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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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"Designing computers the size of a phone or a watch is about compromises. " http://t.co/lUuirXtJLaRT @ifundraiser: "Measure What Matters" by @ronaldbaker http://t.co/U3QgamQGpU and I strongly recommend Ron's book by same titleHow to build the future in 224 pages? http://t.co/N7YDIPBdN9“@Qualcomm How Dr. Irwin Jacobs changed the industry's mind http://t.co/vqRGF0qn63 http://t.co/4Knsm0rdC8” I was once part of this grt teamA linguistic analysis of blurbs cc:@ShlomoArgamon http://t.co/0SBPMJRANjI bet the blurbs are a system of totally impartial and unsolicited critical feedback system with no implicit quid pro quo arrangements@wimrampen points to dominance of email in communication?From this #longread you'll gain a far clearer view of monopoly and competition than from Thiel's broad strokes http://t.co/oXoZ2G5oTf
@saileshkrish nudge us to buy 64GB version; 16GB is the roofless second class car@grayj_ I meant the watches as we know it, the ones if we paid $350, we hold on to it for more than 18 months@KyleGeiste @PradSam disrupt!! Where is the uber for sign spinner?If Apple watch is going to cost $1200, the real watchmakers are going to move far higher from their current price points@WSJ @peterthiel he assumes value is limited and it's a zero sum game and paints a narrow view of economists16GB, 64GB or 128GB. They could've easily given you 32GB instead of 16GB. But they chose not to.May be @mims can write a takedown of this in @wsj http://t.co/FUxYPRl1B9 Where Thiel portrays all economists as clueless and out of touchWhen we buy Apple Watch we an all say and mean, "My time and my money go to Infinite Loop"@BenedictEvans @gavinmcgarry then IPod sales had meaningful impact on profit even at low numbers. now the scale is differentI guess when you'vesocial media pulpit and attentive audience you can attribute to others whatever wrong beliefs and go on to dismantle it@campione more like witchcraft reasons@chetansharma and 100% of us fans for not rejecting this sport yetHer Thiel attributes to all economists something only a novice may believe and gives his homilies http://t.co/gp4PRLOIR4
@om @nuzzel @tomphilpott that's the side effect of price discrimination gone wrong http://t.co/eKTGZRykeY
Look for my IndieGoGo campaign to buy myself Apple Watch@emeyerson he brings big money ; today's journal called him out for failures“@farnamstreet: Simplicity only works if you *understand* the complexity.” Thanks @mattwensing@mattwensing sounds like something a yoga instructor would say. where is the data?Ray Rice and the Reality of the NFL http://t.co/9hoPXYHnHV great piece by @jasongayWSJ@rags from Roach Coach to Phenom via social media? http://t.co/5JWzswzxr0
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@zachdillon you would think http://t.co/qKkS1eKaI2Classifying science articles http://t.co/h7W2RKvSgB @qz and @buffer articles could use this
@zachdillon $200 for a shirt? what do they take me for?Why do we assume for trucks are gourmet and are willing to pay higher prices?These days watches have just one use case - conspicuous consumption. Does the Apple watch satisfy that better than any other alternative?@PicturesEarth @PradSam but we judge them by the descriptions that likely have biases
@zachdillon I'll raise you - like iPhone 1 price drop expect one before launch time@zachdillon please do and help them come down the cost curve and still make their 60% gross margin on $99 price tag and I can buy itPenny costs 1.6 pennies to make http://t.co/Iain4o13c0 They make it up in volume i betNPR listener writes to tell them their question to luddites posed on twitter has severe sampling bias@zachdillon crown? isn't the track wheel of BB? nice rebranding@steve_phillpott Data drive decisions. Today, one fewer decision to make - whether or not to store all that data #longlivedataYou see, Amazon will grab market share with 99cent Fire phone and can easily turn on profit spigot by increasing price later #notData dredging #bs from @qz to squeeze out last bit of page views before Apple event http://t.co/e1GN7lzEaq
@rshevlin this changes everythingI hear Apple will be announcing iMint that makes us money so we can spend our time reading Apple rumors and stand in line instead of working... Going to farmers market is not an hassle, it is an experience http://t.co/KswZk6tYiz
@hpalan looking just at water used in showers is minuscule. let us look at water consumed for making that filet mignon vs. tofuI hear iWatch will turn flashing red if our BMI is over what Apple designers think is that of cool people cc:@zachdillon@mims how many outside of valley even understood this statement :)@alexpozin I wonder business is the only area where we accept an idea only based on pedigree,position, and pay of the person who said itSurprising that many who haven't generated a measly $1M in revenue write about 9/9 as @tim_cook's defining moment
@gerardodada here is the link http://t.co/FytZIXBQfP“@gerardodada: What if the top biz authors are wrong, http://t.co/gyXqTCgzOO What drivess success? http://t.co/69OaREJ3Dv” no question!!@gerardodada I would also recommend a classic by the reports of The Economist - witch doctorsIf a tree falls in a forest, you tweeted about it but @twitter algkrit decided not to show in timeline , did it still happen?QOTD: "Standards are like toothbrushes. Everyone knows you need them, but nobody wants to use someone else's."
