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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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@chetansharma how is recall a brainy feat? sure brain was involved, but"A Master of Memory in India Credits Meditation for His Brainy Feats http://t.co/qYGB4rgo0J" via @chetansharma. Your mileage will vary!@rads no, I didn't see the same way before :)@rads with not listening to Serial, this is another data point we're not twins@rads you were right. And the fleeting crowd indeed goes away after initial spikeThe problem I see when someone popular links to my post is the audience I get is not my target marketWhat does Apple gain by not offering a 32GB iPhone 6? Roughly $4 billion / by @rags / http://t.co/bnhg4VKbzk http://t.co/iajjzqAr9i
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@chriswaldron it takes one to ... :)Price discrimination is a beautiful thing, getting people to self-select to price point they want. Don't fight it. #pricing@rads I will during my hikes thanks for the pointer@rads thanks to google I know what Serial is :)@rads sorry? I am almost a Luddite, don't know what Ikr is :)@rads nice Twitter handle, glad I got Mine :)JetBlue to Add Bag Fees, Cut Legroom - sooner or later they all unbundle #pricing http://t.co/XDwuq60Yxq
Rest of the web discovers my simple price discrimination explanation of Apple's 16/64/128 models thanks to @stevesi@thetechblock Thank you.The thing about price discrimination is the fact that you don't buy premium version doesn't mean there aren't others who would"11 things you can learn from watching 7 successful people" - story at 9"Cory Doctrow's book was like one long TED talk", says @wsj. Enough saidAnother year and people will pay $450 for $400 Starbucks Steel Card. No different from you and I paying $750 for iPhone. #pricing
Pick a Beyoncé fan, what is the likelihood that is a 49ers fan? #stat http://t.co/MzgGIWAVtYIf you're going to lose $10M month the least you can do is to hire a decent agency @Kellblog http://t.co/VzkwF6LPlq@mims @gruber this is a nice racket :), take an extreme position, let others point out subtleties
Please consider the intelligence of recipients of your email before adding a signature , 'Please consider the environment before printing"Take an extreme position about a tech. Let your buddies and adversaries call out subtleties you missed. Rinse and repeat."@mims: I think the Web was a historical accident" - controlled walled gardens seem the steady state http://t.co/a0R73Sv5cV
@wimrampen @bhc3 on that note, what do you think of Chevy's in-car wifi?If you're for #NetNeutrality, where do you stand on tax breaks for big data centers cc:@om http://t.co/Y0LfWDamfG
If one price is good ... Non linear #pricing http://t.co/7n0FTUiSvb@doncampbell same here Don
A man at expo hall booth hands me a schwag bag and says, " take to your wife" how rude
Feeling Younger May Help Memory as We Age - don't grow up http://t.co/RLv5HfNL6I
The First Reviews Of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 http://t.co/c8Z6lHwX2M I read the books, it took a while for the brain to healThe Neuroscience Of "Harry Potter" http://t.co/hSY20cLXMj one witch craft to explain another. We knew one was fiction.
Alarming article. Pregnant, and No Civil Rights http://t.co/MZtqIsKBpf
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanIf one price is good, two are better #pricing http://t.co/blHVHHI4ajA companion read for @zeynep's great piece on research, Rethinking Data Analysis, International Journal of Marketing Research, Vol52, No1@wimrampen many counter examples, like need for jet lag cure because of jets. new needs arise because value expands. it is not zero sum game@AmberBenson this book is about selectively picking those that worked and citing as proofFour Ways to Innovate Through Analogies - yet another book based on anecdotes. http://t.co/xSWOyUYos2Monomaniacal focus on products and gross margin over customer needs and customer margin --- http://t.co/vzE1Hk23tj@Ulwick @wimrampen not quite, context and current value delivery vehicle (aka product) can drive new needs. Like locker for Amazon delivery@emeyerson what about T and C of that service?
@hnshah was talking to a single mom of Indian origin who has become a UberX driver, driving to places she has never been before. EmpowermentThe real Amazon video for Alexa feels like a parody. What do they think of their target market?
Where @Zeynep tells elegantly you can't stop when data fits one hypothesis #stat https://t.co/kqimv1Pua7 cc:@avinash@rshevlin agree. Safer betwithout understanding research methods, you cannot understand how to judge what you see -- @zeynep @KeHay https://t.co/kqimv1Pua7
@RaquelHirsch you are playing Pascal's wager here. I have to get help from @RichardDawkins to counter you@ccz1 @SouthwestAir@RaquelHirsch is this said in jest?First problem with all the data collection is it creates noise http://t.co/56fbPBVjWE"I am walking so much during the day it would be good to wear a Fitbit to count it and not waste all my steps" - really?
