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Introducing our #EmojiInkblot test. What songs do you see reflected in this image? http://t.co/w5l0XIBmG2Today we welcome Berlin’s mighty Rammstein. Here are 15 facts you really ought to know about this rock band. http://t.co/yXSa4QwwCsThe world's biggest industrial metal band has landed! Discover 20 Years of Rammstein - exclusively on Spotify! http://t.co/gcSjnruZjq
@ashleyohsnap would you mind following us so we can send you a DM? We'd like to feature one of your tweets in an upcoming post.@GAtkinsonNY anything for you, Griffin.@redeagle1924 what's your go-to cleaning playlist, Bonnie?@LiamMxnaj We have some info from our developers about Chromecast support here (make sure to add your support too!): http://t.co/GxRNRkmYGv@shellyboylson Good pick, Shelly.@iamwilf would you mind following us so we can send you a DM? We'd like to feature one of your tweets in an upcoming post.@laurabarcella Hi, Laura! Have you tried restarting Spotify or your computer and starting over from there?@KSebbie12 we like your taste. Great way to start your Tuesday morning!@KSebbie12 that's a good one. Which song won you over, Kim?@_madelynreed We <3 you, Maddy. http://t.co/wT1ovBwRcm@CoryFlett Oh, it's a good one today, Cory. http://t.co/R4P3kzy3G1
@masonhastie we're sorry you feel that way. We'd love for you to share with our community so we can work on them! http://t.co/fPhyv0XJi9@natekass Hey, Nathan. DM us with what you lost and we can check if we have them. Thanks!@skorpeo Definitely not pathetic. We approve. http://t.co/hK1eHZLvVE@Kektonic Hey there. That should be happening. @SpotifyCares should be able to look into the issue for you and get it solved.@MartinHooper3 It wasn't! Surprise, Martin.
"Bohemian Rhapsody" turns 40 today. Think you know every word? Here's a quiz fit for a Queen: http://t.co/bYGpKzVGu9 http://t.co/MhpbDVmJMaOn this day in 1992, the world welcomed Destiny Hope. Better known as... http://t.co/q6fMzKIrOe http://t.co/ZjR3VIrTOW
It's World Hello Day. @LionelRichie has just the song you're looking for... http://t.co/C8ZwfVGzrC http://t.co/cfhqKw6Ynt.@jlax You asked. We listened. The results are amazing - http://t.co/cfNErfaVRM
Retweeted by Spotify@Maxwell32 @DRudd87 It's definitely party time in the car when you're the DJ. Which songs are you going to play first, Maxwell and Danielle?@sniddlegrass Welcome to the party, Holly.@AndyLeaver Thanks, Andy. Enjoy and let us know how you like it!@brianna__marie You're the DJ now! What's going to be the first playlist you play, Brianna?@robzie_ Hey, Rob. The first ride free offer is only for new users. Thanks!@alyssanicoleex9 We think so too, Alyssa. What's going to be the first song you play?@AndyLeaver Awesome, Andy! Have you tried it out yet?@TakePrivate We're glad you think so, Charlie! What will be the first song you play?In my @Uber_Sydney ride ready to go pickup my first passenger!!! If u wanna ride with me click http://t.co/jIQCaBhg5r http://t.co/pyWog7KRqP
Retweeted by SpotifyBREAKING: Control your @uber soundtrack. Get your first ride free (up to $30): http://t.co/eyBxUYXhoy #uberspotify http://t.co/1fEsS2EJxR
Pretty cool that @Spotify’s coming to @Uber. You pick the playlist for your ride. #uberspotify
Retweeted by Spotifythx to @spotify u can now #expressyourself in the @uber #uberspotify http://t.co/f9ADfR8oOG
Retweeted by SpotifyTravel down a raft on the Mississippi, out to West Egg, or to 1984 without a time machine: http://t.co/9VeOpz9oDYLink your Spotify & Uber apps on 11/21 to ride with an artist or attend an exclusive session. #uberspotify http://t.co/RTKOZqt6kC
Retweeted by Spotify@nowSimon @TheStupot This is the start of a beautiful thing. http://t.co/Sw1eoaCSnb@AthenaTweets @MelissaTweets yeah, what song is it, Melissa?@samarthbhaskar Awesome, Samarth! Who's your most recent favorite find?@marissa_says We agree, Marissa. Good choice.@tiffanielai Which is your favorite track so far, Tiffanie?@daveahl we hope this is real. Best of luck to the family, Dave!
