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Matt MacInnis @stanine San Francisco, CA

Founder and CEO of Inkling

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Anyone else find it frustrating that @Evernote text doesn't copy/paste directly into Gmail compose windows? Lists, formatting, etc borked.So that's it. Two guys in ties on Sand Hill Road with "Need Funding" signs. Time to close shop, burn it all down. http://t.co/tp9K1U3diz
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@drbarnard I don't disagree—iOS is buggy as hell—but I think it points as much to the increased complexity of the software itself.@dspector And yet here we are tweeting. Perhaps if ten devices didn't explode when someone favorites, retweets or replies, I could resist!That feeling at 10 pm that you've got 3 more hours of "after I get home" work left to do. Ack!In SF, the average number of trips per taxi per month has decreased from 1,424 in March 2012 to 504 this July. http://t.co/rujxOzWGxm"SF has taken steps to keep taxis part of the transportation landscape by reducing fees & regulations." LOL! G'luck. http://t.co/MtOqzLTDDx"People watching" = "stranger judging."
It's the end of an era for both #Apple fans and print publishing as #Macworld kills its print edition: http://t.co/YGud6dYB8a.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisA recruiter emails me to offer a "JavaScript stud". Maybe he knows I'm a gay CEO? (This begs for a static typing joke.)@genechansf Oh, it was about @margaretcho? I thought it was because I favorited your tweet. Meh!
What I Learned From Steve Jobs http://t.co/jRX1LOUMHD
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisThis is unequivocally *not* better than simply handing someone your credit card. http://t.co/SQ0EVg3icEExistential crisis. http://t.co/Nol0LjQzAE
Darker sooner. :-/@rizstanford @johnemichel It's true everywhere, and not just CEOs. People are drawn to leaders who can be vulnerable, which takes humility.Visual quote from @stanine speaking at #NewCoSF http://t.co/6YR9ifB0oE
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisSome Hemingway wisdom for your Friday: “It's good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.”
"I would love to put #PDF format 6ft under" @inkling CEO Matt MacInnis #openformat
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis.@inkling is hiring! Thanks @stanine for the awesome open house and presentation #NewCoSF http://t.co/ickHJE83MH
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@inkling Always a good sign when a company hoping to disrupt publishing has poetry in the breakroom. #newcosf http://t.co/ShYkoigOGJ
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisVery impressed with Matt Maclnnis founder of @inkling #NewCoSF http://t.co/aQF8P0yMDD
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@puddinstrip @pattonoswalt Too soon.Awesome! 12% of Harvard College is enrolled in a single course. This semester. And it's not Latin. http://t.co/hfQwgNtCXr via @TheCrimsonIn hindsight, Flash was a bad way to build interactivity on the web. How soon will HTML also replace PDF? Soon, I hope.Perfect http://t.co/04CIBHhjjx
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@pmarca @id3asman Apparently, your (sic) archetypical critics are illiterate! :)@chrisdieni I've forwarded your note to our team. Someone will be in touch shortly!Check out the new http://t.co/59LwjpRsqe video -- one platform for all your HR. We'd love to know what you think! http://t.co/7h7bfItoQh
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisRemember when desktop publishing was cool? Cloud publishing makes it look a lot less cool. https://t.co/BQ5WXUSvMu
Whoops. I complained on Twitter again. Need to tweet happy things. @flipblack sez so!Twice a day, every day, no matter what app you're using. @GooglePlay fail. http://t.co/M9F6qk0V2e'Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.' – Gustave Flaubert
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis"Um" means "I'm about to say more, but I'm computing it, so please wait." It's the verbal indeterministic spinner.
Watching others attempt to parallel park is a small but consistent pleasure in life.
Desktop apps polling for updates and nagging for permission to install. What a throwback!Back in SF from London and I'm reminded that London fog, swell as it is, isn't as charming as @KarlTheFog. Blimey.
@schwa I forget to eat often, too. Have you heard of Soylent? http://t.co/j4to0IoWht Three cheers for efficiency.Joan Rivers had jokes left to tell, and her stretched-out face had at least 10 years of mileage left. I loved that cranky old bitch. RIP.Brutal, yucky data about how "assertive #women" are treated in professional feedback. Needs to improve. #WomenInTech http://t.co/z0SZJHhZxe@robertcromwell How about two sets of conflicting suggestions? Ugh... http://t.co/tYN5SpxMQWWorst part of iOS interface: shift button. cAN'T tELL iF DepReSSed@bradvogel I had been using FlightAware but I'll try @planefinder. Regardless, I am always right, because nobody else has the app installed.
Keep free meals free! ;-) http://t.co/fwhRWCXNke@ndrwhr You cannot be great in the world without pronounced generalized anxiety disorder. (It is necessary… but not sufficient.)Parker Conrad's New Zen-sation -- @workforcenews interviews our founder and CEO: http://t.co/77PhnI5HpB
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Remember reformatting old floppies and listening to the heads scoot back and forth over bad blocks? This seems worse: http://t.co/QH2FoskQI3Many entrepreneurs forget the huge strategic value of sheer survival in the quest to build a business. It's necessary, and not usually easy.@JonErlichman @levarburton It's a streaming rainbow.@pmarca Hard to see general purpose face recognition in apps with the privacy fears we already have when FB says, "Do you want to tag Marc?"
