaScript one or the SystemC..YOU CAN PUT ROBOTS ON OTHER PLANETS WHY DO YOU STILL EVEN HAVE BEAUTY PAGEANTS?
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The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious #Apple http://t.co/2K6bU4ufsy via @TheAtlantic http://t.co/qOjEklMJQV
Retweeted by philtorGun Loving Pastor Poses For the Most Ironic Picture Ever http://t.co/qRuhwLGAYa
Retweeted by philtorWow, watch the reaction of German engineers seeing Snowden docs proving they're targeted and their routers hacked https://t.co/eLe1eY9LCg
Retweeted by philtorSomebody make a movie where Denzel Washington and Liam Neeson kidnap each other's daughter.
Retweeted by philtor@built @Wraithan true, resistors are gonna be tough after the shack is gone. There's Surplus Electronics in Hillsboro, but that's a trek.@built @Wraithan actually, the shack is almost outta business. Many stores set to close.@built @Wraithan you can get USB sticks at Fred Meyer who has better selection than Best Buy (faced this problem a couple weeks ago)MSF aid worker on treating Ebola patients: ‘In decades of humanitarian work, I’ve never seen such suffering’ http://t.co/i4DxB2Zm0B
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Comcast Declares War on Tor? http://t.co/WImw5vHrUE
Retweeted by philtorMan attacked by rabid bat and it was caught on camera: A group of friends were camping when one of them was at... http://t.co/CFCCKIEc1e
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Dimensionality and the Eternal Haskell Tax http://t.co/Tc3dq8AAyf
Retweeted by philtorBest time to see the solar storm auroras tonight is around midnight (but sadly, no guarantees) http://t.co/GjTsorSB0Z http://t.co/bnDGCixJI0
Retweeted by philtorI'm pretty sure this is the most horrible termination letter in the history of employment. http://t.co/40cXtZACH4 http://t.co/8xWaFbQGml
Retweeted by philtorHave I just... had a stroke halfway through reading this sign? http://t.co/02Kv5xSWQX
Retweeted by philtorInteresting day. Looking forward to some news on Monday as a result.@t_sloughter Alfred sounds typical of the ideas coming out of the SiliconValley/SF GroupThink Bubble.
@built "I'm gonna go catch a SkyTrain" sounds way better than "I'm gonna go catch a MAX"@ChinoKellogg @built Must admit, initailly I thought it was that other Vancouver.@built The most surprising thing in the article... Vancouver has a SkyTrain?!The biggest demonstration ever in Europe, 11 km, 1,800,000 people #CatalansVote9N What does BBC explain to #Scotland? http://t.co/zSfL3lQpFI
Retweeted by philtorCosmos Browser - connect to the internet using SMS, no data or Wi-Fi needed: https://t.co/x3RbFTtil1 #NotKidding
Retweeted by philtorThe United States has now been bombing Iraqis on and off for twenty-three years. Obama is the fourth US president in a row to bomb Iraq.
Retweeted by philtor@jonestony @pagitt TMI@mfeathers for business or pleasure?Most computer science papers' evaluation sections look like this. http://t.co/DocEeeehqV /thanks @muratdemirbas http://t.co/MV8GknpocT
Retweeted by philtorPerfect http://t.co/04CIBHhjjx
Retweeted by philtorUgh. Ok, I'll RT. RT @secboffin: Apple's collaboration with U2 extends back to the iOS 6 launch of Maps, where the streets have no name.
Retweeted by philtorThe lasting tragedy of 9/11 is not what bin Laden did to us, but what we have done to ourselves in return.
Retweeted by philtor@bobhyatt "War is Peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is Strength"Wild sockeye salmon in Redfish Lake, Idaho, after making a perilous 900-mile journey from the Pacific.… http://t.co/SdRnEHQUs2
Retweeted by philtor@donaldmiller but sometimes we need a map to get us to the actual terrain. Also, maps can convey truths which are hard to see at ground levlNightmare in which code editor inserted ads into code.
This is what Thousand Islands Lake, China looks like. http://t.co/wrCq8NpHmS
Retweeted by philtor"Yemen? Yemen and Somalia were the best success stories you could work into the text? Really?" http://t.co/OL7tlS7QZE
Retweeted by philtorObama "Likens Campaign to Strikes Against Yemen and Somalia," reminding Americans of 2 more wars they didn't know U.S. was waging.
Retweeted by philtor"You can be EVERYWHERE…WATCH EVERYTHING WITH PUNCHED CARDS." Just arrived in my mailbox: IBM ad, c.1940s #histtech http://t.co/GFBm5XcsUv
Retweeted by philtorThe Marpa Parser Generator http://t.co/KWaujziSrU Looks interesting.man this guy is on every channel tonight http://t.co/s4UVsfOHOJ
Retweeted by philtorSome notes on building and running Mirage Unikernels on Cubieboard2 http://t.co/Sa6OZnqCsECan someone please help my 7-year-old with his math homework, because I don't understand this infographic http://t.co/bweX8yyrws
Retweeted by philtorPlease retweet this, because it's perfect. It's exactly how human beings should live their lives. http://t.co/AXW7LjHLc5
Retweeted by philtorYet the US, a net importer of oil & gas, plunges ahead in its quest for export revenues...to the detriment of its long-term energy security.