@JasontheBrownGy We totally understand what you're trying to say, Jason. We will pass this information along to our team. Thanks!@JasontheBrownGy We recently added @christomlin's new album. Have you heard? http://t.co/xbNvSxT20z Which artists would you like to see?@zowxy We love that one too!@zowxy Do you have a favorite yet?@Antihippy Have you checked out Windhand? http://t.co/HHB3zdfPsj@Antihippy Let us suggest something you'll like then! What are you in the mood for?@ShannonGood92 What a selection! We love it.@JasontheBrownGy hey, Jason. We have a lot of @hillsongworship and other similar artists. Have you checked them out? http://t.co/I7W0pHZrPA@mmccook Hey, Mark. That should not be happening. @SpotifyCares should be able to solve this for you in no time.@cvaughan108 we've got you covered, Charlie.@ShannonGood92 We're glad to have you with us, Shannon! Who have you been jamming out to the most recently?@javiericm we love you back, Javier.@BigGScotland So good right?@BenitaT Which is your most recent favorite, Benita?@saamato No problem! Somebody loves you (...and it's us).@saamato Have you listened to @meiko or @BettyWho? Two more ladies that have killer voices, Sara.@saamato @cscudder Just some variety for your Wednesday morning, Charlie. What type of music are you feeling right now?@brianc13 Interesting idea, Brian! You can suggest it here and with enough backing it can become a reality: http://t.co/v6Qt7ChuiF@devonsmiley we thought you'd like it, Devon.
.@Ashton5SOS we get you, Ashton. Do you have any favorite playlists to listen to on the road? http://t.co/Jax588IKsS@sabinaosv we hope we never have to find out, Sabina!@briancrain thanks for the support, Brian. We're glad you're with us!@stephaniecmoran we're glad you're a supporter, Stephanie! Who's your favorite artist to listen to on Spotify?Sometimes an image is worth 2 billion words. http://t.co/BvaBqKWjJ8 http://t.co/q1VJWT2Q9z@StyleMediator nothing wrong with that, Samantha.@CarlyMack13 Happy to make your Tuesdays a little bit better, Carly.@arkyrach we feel your pain, Rachel. You can do it!@angievynguyen we're glad you think so, Angie!@Thatguy_Will_ you're our favorite.@brionajenee Anytime, Briona.Hear what happened when @DILLONFRANCIS introduced us to DJ Hanzel & DJ Rich as F*ck: http://t.co/uKQdDuz0zj http://t.co/LbHGEDhoaI@mendesalpha How about these? http://t.co/R4P3kzy3G1@ArenBautista We've got the perfect playlist in mind, Aren. http://t.co/R4P3kzy3G1@dxmigods Hey, Dom. Check out these new tunes. http://t.co/R4P3kzy3G1@CptHerb We've got you covered. http://t.co/R4P3kzy3G1@theabbay Luckily for you it's #NMT, Kara! http://t.co/R4P3kzy3G1
@brdrck We're glad you're as excited as we are, Jeff.@Jays_Ways01 we love you back, Jay.@jmathieu95 <3@Dunn2552 who stopped the tunes, Jason?@sageeli1 right back at you, Liz. http://t.co/L9YerPT42h@_RosieJay We think so too! What's going to be the first song you play, Rose?@GeeksOnly we can't wait.@bryttneymurphy we hope you're excited to try it out, Bryttney!@AnissaDeena Fact - you're right. http://t.co/ENSuuw5wCb@evapcasesmeiro We can't wait to see video from the car ride, Eva.@JoyceSays @Uber_LA You're invited to the party, Joyce.Rule is driver picks the music. Not in this situation. Make your @Spotify playlist 4 your @uber ride #uberspotify. http://t.co/GsKmwTDWlS
Retweeted by Spotify@jab11x why not just use this one, James? http://t.co/MEM3ErfC1v@jeffreyhoffman1 <3@Its_TRANquility we've got you covered, Tiffany.@lizzymayhew :)@__mgodoy definitely, Marcos. http://t.co/MEM3ErfC1v@bnel140 We're glad to hear it, Ben!@heatherlnp Music changes everything, Heather. http://t.co/I4Db5Y5Hlo@tvbrendon Try this one out, Brendon. http://t.co/4lTLIToJr6@jeffreyhoffman1 Agreed, Jeff. http://t.co/4lTLIToJr6
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