@annekate also: talented, independent, articulate, thoughtful… :)Vindication: my Sunday afternoon coffee followed by a nap, for which I have been called weird, is really real! http://t.co/UVuqzWuQAZ
@rmac18 Have you considered "Head of" as a title? It often means, "I don't have a title that reflects how important I think I am."
@craigmod Ha! Totally. That was an awesome twitter.
@stevesi @randykern Is yoga better than other forms of exercise, or is it just the fact that it's exercise?@smistephen If people buy multivitamins, they will buy anything!
Cool data showing how many Jawbone UP wearers awoke during this weekend's earthquake. https://t.co/UWQmaFpGh0
I've never used Secret, and you should, too. http://t.co/nGXptu7uRfDear hotel designers: irons need plugs, ironing boards need space. Please put a plug in a space. Thank you!@mbtimney Funny how you tweeted this on the day the management team is out of the office. ;-)
@rohit_x_ Did you have an SSD fail or a spinning disc? (Just curious.)"We couldn’t have achieved this without our customers": CEO @stanine on our #inc5000 news http://t.co/gi7AIw3mbT http://t.co/S5ymJ6qXN3
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@chrismessina @ed_lea @davemorin @anildash @harper @arasin @johnolilly I do, too. It often depends on which tech company a friend works for!
This is ALS. This is what the #IceBucketChallenge is all about. This is important. https://t.co/Kuspd86flf http://t.co/1mSNiUyYft
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisEnjoyed chatting w/ @stanine: "My goal was to do for the iPad what Adobe had done for desktop publishing." #inc5000 http://t.co/0H8caP9tF6
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisCongrats to @stanine & @inkling team #105 overall & #8 in SW on @inc5000 fastest growing co's http://t.co/uj7cXmxgjZ http://t.co/Z7dDuI8txk
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisThrilled to be #105 overall & #8 in Software on the @inc5000 for fastest growing companies! http://t.co/tWH1tX4iHF http://t.co/bkSkAAeYpm
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Someone in a meeting here just said "totes" with a straight face.
The term "personal computer" implies there's still some other kind.
@jenny8lee Also, lobsters are growing like the cockroaches they are lately. Cheap!
@canutdebon But apparently your window washers aren't!I was writing a document about the advantages of collaborative web-based tools in Google Docs when Google Docs suddenly went down.
Thanks to @craigmod for rec'ing DARKNESS VISIBLE, William Styron's 80-page memoir of his depression: http://t.co/UWwyZVE8fB
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@platypotamus You mean Adobe Captivate, right? Maybe you should get your folks using @inkling. :)Sensual means carnal or voluptuous. Sensuous means pertaining to aesthetic appreciation, without any implication of lasciviousness.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@ed_lea @linkedin That's easy: you clicked "Sign up."
white people though look at this seriously http://t.co/T2WLv1X7z6
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisI could not be more stunned by the loss of Robin Williams, mensch, great talent, acting partner, genuine soul.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisA SxSW session you should vote for. :) http://t.co/i2Fy5YML83
@johnhcook @bgurley Let's tie these two rocks together and see if they float...@hello_han @karlthefog Pretty, but.. that's not the Outer Mission. http://t.co/NtVP0nqEAetap tap tap.. tap tap… UPDATES READY TO INSTALL DO YOU WANT THEM NOW OR IN AN HOUR OR IN A DAY OR TONIGHT OR TOMORROW OR WHAT…@motormouthmedia @tiesto But congrats on getting FART for 7 points.
@robertcromwell Unclear, but you are certainly a contributor to the jFYI phenomenon. Thank you.Felicis Raises New $96M Fund, Pledges To Always Vote Shares With Founders http://t.co/RcoZb9D7jn via @techcrunchIn corporate email, I have witnessed jFYI overtake FYI as a first line. jFYI.
It's good not to believe in god, although it's not necessarily easy. At least in America. http://t.co/ORP4VqKLAALove EFF “@arstechnica: EFF inaugurates “Stupid Patent of the Month” http://t.co/3AlePablJ9 by @joemullin
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisJust disabled Android notifications for LinkedIn. Huge life upgrade!@inkling is hiring a Director of Product Marketing. Wouldn't you rather be marketing *sexy* enterprise software? ;-) http://t.co/lrqsZrv0qS@pmarca Hitchens brought both levity and clarity to tough topics… like the simultaneous irrelevance and importance of the human condition.I miss Christopher Hitchens.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisThe birth of the eponymous Venn diagram. Nifty! http://t.co/JhroMLb2txThe @KaporCenter is looking for a Chief Financial/Admin Officer. Help drive diversity in tech! http://t.co/BMbCqAv5Lk @mkapor
My brain keeps trying to go to Google Now on my Mac. Hmm.
@ed_lea gameshows?
Today I played with an Amazon #FirePhone. Industrial design is clunky. Software is disorienting. Worse: it doesn't solve unsolved problems!My favorite airline, @VirginAmerica, is filing for an IPO. http://t.co/UbSQnsUOlQ
Thanks Dad! > 1973 Sony TC-377 Tape Deck. http://t.co/Lge5IMKZYv
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