#pricing right- 3 of us in a group, paid $11,$77 and $126 for changing to earlier flight on @SouthwestAir. I do love it.
What adding Wifi does to value perception of a weight scale. #pricing Some really pay $100 more for this? http://t.co/358bkXrxmmTOMS shoes had no effect on local economy and as a business it isn't doing well either http://t.co/1f9WKDWB65 http://t.co/uS6tFMF9PN“@RaquelHirsch: What If Meditation Isn’t Good for You? http://t.co/w2KmmD0VaR Ouch. Mindfulness is now big business” #om@RaquelHirsch a placebo can only be replaced by another"The right to be offended, which is the other side of free speech, is therefore a genuine right" #longread http://t.co/kFBvcn3m63
Taco Bell one hand breakfast - narrow customer job to be done. #jtbd http://t.co/VbzdJdFVwDIf there is such a thing as #pricing sin it is the thinking, "my product deserves its price"Amazon exec: We priced the Fire Phone wrong - not correct, they had the customer segmentation wrong http://t.co/qwsBZrJDnWWhy raise price by 1% when you can raise by 14%? bursting the 1% price increase myth
I am scaring frequentist a today by going as Bayesian. #stat #HalloweenCostumes
@mattwensing you don't say mediocre products merging add up to produce excellencethe fact that you can't predict which design will perform better means your skill set is mostly random http://t.co/r07KKQ5s1n via @YahooNews@mims to geek out, that's still circuit switching. what if they can be making a delivery while carrying a Uber passenger?@mims can uber drivers do both at same time? Like packet switched networking vs. circuit switched
@emeyerson I think Wells Fargo also advertised hashtag "hashtag done"@avinash until i see a chart i am not believing you@chetansharma and none of these will complain, you know why?Cogent argument against tipping by @dinfontay. I agree. You go first. // “Why You Should Stop Tipping Your Server” https://t.co/2GC3gvwqam
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"CEOs are born competitive", says a silly sign along 101. #bs@WSJ @WSJspeakeasy Do people confuse you as a person with the character you play? - PrithiI will have my social media intern follow yours
@bhc3 because from far away they could see we are boring self absorbed civilization that isn't worth a visit?@RaquelHirsch it is blank spaceNothing more encouraging than seeing platitudes in LinkedIn timeline https://t.co/4A6EenkB2c https://t.co/0ai2q9uJtzTaking a leaf from The Botany of Desire - you think viruses manipulated us to develop planes and cities so they can spread faster and wider?What would you say to your child succumbing to peer pressure? Then why do you fall for social norms #nudge?
@RaquelHirsch and this is what it looks after reading articles like this http://t.co/eRoX0eLD3w#quote http://t.co/GRqnZasHaxOne shouldn't take a questionable study as truth and use another questionable study as explanation for the truth. That is if one is #curious@Pv has the same amount of sugar and fat too :)#pivot for Product-Market fit. Dunkin offers India-inspired-doughnuts. http://t.co/dsTAjxGaU5Why is it we think twice about paying 99c for an App but have no problem spending $100 more for GB we don't need? http://t.co/Rmhi17ih5iYour Guru may think if he admits once that he was wrong, it means he could be wrong in other cases as well http://t.co/Rmhi17ih5iP&G's woes traceable to Lafley, it's CEO known for his management books http://t.co/tPuMxRrbqs
There is a subtle message about future in the HP Ad with a enterprising boy ordering printer ink and a grown man delivering it.Steve Jobs' design excellence is overt and beautiful. @tim_cook's design excellence is taking away 32GB option. Equally beautiful but subtleDo you agree that aeronautics engineers needn't know anything about airline variable pricing and shouldn't try it?@rshevlin i saw the worst practices of bank when @AskCiti hit me with service charge for 3 months despite maintaining balance for 4+ years.Interesting article on Price increases.http://t.co/fn0ejddnWf
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@mattwensing so which company starts out, "we're building what people don't want and don't want to pay enough"?@mims you trusted Quartz? tut tutI am no @KevinCTofel or @JoannaStern but the iPhone6+ is an odd device to hold and useI have found the easiest way to make BIG money. Instead of pursuing that I decided to make small money by teaching you what I found.
Those saying your chance of getting Ebola is less than that of getting married to Kardashian are not right. You have no chance of first.What is unbridled optimism? #startup http://t.co/Exg9DBaaTt
@om http://t.co/XeFVwkjnIu
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