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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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@monochromegod They were probably just happy he bothered to show upPopular U.S. franchise Dogtopia comes to Canada http://t.co/QcXENjhTtzMorrissey names London gig as his favourite from recent European tour http://t.co/qbQxaraTXf via @po_stThis guy makes suits of armor for cats http://t.co/ujkJzj5NOE via @imgur“Amy” by @TheRyanAdams is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/LfyNcmNFyPI hate people who only jingle halfway.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@Vaters69 thanks man
@JBURKE06 Ha. Thanks JB. You're too kind :)@rockitdev Mushroom and walnut mix. very similar to a ground beef or soy ground round substance. Wrapped in napa lettuce leaves. Delicious.Wonderful meal, as always, tonight at @TheWoodenMonkey - the raw vegan tacos are brilliant.
Look at this picture and tell me Brian Eno isn't being controlled telepathically by a malevolent cat (via @fox_SJW) http://t.co/AQGgZdzIBX
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#ISLES WIN!!! @91Tavares, @leeberr09 & Nikolay Kulemin strike late and the Islanders defeat Tampa Bay 3-1!!! http://t.co/S33ZSIgEM4
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#ISLES GOAL!!! THE CAPTAIN!!! @91Tavares comes up clutch and the Islanders tie the game with 3:09 remaining!
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@huskermould @BananaRepublic mostlyNeed to start charging @BananaRepublic a commission every time someone in their stores asks me for help #Idontworkhere@WayneCarterRad I tweeted that 30 seconds into the song. By the end I fucking hated it again.Maybe I have had too much cough syrup this morning, but Heart & Soul by T'Pau is a much cooler song than I recall.
"Super Sunny Christmas" by @reddkross is my second favourite Xmas song, behind Wham's Last Christmas of course. https://t.co/1W9e3UoYxqHere’s where all those cheap Santa hats and plastic snowmen come from http://t.co/PWojSwN85PThe DIY List 2014: Wild Beasts talk dog t-shirts and playing The O2 http://t.co/1JcjDrpr7g via @diymagazineThanks to one of my wife's students, the Ryan household is now in possession of Star Wars salt & pepper shakers. http://t.co/cq3iqlRpRZ
This leopard gecko looks like he's just hatched a plan to take over the world: http://t.co/doJSn61HVA
Retweeted by Paul RyanWe’ve got a bad case of anglophilia and the only cure is more British tv and movies. #BritWeek https://t.co/jQc51xOkcc
Retweeted by Paul RyanHeaven isn't too far away Closer to it everyday No matter what your friends might say We'll find our way Way better than Bob Dylan's lyricsBartender Lorne is ready to make you a delicious Christmas cocktail! http://t.co/G1V3BxyBDw
Retweeted by Paul RyanDisabled dog runs for the first time thanks to 3D-printed legs http://t.co/Qm2Fm1S4Gz via @vergeI got a lot of problems with you people http://t.co/AIdMa9G1v4Canadians not happy with Tories or direction of country, poll suggests http://t.co/TiwoB3f9kcWe visited our study pod in the new space of the @HFXPubLib & it was already being put to good use! http://t.co/bRpMUYVh3e
Retweeted by Paul RyanNoel Gallagher's teenage daughter recalls how he embarrassed her in front of Harry Styles http://t.co/h2btTfEWvq
Retweeted by Paul RyanEmail says it's my 5 year Twitterversary. No presents yet, so I'm assuming you guys all got together and chipped in on something special.