Retweeted by philtor@dysinger do these exist off-the-shelf?If Doctor Who was a US show the TARDIS could be one of these... http://t.co/ic6oOPezS9Caution: people jumping for joy? http://t.co/xrCOYt2vDHLove. http://t.co/io946Z0F57
Retweeted by philtorMonsanto settles lawsuits filed by growers of soft white wheat after discovery of unapproved biotech wheat in Oregon http://t.co/IY4usm85Ir
Retweeted by philtorImaginary interview:"What gets you out of bed in the morning? " "Well, usually I have to go to the bathroom at some point."
In #mirage Unikernel land, you just spin up an instance of your actual server while answering the DNS request. https://t.co/xX6BVXH3v8
Retweeted by philtorProbably just gonna have a traditional 9/11 ceremony at home this year
Retweeted by philtorI somehow never saw this amazing June, 1976 document concerning Apple Computer Corp. until tonight. http://t.co/8Fd2HpOVfj
Retweeted by philtorOne of those days where the main accomplishment was filing bug reports. Somebody's gotta do it.Within 10 years, solar energy will actually start to destroy the fossil fuel industry (!) http://t.co/6Nm8khk3x6
Retweeted by philtor"This is not a sales presentation. It's a news event." http://t.co/FOdl7oxEOj
Retweeted by philtor@mattg Where is this?An ancient Henry Kissinger suddenly making lots of media appearances seems suspicious.IBM Linux Watch (2000) & IBM WatchPad 1.5 (2001) prototypes; first Linux watches; never made it to market http://t.co/OGoIEUGEdp
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Everybody remember to put out milk & cookies tonight for Tim Cook
Retweeted by philtorBacteria from bees possible alternative to antibiotics for MRSA http://t.co/UBfXx6PkgJ"Captain Kirk vs. the Internet" http://t.co/HSf1u74gEq by @tomtomorrow (via @adrianco) http://t.co/yZfo9h03Dv
Retweeted by philtor@built That's horrific.Would be great if OCaml gets both implicits and decent multi-core support in the near future. Should generate a lot of interest.A philosopher had a problem with his code. He decided to use threads. Worst. Dinner Party. Ever. #Dijkstra
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OCaml REPL in the browser with js_of_ocaml http://t.co/iaxmuihZgr http://t.co/3JCcAhgBjj
Retweeted by philtor"The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything." — Theodore Roosevelt
Retweeted by philtor1910 DJ Mixer / Cross Fader. http://t.co/lXlg1HidL5
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Primer: Some guy transforms time into delimited continuations. Has trouble debugging it. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
Retweeted by philtorRussians are dying for lack of hope, says @mashagessen, in one of the best and saddest magazine pieces I've ever read http://t.co/buIlbQDYVi
Retweeted by philtor@elehack ratatouille!My backyard is now, apparently, a bear spa. Bear has just headed back into the woods, looking relaxed. http://t.co/usAG8GpBeN
Retweeted by philtor@built too mainstream for @saltandstrawDespite Tyler Cowen argument that people will balk at support for basic income, it is more likely than job creation because it's less costly
Retweeted by philtorBasic income is a recognition that labor is no longer necessary and dispenses with the illusion real labor can be created by the state.
Retweeted by philtor@mcclure111 @whitequark better bitstring docs: http://t.co/38deEkJFMZ@mcclure111 @whitequark xcuse me for jumping into the conversation here Would bitstring help with the bit twiddling? https://t.co/OoG5YagHZd@whitequark @mcclure111 When do imlicits arrive? 4.03?OCaml 2014: Multicore OCaml, Stephen Dolan. OCaml Workshop @ ICFP 2014. https://t.co/k7kSfaNT6c
Retweeted by philtorwe are spellbound by this shot of #auroraborealis and the #volcano #eruption in #iceland by @gislidua #Bardarbunga http://t.co/zgQDqO6Dxq
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Apparently the Indian gent with Ebola has gone missing after being quarantined in his own house. http://t.co/0r2zvtt3GJ
Retweeted by philtor@chrisorourke Oh, my, we really don't need ebola in India too at this point. Lots of people packed in small areas.@ChinoKellogg @built This could be our ticket to great riches.@built kind'a like that, except sung by DALEKS.Portland hit 90 degrees today; our driest hot day this warm season. Relative humidities are in the mid teens at... http://t.co/pheHVb8kzY
Retweeted by philtor@jes5199 @ChinoKellogg @jurph @built tweets from a parallel universe?@built REPORT TO BOSTON IMMEDIATELY!Comment of the Week: Making Beaverton the country's #1 biking suburb http://t.co/xeTFRwpGtj http://t.co/6cXBzJUuQE
Retweeted by philtorFinally found the Illuminati toilets. http://t.co/tEoDldix1o
Retweeted by philtorML Family 2014: Metaprogramming with ML modules in the MirageOS http://t.co/dup51I8ksJ
@built I agree with the creepy assessment. And it seems a little ADHD.
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