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@wimrampen @Ulwick any time you see,"of course we have greatest respect for ..." You can expect a "but he is wrong" (or worse) coming@mims it is more likely we'll find no need to make phone calls than make calls from a watch"Epistemic curiosity depends on uncertainty, on being aware of our own ignorance" http://t.co/5Kzk1AQbm0@Nudgeblog @cxgeek business of business is business - the other Chocago Economist@cxgeek @Nudgeblog shouldn't the restaurants use these tactics to push high margin items over getting customers to pick healthy?
Fascinating what your Guru said, now explain to me with logic in simple English
What else could explain the observation?Is clicking on clickbait titles making us dumb? No causation here.NYTImes thinks its target customers get more value from reading Times on tablet and wants a share of that. #pricing http://t.co/kXtnU5Mif4
How would you change the Fitbit Flex? http://t.co/JzNMZs5am1 get your ideas in before iWatchA step-by-step guide to hosting or joining a Twitter chat 1. Don't@TimIMcGuire sounds like the paradoxes question @wimrampen posed. The answer is it depends-on customer dynamics, life cycle etc. etc.When is food truck bubble going to burst?Is there a food delivery #startup that delivers from local food trucks?How Much Would You Pay for Google's Same-Day Delivery? http://t.co/0jOwgrmCVT via @EcommerceBytesHello Kitty has branding and positioning problem if 73% of their target customers think it is a cat by @JMSchles http://t.co/vYSBvduXZjhttp://t.co/ZRtxtbCt3F @kimvanvelzen is generous in saying 80% of content you read doesn't apply to you. It's more like 99.3%Twitch gets $1B v!uation, Kardashian app makes $1M a day - exactly how far apart are our left and right tail?In 19th century we paid to watch people walk http://t.co/Pa2OICOl10 Today we pay to watch people play video games http://t.co/Z9nSXcD1eFWalking, Fast and Slow and Looking Past Causation Confusions #in #stat http://t.co/I5MTgxRfL6“@rshevlin: Thinking in Paradoxes: http://t.co/5JDDm4Lenl by @wimrampen (The bar has been set. Doubt I will find a better blog post today)”
#Deepity: A statement that seems profound but actually asserts a triviality on one level & something meaningless on another - @danieldennett
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@wimrampen FYI https://t.co/w9knVsxVng@wimrampen i am ready for multimillion dollar self-help book marketWhen you add I Fail grade turns to A grade #deepity http://t.co/u5oXff0ucOBuzzFeed would title this as, "This changes everything knew about gravity" http://t.co/p0yWFfObUW
@grayj_ now i can never eat the Kisses@chetansharma @DawnC331 yes, high anchor and lower price pointStart the social medial outrage, Hershey's is changing its logo http://t.co/dsG1OHclDY“To Lick or not to Lick” https://t.co/PZR6kH8TcFDid you bother to check back on this sensation? - A 13-yo Enlists MBAs to Build Her Start-Up - http://t.co/dt3pMbPjmY http://t.co/rZKKBupKfm@charliehoehn @mattwensing was that measure after they became very successful?
The Middle seat guy gets both the armrests? I never got them #alwaysMiddle http://t.co/pKFRKGwjYR
#pricing for convenience, not for the cost the components http://t.co/AhTZjN0es9@emeyerson any apps to shame us from standing in lines for the said gadgets?You all called Uber as disruptive innovator. They are living up to the first part at least in disrupting any and every competiton
“@ShlomoArgamon: One of the worst infographics ever, but people don't care? http://t.co/LCrXQCveta #visualization #datascience"@ShlomoArgamon +1 for scatter plot@zachdillon I hope I find the right line between the ice cream sandwich shop and umami burgerIf you're looking for me I will be in line at Palo Alto Apple store for wearable. Wonder if there is a device that quantifies time in lineYou Can’t Do Strategy Without Input from Sales http://t.co/YTibONaXip
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan"People, regardless of income bracket, have a range in their in mind for what things should cost" http://t.co/59dr4qXxOe #ReferencePrice@shar_boss @Skid_The_Kid5 there is only one :)
@EdwinRes you are in the ever diminishing right tailWhen was the last time you questioned a study?
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