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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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Rewatched #TheMountainAndTheViper. Held my face together in the last two minutes, same as before.Ireland at festival time is the best place in the world. Only raging to be missing it. @tigerdubfringe and @DubTheatreFest abú.Every single Republican senator voted against equal pay yesterday. There's an election in 48 days. #votethemout
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanEvery single Republican in the US Senate voted against equal pay for equal work for women today. Unreal. #equalpay
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@redlemonader I'm going to need some time to study this more carefully and give a fully informed response. All signs point to hot, though.@jdcarter That's just dangerous. Some woman flicked her hair on a crowded train once and it hit me in the face. I audibly gagged at it. :(@AliceMurphy95 UCD alum says UCD. Plus, there's always @dramsoc which will become your home for the next few years.@jdcarter Of all the things on the subway that gross me out, other people's hair is TOP OF THE LIST. I'm gagging watching this.Breaks my heart that pirates spend their whole lives following a map, when the real treasure is the friendships they build along the way.
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#StrawPoll: is 6pm too early to go to bed?@fmacconghail Ana dheas!Remember #Toffos? They were great. Someone send me some Toffos, please.@TheSarahBiz Yeah. Had a great couple of guys under me (heeyooo) who were doing the mixing. I was just calling the shots, as it were.
@TheSarahBiz Two-day spoken-word/music event at TNS. I was directing a 6-camera live-feed through 2nd night. Fun times! #WingingIt@TheSarahBiz That's how it goes! Yep - ours was a pretty cool event. Got to use live-show skills buried in my brain since 2005. #Cobwebs!@TheSarahBiz I wasn't at BEAT - was doing a different thing at The New School. Ms KB is killing it though, apparently! :) Thanks for the DM!@TheSarahBiz @waystationbk Aha! Thank you. Totally meant to DVR it as I was out on-site. I've heard it was great.@TheSarahBiz I missed S8Ep4 last night! Do I have to wait til next Sat to see it?!! RT @scullymike: Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles - See My Vest @ The Simpsons Ta...: http://t.co/apc2Xc2wDb via @YouTube
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@BeccaTheSM It wouldn't go in your hair, or...?Starsky & Hutch is on. #TwoDragonsOoh I love this: via @Fi_Mullen: Something fishy happening in town today. #3AllYouCanEat http://t.co/855XH4KZ03
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@BeccaTheSM LOL at the thought that any of us knew there would be voodoo dancers. #SayWhaaaaa?@BeccaTheSM I was also running for a train. I can't do everything, Becca!@BeccaTheSM @robertgonyo Ran out of room to type *drops mic* but it totally crossed my mind. :)A cracking weekend at @TheNewSchool with @mappintl @BeccaTheSM and @robertgonyo killed it running the floor. Sleepytimes now. #EvaOutAnyone need me to direct a multi-camera live feed of music, spoken-word and DJ? BECAUSE I TOTALLY CAN.I've never seen anyone struggle more with making a toasted bagel and cream cheese than the staff at Cosi on Union Square.@TophHooperton Ah yes, as they do in the Old Country.
Great being back in the saddle with @BeccaTheSM at @TheNewSchool for @mappintl's #DaysOfArtAndIdeas this weekend. #GoForEva #WalkieFun@TophHooperton You know she's shit-talking you on Twitter somewhere too.
@MeganKosmoski Ew. Gross. Stay indoors. Avert your eyes.@MeganKosmoski OH HAAAAY!@AODhubhshlaine Hop onto Skype there, if you're not busy engaging in local politics.@TophHooperton My work here is done.Not wanting to pick up laundry (& carry up 4 flights) vs not having any clean clothes. #NYClife #SophiesChoice@TophHooperton https://t.co/Irqn4ZjxnzFeeling crook and out of sorts. I need to go to a bookshop.@OwensDamien 'I've loads of people that I want to see on the show'. So her guests are all ghosts, or...? Good luck to her talent bookers. :/Huge whooping cough outbreak in LA because privileged parents choose not to vaccinate their kids: http://t.co/IKnuoEg78S (via @KateAurthur)
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. @Lizzs_Lockeroom girl YES! The NFL trippin over @JanetJackson's breast....but barely flinched at a woman being BEATEN.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanGuy, no one wants to hear you sing. NO ONE. #BitchyRestingFace #MTAproblemsFurther to my pasta tweet, just discovered in my haste to eat said pasta, I got a big splodge of it on my right boob. #Sexy"Are you just going to follow your programming or are you going to take a chance?” —Jim Reardon, WALL·E head of story #PixarPerspective
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanTV3 00:00 Bloopers From The Shane Warne Hair Replacement Ad: Including Shane repeatedly clutching his face to stop the demons from escaping.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI just ate a LOT of pasta. Like, maybe 3kgs of pasta. *rolls home*@ShaneDanByrne Tell no one!@DubYouthTheatre Hello! Could've sworn you were following me before today! ;) Hope all going well for the Fest! Break legs. :)Another grant application in. That's four in two-ish weeks. #TheWorstWow. Can't say I'm surprised, but man they've got a smoking gun. https://t.co/F1nYmnXhTq
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan(#MetaphoricalBalls. I haven't changed that much since moving.)The #InternetSlowdown is busting my balls as I try to finish this grant. #NetNeutrality for the win. We can't go back to the dark times!Manual RT (I know, I'm the worst) for the benefit of @TophHooperton & @EdInvestigates (if he sees this) RT @C_and_H http://t.co/onsUYyWEUWhttp://t.co/ZhUSUKvWm1
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanMe: I grew up in the era of the rotary phone. @MeganKosmoski: I did NOT grow up in the Stone Age. #WayHarshTai http://t.co/J7uKYwJge0@tomcreed1980 While definitely wearing marigolds.What is #Skrillex?
