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@kayvz I thought a meteor was skimming the surface of the atmosphere.What the hell was that sound over downtown SF just now?
If I got an infection and took probiotics, would I die?Saw a staff photo from @Zenefits today. Never before have so many *young* people focused on the insurance industry. No wonder they're huge!@devinrogerino I would give your tweet five stars if I could. ;-)Every time a desktop application nags me to install an update, I'm saddened that the future isn't here yet.@pmarca There's some schadenfreude in this point of view for those of us who take real risks (and comeuppance for the financial engineers).
I love that when @google's marketing shows an airline, they always use @VirginAmerica. (And not @BLAHAirlines) eg, http://t.co/tc5wr9ymMm"Your horse is biologically powered, so you'll never need gasoline to keep it running." Boom. Benefits!THANK GOD: "Your Creative Cloud applications are installed directly on your computer, so you won't need an Internet connection to use them."@startuployalist Laws don't control people, otherwise our prisons would be empty. We provide incentives and disincentives; best we can do.@startuployalist No, you cannot control someone else's behavior.“Predictions of an HTML-only world in which content shapes itself to the device have turned out to be inaccurate.” — http://t.co/yMj7IpBTPY
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@stanine you're going to love this: http://t.co/0PVjK5SwNl
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@rahulific We have a mommy room and a really big ping pong room at @inkling, but no nap room. Yet.@jkeltner Napping doesn't exactly play well to American work values. It feels French. ;-)@michaelgruchy NFLD FTW!!My own experiments, where N=1, show that everyone in the study is wildly productive after weekend naps. Everyone!I wonder whether we will ever have the liberality (not to mention infrastructure) to embrace naps at work. All science says it's a net plus.@jessicalessin The mobile web is awesome these days, but you won't get a great view of it from iOS because you're using mobile Safari. :(
Deemed too dirty for the New Yorker http://t.co/bXycjmaHQo
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@rohit_x_ I've disabled many notifications on Android…A company caring about me knowing is often inversely correlated with me caring to know@rahman_zaid I venture that all good managers are vulnerable with their employees. Micromanagement and information hoarding? That ain't it!@rahman_zaid I like @DanielPink's model: mastery, autonomy & purpose. People are intrinsically motivated; mgrs need only set the conditions.On a bad day for a startup CEO, your team of 100 feels like 10. On a good day, it feels like 1000. (Today was a good day.)This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming" http://t.co/YiRRlz79X9
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisQuote of the Day courtesy @stanine: "I like it when I see thought furthered without my involvement."
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisAfter upgrading to Yosemite on my Mac, I find myself wondering whether Mac OS is still the best choice for me. Because I'm an Android user.@fmbutt HA! "Bafflegab" is my new word of the day. Thank you.@fmbutt Right. Private clouds generally offer a false sense of security, coupled with lower reliability and higher cost.@carllippert Let's hope. I have a sizable #GoogleWallet balance that I'd rather not spent exclusively at @Peets_Tweets and @Walgreens! ;-)@fmbutt +1! The effort software companies begrudgingly put into accommodating so-called private clouds is inhibitive to product innovation.@om Downloading desktop s/w from the cloud is *not* "the cloud"! Ugh. Shame on @Microsoft, @Adobe and everyone else who didn't get the memo.Will the infrastructure that's being installed for #ApplePay be generic such that #GoogleWallet will also now work at more merchants?30+ people in 3 cities were mentally adrift during the weekly @inkling sales meeting today when @uberconference went down. Expensive snafu!What if your applications were always delivered to your device at runtime? "The cloud!" <jazz hands>
@sclarsic @starkness @sophia_amoruso @tikhon Guys, remember, it's already *peak* @pmarca! If he had a conference, it'd already be passé. ;-)Great day to film our #Dreamliner air-to-air! Pic taken from Learjet next to our #B787 around northern Wash this am. http://t.co/NxaN60YfhR
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisFor a list of tech people 'who routinely say interesting and provocative things' per @pmarca, see this thread: https://t.co/v6xcryHryw
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@pmarca I noted the ethnic, geographical and gender diversity of your list.@marcellovena @arhomberg Why are pubs expected to build/manage their own analytics software? Commercial solutions solve it for everyone else@arhomberg Benefits of data in publishing vary. Trade? Limited. But in nonfiction, we could invest in the parts of products ppl actually use@arhomberg @marcellovena … cuz corporate customers happily use commerical-off-the-shelf software. Publishers try to build their own! Silly.@arhomberg @marcellovena We're building a robust analytics system into @Inkling, but it's primarily targeted at corporate customers.@arhomberg @marcellovena But there's also the issue that reader software isn't standardized, and EPUB has no notion of analytics built-in.@arhomberg @marcellovena There are a million reasons big data can't change publishing today. First and foremost, publishers can't access it.Life gets so complicated if not all politicians are evil, not all unemployed are to blame, not all capitalists are corrupt...
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Some of the runners have given up in the 2014 Beijing Marathon due to the serious air pollution in Beijing. http://t.co/GoVpxcPcKH
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@cdixon Respectable but frustrating reason to fail: being too early for the market.@pmarca In this climate, I bet even the Soviets could have raised another round.Laptop fans screaming? It's probably Flash, one of Adobe's (many) scourges on humanity. Here's a fix: http://t.co/BpZXzDkBn6Awesome that the @Learning2014 conference profile offers "LGBT" as a public characteristic. Lets us easily find our family in the crowd!