@Glitterati_D For the parent maybe, but for the bystander looking to restore order…get the kid the chips ;)If your kid is screaming for chips at the grocery checkout and you can't manage the situation, I'm probably going to buy the kid the chips.Blowers Street location is officially reopened and back in business! See you all there :)
Retweeted by Paul RyanOur beautifully surreal new video is live on nowness https://t.co/Edx24cryCA http://t.co/zGUCQRf6vn
Retweeted by Paul RyanRemember Peter Kelly's little swim to prove it was all clean? - "Untreated sewage still flowing into Halifax Harbour" http://t.co/iRkXXNmd21Need to stop by my parents this week. Pretty sure I will be subjected to the Feats Of Strength competition. #FestivusThis is awesome. A rousing rendition of A Little Respect by Erasure breaks out on the London Underground platform http://t.co/hY236dPwfw@DarrinSearancke @huskermould I used to like the Brits in the 90's. Just another out of touch award show at this point imo.
@huskermould and award shows…I hate music award shows so much@nickcalder @jerryleewilson Honestly, when you shared the clip, I thought Florida Georgia Line was the name of the song by the other dude.@huskermould I hope they never get in. The Hall of Fame represents everything wrong about music. No gripes here.@jerryleewilson Yeah I can see that. They're all cut from the same stuff. Dwight Yoakam as well.@jerryleewilson The last great mainstream country music album I can remember might be Killing Time by Clint Black@jerryleewilson Honestly I had never heard of them. Not because I'm old but because I don't listen to shitty country music.@jerryleewilson based on that shitty country video you shared earlier I would say music desperately needs more elitist music fans right now.Reading a few sites suggesting that The Smiths were snubbed by the RNR Hall of Fame. Snubbed suggests the band or their fans actually care.Liam Neeson will endorse your particular set of skills on LinkedIn. http://t.co/Q0JBnfAyOuScore one for @cuatlantic for the free #coffee as I walked into @twoifbyseacafe big thanks #buylocal http://t.co/D1EGKkJ2Dp
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@jerryleewilson @nickcalder That is the most embarrassing shit I have ever seen."The Hobbit sounds like a lot of men orgasming while clanging forks together." -@laurenbans http://t.co/b3bICxSC2Q http://t.co/TjLbXimGgU
Retweeted by Paul Ryan
Put together a playlist for any interested @rdio users of my Top 100 Songs of 2014. http://t.co/58ogA12Kx6David Bowie rejected Chris Martin's duet request http://t.co/saAqK3DRHdVinyl pressing may be coming back to Canada thanks to this Calgary upstart http://t.co/HZMAfAkKct@dropsthakilla Oh cool. Cheers. I'll give them a check.@dropsthakilla Indeed. I like moments on the new alt-j, but it was largely weak compared to the debut imo@TheCoolestCool @robertsnell @bessyn Honestly, I love lunch, but save the $ and find a YT video per @Bobby_OK - some simple vids on there.@dropsthakilla Sadly, I haven't really like much of their music after the Moon & Antarctica. Prior to and including that they were brilliant@bessyn @robertsnell @TheCoolestCool I'm really expensiveNew Modest Mouse track is terrible. Not really surprised.Xmas came early. Two new tracks from @WildBeasts https://t.co/nkr5J5d1gW@RemoZaccagna I listened to about 3 albums everyday before I even leave for workMy Top 100 Albums of 2014. http://t.co/b5rDdpfsU4
Our Holiday 4-packs make the season bright! Only $99 makes them a bargain! http://t.co/EIEznbPyfU #Christmas #bowties http://t.co/Bx63fsQGed
Retweeted by Paul Ryan“Dynamo” by @Johnny_Marr is my new jam. Listen: http://t.co/xcXbHPpqJjWe are pleased to make a Call for Entry to the 35th @thefilmfest taking place Sept. 2015. http://t.co/l6hZVq1kN1 @Withoutabox @filmfreeway
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A handy flowchart for all of my fellow fans of The Smiths! http://t.co/Mdk2NuKmZm
Retweeted by Paul Ryan#Islanders win 20 out of 30 games to start a season for first time in franchise history.
Retweeted by Paul Ryan3-2 win for the Islanders. #Isles' three-game losing streak is over, #Hawks' eight-game win streak is over. 20th "W" of the season for NYI.