Since I've moved to NYC, I've become the kind of person who strenuously eyerolls at charity #junkmail such as this: http://t.co/NuQBoAixm0@aoifhayes The rice-cake upside down, or ME upside down?Today's lesson: rice cakes give me the hiccups. #TIL@ProResting As actresses are wont to do...? :/@OhYeaDiana Or MARRY a doctor. That should be a pretty big goal in every gal's life, too.@GylanDoburnCray @59E59 @1stIrish Hope it's going well so far. Hi to Ronan!Just booked to see #BOYSANDGIRLS by @GylanDoburnCray at @59E59 as part of @1stIrish. Looking forward to it! :)A digital watch and a U2 album. It's like Christmas morning 1984.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@OhYeaDiana Yeaaaaah, that's totally the same thing. :/Is @SavedYouAClick my new favourite Twitter account? Yes.Bought a $7 pan of @patthebaker yesterday (homesick, craving real bread), & now I've been singing the song all day. https://t.co/MKMDf6pG9F@HisEmineminence @iPhone6 That is impressive forethought.Please let me never have to consider staying or leaving such circumstances. #WhyILeft #WhyIStayed.@killianmccrea Not a haiku, but ok.
In memory of the legendary Joan Rivers, we will dim the lights of our Jujamcyn Theaters marquees, Tuesday at 6:45pm. http://t.co/j07m1L5gaS
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@killianmccrea You come up with something better so.@killianmccrea Eva is dead, yeah? She is a pile of ashes. Please don't drop the urn.@james_mc_f @ireland BEADS?! http://t.co/4V8MzsKpF9After NYC, I want to move to Scotland. What will #ScotlandDecides mean for me? (Seriously don't care. @Scotland and her people are beauts.)The brief tingle of satisfaction I get from submitting a grant is absolutely not worth the hours/days/weeks of bullshit spent writing it.Ray Rice said he wants to be a spokesperson for domestic violence. He should. He's really good at it.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanAbbot and Costello split & start solo careers. Years later, by chance, they get booked on the same show. "Who's on first?" Their eyes meet
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@tina24hour Also, nice sweater on himself! :) PN flying the @DubYouthTheatre flag in Finland!@tina24hour We'll need to up our weird quotient for #24HrDub if we're gonna get that kind of coverage. Hope you're having fun!@killianmccrea Not that you'll ever outlive me, but you're 100% NOT allowed to give a eulogy at my funeral. #PubesInTeeth@killianmccrea Read this: RT @margaretcho New blog: Joan Rivers put the 'fun' in funeral http://t.co/z44BZD7uEh … #RIPJoanRiversThe article in that last RT had me howling. @charltonbrooker, never ever stop. http://t.co/RdOY66aelcAmazing piece by Charlie Brooker on how fucked the Scottish 'No' campaign is: http://t.co/ihYiuTUT05
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanSo weird seeing straight, white men actually think they're victims of some conspiracy of equality. Lads, check the last MILLION years.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanStrange how Jeremy Kyle is both a host and a parasite.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanStop-motion vs. stop motion? @guardianstyle Anyone?
Just found a font I like: Avenir Next. I think we're going to be v happy together until I get sick of it and can't bear to look at it. #loveSix callers ahead of us, Jimmy.Show today at 4PM! #SanFrancisco @EXIT_Theatre #getbakedasb #yummy #vegan #glutenfree #afterbrunchtreat
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Holy moly! Nishikori! Cool as cats throughout.
@rte Woohoo!#rtechaos Woop!Wiltow tell me how to wenden, how to wenden unto the Strete of Sesamé?
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TophHooperton Dark.
Five sets, bebe! C'mon Fed!@InHollywoodland Oof. Nice.I know what I'll be looking at for the rest of the evening. #CatDaddyStatement from @cmenchaca @JimmyVanBramer @RosieMendez @CoreyinNYC @RitchieTorres @Dromm25 on @FCabreraNY: http://t.co/tqK610lcJI
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