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@hauntedsunshine #BestDecisionEver! Get ready for endless tunes.R.I.P. Joe Cocker, the legendary English bluesman who reminded us we could always get by with help from our friends. http://t.co/i231wUSGFz@jaaaynalyn time to paaaaarty! http://t.co/GiqmML0vuw@ainsleyashton Looks like you had the perfect 2014, Ainsley. We can't wait to see who makes your 2015 #YearInMusic! Any ideas?@ordonezle We're glad you're loving it, April! You'll enjoy this playlist filled with even more "Indie R&B." http://t.co/M9b5FmY4Ez@ccarnicle #humblebrag with that great #YearInMusic lineup. Thanks for sharing, Chris!@TreyWitzel hey, Trey. Your #YearInMusic should be working! What happens when you use this link? http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8@ModelishWish now that's love, Shannon!@selenavidya Nothing wrong with Christmas tunes, especially with all the playlists we have, Selena!@Obeytigger this playlist is bound to get the party started. http://t.co/QBNXVhChLp@livelike5sos have you checked out @TheVampsband? http://t.co/x7M4aDOWdo@fharinav how about this Acoustic Christmas playlist, Fharina? http://t.co/qUmqJMP67I@najwalawey here's the perfect playlist for relaxing, Ainaa. http://t.co/H0f2Iyl8qO@DemetriasDelRey consider yourself happy, Lina! http://t.co/gnCJMqq2pC@JesseHerrick hey, Jesse. That doesn't sound right! If you send your information to @SpotifyCares, they can look into this for you..@samsmithworld fans streamed "Stay With Me" over 160k times in 2014. Doubt they're going anywhere, Sam. #YearInMusic http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8What a great year of music and memories. Let's talk about YOUR #yearinmusic http://t.co/RTAZJpKNKz http://t.co/AzD9zrX9JY
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We expect a radical Permanent Wave playlist soon, @padawanbeck84. #YearInMusic http://t.co/lNP06g4pFr.@Madonna teamed up with @Diplo, @NICKIMINAJ & others on her 13th studio album. Hear 6 brand new tracks on Spotify: http://t.co/9jdlcGRhVx
.@BuzzFeed helped us transform some of 2014’s hottest tracks into Emojis. How many songs can you guess? No cheating! http://t.co/o8wVaXnQDwWrapping takes work. Let already-legendary crooner @samsmithworld lend you a hand. #Christmas http://t.co/Gqc28SUAom http://t.co/i8ACQPxHgiWhatever it takes, we'll be right here waiting in line for you, overhyped pastry. #YearInMusic http://t.co/AS89pd5z6R http://t.co/9KvXUqJIeV
2014 by the Numbers: @Coachella Headliner > #Coachella Headbands. #YearInMusic http://t.co/AS89pd5z6R http://t.co/mRLmKcS7ZUWhat makes a hit song? Get some of the insights behind the science: http://t.co/FUsfTTKcG3 #SpotifyInsights http://t.co/i5K7H57ao6
.@JColeNC scored the most 2014 first-week streams of any artist in the U.S. That's a true pro. http://t.co/N7PskMib1r http://t.co/QqS7eQtmFz
Retweeted by Spotify@JoshuaMac22 We'd love to use one of your tweets! Would you mind following us so we could send you a DM?@McFlyus We'd love to use one of your tweets! Would you mind following us so we could send you a DM?@_americkson hey, Amanda. That doesn't seem right! @SpotifyCares should be able to look into it for her to get it all fixed! Thanks.@StaRzIzHere Spotify is free! You can try our Premium version free for 30 days here: http://t.co/yIkoQXbrXB@IriGorey we've got your back (and arms, and legs, and abs) covered, Iridiana! http://t.co/KDhdlNVGbs@BeyonDope we've got the tunes for your nature walk right here! http://t.co/CBwP6fWZto@NikqiB treat yo self, Nikqi! http://t.co/sni8Jnxykm@klealofi check the playlist off of your list! http://t.co/R5O1H4ddcd@TeriLeeAnna this playlist will be the perfect boost for your car rides, Teri! http://t.co/zIuSmJ7l0DIntroducing Autopilot for Pacemaker, the intelligent DJ that mixes music for you. Try it now! http://t.co/QKPQSAiJnE http://t.co/9VrwoMHfxa
Retweeted by SpotifyBreaking: U.K., Scotland make nice but agree to disagree about @CalvinHarris. #YearInMusic http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8 http://t.co/cnl8MZMWaU
@mel_luvsanimals we're blushing, Melissa!@STCdesigns oh, definitely the most beautiful voice, Jessica.@leavinglondon hey, Andrew. Thanks for letting us know. We're looking into this now!@Willygurl68 have a favorite yet, Tunisia?@kplanovsky hey, Kevin! @SpotifyCares should be able to help you out in no time.@Furby_Locs Awesome memories. #YearInMusic@sjq84 who doesn't love a little "Electro Swing," Seth? http://t.co/b9jOMI0o6O #YearInMusic@_kelso @jessikalynncoop no clue what "Neo Mellow" is, Kelsey? Now you do! http://t.co/MxdjiSjd5g #YearInMusic@padawanbeck84 no need to wonder anymore, Rebecca! http://t.co/J762pPdYJw #YearInMusic@AdamHlava Want to see which artists fit the genre, Adam? http://t.co/KtVaJmNGYN #YearInMusic@DiamondRyce Now there's no excuse, Patrick. #TheMoreYouKnow http://t.co/OuObQefCzH@darynkeary music to our ears, Daryn. Who's one of your new favorites on the #YearInMusic playlist?