Retweeted by Paul RyanHuge goal by Kronwall on Bernier. Not sure even Mandela had that kind of slap shot.@huskermould have that one on another screenThe new Hockey Night in Canada intro and montage is terrible.@Mattzors Ha. Most people haven't. Listening to music 24/7 is kind of my thing, for better or worse.I listen to a lot of new music every year I have a lot of fun making this list every year My Top 100 Albums of 2014 http://t.co/l1FhZrf9kWIt doesn't hurt that season two of #PeakyBlinders is mostly soundtracked by great PJ Harvey songs like this classic http://t.co/dpH8iFRbpn#Isles legend Clark Gillies is taking part in today's morning skate. http://t.co/v09dIaDdGt
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@megnorris Pretty sure I started drinking black coffee years ago just to avoid being the guy holding up the coffee line.37 minutes and counting! #ShareTheWow http://t.co/do6edEpUZD
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@TheSandyWalsh It's on US Netflix. We watched 3 of the 6 eps last night. So great.All the rest of my tweets this weekend are going to be about #PeakyBlinders
Oh man. Peaky Blinders series two is absolutely just as brilliant as the first. My favourite show right now by a bunch.Someone Reviewed My Book on Amazon Without Reading It. That's Bad; This Is Worse. https://t.co/W5r07o5LIwHave fun this weekend and be safe. Look how fun taking a cab can be! @revolvebranding @theNSLC http://t.co/ysRI6dHkC8 #Cabbioke
Retweeted by Paul RyanWhat Does It Mean When Someone Favorites Your Tweet? Here Are 25 Possible Answers: http://t.co/VgthY7ttqR http://t.co/MWgaO7UVB1
Retweeted by Paul RyanMy Sister-In-Law’s Lonely Christmas Cards http://t.co/2XEdU0Yw71 via @buzzfeedersBestselling Vinyl Of 2014 Includes Jack White, Beck, Lana Del Rey - Stereogum http://t.co/RJXq4XKPRfBusiness and entrepreneurs seize opportunities in rise of veganism http://t.co/PogrHXQNTYSt Vincent: “I don’t need scented candles in the studio… making a record isn’t brain surgery” http://t.co/RhBcRWURbv
Retweeted by Paul RyanThanks to our @MaureenMLA for the thoughtful and lovely piece of mail today. North End represent! http://t.co/1PZm6vwxVI
Retweeted by Paul RyanGood list! Best Albums of 2014 http://t.co/qb0rEoIHz4
Retweeted by Paul RyanWant to live on Spring Garden? YA YOU DO. Looking for someone to sublet my apt. Feb 1st. #Halifax. Msg for info! http://t.co/gqtYOm6TLs
Retweeted by Paul RyaniPod Classics Are Selling For As Much As $900 Now https://t.co/256fW1YBesAnnouncing LinkedIn’s Best of Company Pages 2014 https://t.co/ZaS82x6N33Is Noah's Ark kicking around HRM? It was designed for like a kazillion animals, but sure it could handle 3 to 400,000 Haligonians in a pinch
Retweet this if you would push Gail in. http://t.co/CO6WqpPirp
Retweeted by Paul RyanOk people, that's enough work for a Thursday. Pens down, bottoms up. It's Gin O'Clock and that's an order. #GinOClock #RoyalProclamation
Retweeted by Paul RyanOur Corporate Office is decked out in tacky sweaters to raise $ for @VeithHouse today! #UglySweaterDay http://t.co/RBiGBrPlgo
Retweeted by Paul RyanI Want The One I Can't Have: these Morrissey dolls are the coolest thing you won't get your hands on this Xmas http://t.co/VQQztO5BmV
Retweeted by Paul RyanNEW COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt vaccinate your kids you stupid bastards.
Retweeted by Paul RyanJust had a chance to watch the trailer for the new Mad Max film. Looks amazing. http://t.co/okVlv8Gg7J
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