After over 13 years, Apple finally figured out how to make the green button in the top left corner of each window actually work! KUDOS!We think our Yosemite v1.0 looks pretty good @YosemiteNPS #California http://t.co/TU4dFSzot1
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisOMG/creepy. @VirginAmerica posts a *6 HOUR* video on YouTube of "Blah Airlines" flying from Newark to SF. Hilarious. https://t.co/U3uog3cZMz
@pmarca @markpinc @Wayne @sriramk ha! shorter domains were still available back then. with vowels in them.@counternotions @rohit_x_ Is that actually the cover of this edition? It's horrendous. Is that Arial italic or something??@javahound I know what you're saying. But you're married to Apple just like American Airlines and Cracker Barrel! You can't fool me.@javahound Do you own Apple shares, and have you ever raved about an Apple product? The pot calls the kettle black… ;-)I just completed my @Inkling open enrollment in about 3 minutes using @Zenefits. So awesome!
Kinda trippy seeing myself on @SouthPark. I've watched the show ever since the J vs SC short. Brian Boitano!
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisOMG. This #SouthPark on "HandyCar" is slaying me.@Inkling's VP of Design @pcho on how to get a great design job. https://t.co/fDvD9CiPsm
I sent @VirginAmerica a query online. Their auto reply? "If you do not get a response within 48 hours, please send your message again." WTF?“It’s tough to not take Salesforce seriously. Even if they have a crappy product, they’ll market the snot out of it.” http://t.co/5eCozvCVGa
@collision I see what you did there. (Almost flew over my head, but I caught it.)Awesome discussion with @alexrkonrad of @mlz @stanine @stgarrity about launching your career at a startup. http://t.co/GJHrsYm7sk @Forbes
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Always a pleasant surprise to stumble upon a mention of @inkling whist reading the most venerable weekly newspaper, @TheEconomist.Incredible Blue Angels shot posted by jake_mandel to http://t.co/xn8rXoBBj5: http://t.co/llAH4N4KVE
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisIs Tony Abbott for real? "Suppository of knowledge?" My Aussie friends must be so proud of their Prime Minister.Fun fact about @Inkling: Inkling looks for “nerds who can think on their feet.” Do you fit the bill? They’re hiring! #startat14
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Wonderfully simple yet very important advice from @stgarrity #startat14 http://t.co/GZgowB7IoS
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis@sequoia @stgarrity The swedish fish at this conference are DELECTABLE! #startat14
When the Gmail "undo" button has a #fail. http://t.co/auJv1F6DsHThis is what the flight attendant unions are fighting: electronic device use. GMAFB! http://t.co/6zCC9bY0Is
Good read for all managers: "Why Founders Should Care about Happiness" http://t.co/jOZR7IRLga via @firstround
"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu http://t.co/Su8LESIWM7@collision The voices telling us to watch our bags are keeping us safer.Opinion: we need fewer useless announcements in airports.Good article from @mbtimney about why digital content for learning should be treated like a real product. #CLOsym https://t.co/2szf7si0Wf
@arhomberg Ha! When it comes to moving too fast, not learning from your mistakes is sufficient but not necessary. You might also just suck.If you're not making mistakes, you're not moving fast enough. If you're not learning from your mistakes, you're moving too fast.
@pmarca @davemorin (And I think it has happened in just 5 years.)@pmarca @davemorin In terms of dollars, "Series Seed" is the new Series A. I think we've effectively shifted B->A, C->B, ibid. as a result.@stevenf iBooks Author? Do people use that? ;-) https://t.co/2x4YlQG1D9Huge thanks to the @WhatsApp team! Their work will return $2B+ to our LPs, helping non-profits make a massive impact. http://t.co/NF6IpG6cKu
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@ed_lea @pcho then why do I feel like such a loser?... maybe it's because this is my Friday night.Totes agree. http://t.co/5HZ4QcZlgVWin-win is a thing. Win-win-win also became a thing lately. Call me old fashioned, but I'm still a fan of win-lose, too. (When I win.)@w_doolittle Nice to see you on the Twits.Based on recent trends, I have decided to cancel my vacation in Syria.I LOL'd. http://t.co/bYdqZEiSxX
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisLet's abolish the term 'unicorn.' We're seeking well-rounded designers.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisWhy do real estate agents always Photoshop @KarlTheFog out of pictures and replace him with fake poofy clouds?
Can you hear that? It's the sound of no one in San Francisco being able to fall asleep.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis“I will not resign because I have to continue my work on universal suffrage,” Mr. Leung said. Right… #OccupyCentral http://t.co/JldwHyRVA5Amazing progress from the @inkling team on Habitat. http://t.co/rgIqEqY0FY http://t.co/8jjK9rN9yuNerd alert. :) RT @pcho The maths have landed in @Inkling Habitat! http://t.co/1kBcEdrEqHNorth West Europe 18,000 years ago Source: http://t.co/5kincgAe4E - http://t.co/rh6CX3Q30p
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisI've learned not to regret not doing the things I ultimately didn't want to do anyway.
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