@kiefer_trevor see, Trevor? We know you better than you know yourself. #YearInMusic@JessKabs nothing wrong with a little indie in your life, Jess. Thanks for sharing your #YearInMusic!@SydHeresy We're glad you're loving it, Syd. Want to know more on #FutureGarage? Get ready for your mind to be blown: http://t.co/TvHih7VHOn@ImBrandedOnYou Thanks for the love. Any new favorites on the #YearInMusic playlist?@indoob sounds like you've got good taste!@adamcar00 no arguing there, Adam. Did he make your #YearInMusic list?@totallytman oh, #Burn!@britt_brosseau looks like somebody has good taste in music... Did either of them make your #YearInMusic, Britt?@angelamcastelli yeah, you tell 'em, Angela! http://t.co/EQvCQdhZXX@erb530 go around the globe without leaving your seat, Eduardo. http://t.co/JIWqju9vE3@OoO_Mr_Perfect the right playlist can definitely do that! http://t.co/B2b0QcCdft@_bossbossboss we've got you covered! http://t.co/ZX3W1BRrZW@Bonkatonk well aren't you the fan! Do you have a favorite song on it?@Bonkatonk we've got the perfect chill playlist for you, Bianca. http://t.co/OOULv4vWNl@redbloodedjack nothing like a good 'ol Hanukkah armadillo, Jack!Fess up, yo: What's the weirdest genre that popped-up on your 2014 #YearInMusic? http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8Whether you spell it "Chanukah" or "Hanukkah," let the 8-day celebration begin. http://t.co/hiPqpSNbOt http://t.co/Rh7rgHVARx
@GabrielleRhett definitely meant for jamming, Gabrielle.@Hostelling if only it were true. Take another shot?@TheWelshManc close! Guess again?@alisized we can help you out! What's the question?2014 was EPIC!! My favorite music of the year! 😍🎉🎧🎶 Find your #YearInMusic on @Spotify here: http://t.co/XJG5ZUxHat http://t.co/rdWB4ULwcJ
Retweeted by SpotifyI'm so Francy. #YearInMusic http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8 http://t.co/bhUhNGFLTs
@converttochris Thanks for the love, Chris! Would you mind following us so we could send you a DM?@JGracias13 Thanks for the love, Jon. Who made your #YearInMusic top list?@jacobmasga Now that's a true fan, Jacob. Thanks for sharing your #YearInMusic!@needingnarry we get you, Nat. #YearInMusic@susielochiel Uh o, Susie. Who made your #YearInMusic list?@Lvar_ there's no escaping the numbers, Leo. #YearInMusic@lucyfraser94 we love that dedication, Lucy. #YearInMusic
@pjmudd can't escape that snowman, PJ. Don't tell us you haven't caught yourself singing along. #YearInMusicDad of the year contender right here, @hammnick. #YearInMusic #Spotify2014 http://t.co/AS89pd5z6R http://t.co/YmcsEcPx3T
@gretchen_scott thanks for the love, Gretchen. Who made your #YearInMusic top list?@mylilasianerd can't go wrong with him, Juliana. We're glad you're loving #YearInMusic!@JohanFriedner we wouldn't call that a problem... we'd call that impressive, Johan. #YearInMusic@IM_ST3ALTHY looks like you're quite the loyal fan. Thanks for sharing your #YearInMusic!What else did you expect? #byefelicia #YearInMusic #Spotify2014 http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8 http://t.co/0jorknYWYR@IM_ST3ALTHY you can find your own #YearInMusic here: http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8Can't wait to see if those tunes make it onto your 2015 list, @Mackenzie_RT. #YearInMusic http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8 http://t.co/5ik66Ag1jY
@troyesivan Surprise! We can't wait to see what 2015 brings.The road to the Iron Throne is paved by Iron Maiden. #YearInMusic http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8 cc: @GameOfThrones http://t.co/aDsWc8IdNVour #YearInMusic on @Spotify... you can check out your own #Spotify2014 here too if ya like ! http://t.co/oLqFvEZPLE http://t.co/zhTegmd56Q
Retweeted by SpotifyToday we’re launching new discovery features that make it easier than ever to tap into your friends' latest picks. http://t.co/gvV8yAXw2B
The year might not be over, but we already know 2015’s biggest acts: Head to @BuzzFeed to hear our predictive picks. http://t.co/tcHVZ0SyuY@NielsFR12_ you can check your #YearInMusic here, Niels: http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8@adamdesoto that's still a lot of tunes, Adam! You can always beat it next #YearInMusic.Super impressive @Alexandberg! Who else comes close? #YearInMusic http://t.co/TEguZ49Rv8 http://t.co/MTLZ663S8o@stepheneliasson best. day. ever. Get ready for endless tunes, Stephen!@Sammy_B_ how great is his new EP? We're glad you like him!@mo_hooks @hayhink were glad to hear it, Myra! Do you have any new favorites?@aew_jp yes there is, Amy! On the left-hand side of your application there should be a "Follow" tab. You can then choose "Find Friends."@nanoanno hey, Ann. The link should prompt you to log in to your account after you click that button. Is that not happening?
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