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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Dubliner in New York. Theatre & Events Producer: @terranovaNYC, Darling & Company, #24HrDub @abbeytheatre. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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Reunited with my luggage. Excuse me while I brush my teeth for 15 minutes.@peterdaly10 @McMahonPhilly @PantiBliss @itsadammatt Happy birthday to the bould Philly! xHow long til the first #GrandStretch tweet? #Solstice2014@jenoconnell @davidcochrane Not a thing.@pepperslaughter @jencoppinger That it may be swift and painless.@AODhubhshlaine I have seen that. I LOVE Key and Peele. The funniest show on TV by a country mile.
@AODhubhshlaine Computer says no.@AODhubhshlaine Apparently I'm psychic. So there's that. It'll come tomorrow. They've emailed.@AODhubhshlaine My bag didn't make it!! Quel horreur!@AODhubhshlaine You were a bit pitchy. Get that sorted out by February, yeah?@OwensDamien How soon until the Ceremonial Ripping And Discarding of the Front Cover?
Autocorrect: I NEVER mean ducking or thabks. Thabks isn't even a word. Get your shit together.How soon before Leo Varadkar flips over a table?
@justabloodygame I've read Middlemarch*... That's punishment enough. *The first 20 pages.
Falling into an anti-feminist twitter-hole is distressing shit. I guess one can only hope that no one will procreate with these utter twats.@OwensDamien *crickets*Did someone on Fox just suggest physical retaliation against North Korea for the Sony hack? Are you KIDDING me? Get up ta fuck.@DarrenMcMahon54 Thanks! :) Birthday tacos for everyone!@Seamless NOW we're talking!Birthday is going well. Lots of messages and FB love, plus @Seamless just gave me 15% off today, so yeah. Things are looking up for ol' Eva.@darraghdoyle Seems you can't access the site without subscribing. I would be VERY surprised if anything behind a pay-wall is that popular.The #NYPost has advertising all over my train, incl: 'You can judge a paper by its cover.' Truer words have never been spoken. #GutterPress@AODhubhshlaine LOVE me. That sounds like an order, which I appreciate. Can’t wait for the tour, sweets. I’ll wear my stretchy pants. :) xLADIES. MAKE YOUR CHOICES. http://t.co/C8dW2DS9sm
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Ain't nothing like an 11th hour change of brief to keep the mind active. *eye-twitch*I keep finding doodled-on post-it notes that I've written. They usually say 'people are idiots', or 'this is a nice pencil'. Special.
@enormous Yes'm!Saturday night’s shenanigans threw off my body-clock. Comatose all day, my 2nd wind hit at 10pm. Off to bed now @enormous, don’t worry! :)
#CraicTax.Why don't you throw one over Flannery?
@lostplum Meant to be real mean, too. And their pouches are full of goo. :/@lostplum :) #NotAllKangaroos! (But seriously. What are we talking about?)@lostplum What if it was a strong, honest, funny, male kangaroo...? #AskingForAFriendTwinge in [badly healed, broken] toe upgraded to full-on, white-hot, searing pain after klutzy man stomps on it on the subway. #SingleTearThat last RT has me weeping. Oh internets, I love you.• Go to http://t.co/d40J1DtGhP • Enter your twitter @name • Click 'Search' • Laugh, laugh then laugh some more
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TophHooperton @MarnieTheDog This must be what working for Make-A-Wish is like. I can feel the *sqeeeee* all the way from New Zealand.For all the birthdays I never remember. I love you @TophHooperton! @MarnieTheDog@MissKeelyD That look would stop a clock.@MissKeelyD Ah, of course. That looks like the face of a spoiled brat, alright. :)@MissKeelyD Who is that with AJ?So glad I caught this! MT @IrishArtsCenter Time Out New York Critic's Pick #HowietheRookie is SOLD-OUT @BAM_Brooklyn! http://t.co/1JqRfNjWnEFun night out with KROB, putting the world to rights. Great theatre, soul food, and a handsome, opera singing barman. Good for the soul. :)
Everyone! #HowietheRookie is a masterclass in theatre. Spell-binding work by TVL and Mark O'Rowe. Beg, steal, or borrow for a ticket! GO!Our designer & #24HrDub cast member @murray_ste created the spectacular artwork for the show. See the making-of here: http://t.co/FndfBdtUNh
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanOk, Internet. I'm out. You won today.
@darraghdoyle #GreenShoots!@BeccaTheSM @terranovanyc You know we love you with a fierceness that borders on obscene, right? Happy days, and long may they continue. xTwo years ago I was working on my first @terranovanyc show, #psjones I couldn't ask for a greater company to make art with.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanA good, working umbrella is the best thing in the world. A broken umbrella makes you wish for a swift and painless death. - Confucius.@MrShaneDelaney @AODhubhshlaine Do you boys like brie? See last tweet. I will gladly bring some (and eat it for my breakfast on the 20th).Would it be weird if the only Christmas presents I brought home were @TraderJoesList Double Cream Brie with Truffle? https://t.co/bnE0IIj6vqGot my first Christmas card of 2015 from my beloved @TophHooperton. Next year, guy! It's gonna be a good one. xxx
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@BAM_Brooklyn Great - thanks! Looking forward to seeing it!@BAM_Brooklyn Hi! Are seats for Howie the Rookie assigned or general admission? Thanks!@OwensDamien #Shade@OwensDamien Start a 'For Your Consideration' campaign... put in the work now, it'll pay off in awards season.@tom_peters Words to live by! Here's to screwing up!WTTMSASTMSUTFW. Whoever. Tries. The. Most. Stuff. And. Screws. The. Most. Stuff. Up. The. Fastest. Wins.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI will cause a 12-car pileup before I let you last-minute merge.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@shirleybar The hoor.@shirleybar Don't you just HATE when that happens! Stinger.@shirleybar Only when absolutely necessary. Swipe and pin, all the time.[watching guy having sex w pie in American Pie] This is so unrealistic [flashback to me only getting a cheek kiss from a pie after 6 dates]
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanIt's slightly obscene how many times I've listened to #TakeMeToChurch this weekend. #Lots
That’s a fine looking high-horse. (I’ve been listening to this song on loop for 24 hours. It is everything.)@MrShaneDelaney @AODhubhshlaine You’re right, Shane. I’d love an aul Twirl. (actually I wouldn’t - they’re KIND of the worst. But still.)@AODhubhshlaine @MrShaneDelaney Get a room.
So turns out that song that's been following me in stores and in cabs is Take Me To Church by @Hozier. Sold.@TophHooperton That's a beaut of a chair. I'm sure it'll go to a good home in the country where it can play outside with the other chairs.Mansplaing /manˈspleɪn,ɛk-/ verb https://t.co/s4pxrvwVQb via @ntlk http://t.co/yHATPjp98M
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan"There are also some mermaids. Not enough mermaids, if you ask me, but some."An #IncompleteHistory of #PeterPanLive https://t.co/ghCoO5Jfy1
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@McMahonPhilly Swit swoo! December babies are the BEST babies. *cough17thCough*@GemCrad @AODhubhshlaine Mind yourself there, love.A thing I just wrote to @AODhubhshlaine: ‘Eye-rolling is my favourite thing to do with my face.’ And it’s true. It is. #EyerollI’ve got some BIG IDEAS for the Next Big Thing. Starting a plan today. #FuturePlanning
@AODhubhshlaine This new profiler is something I can get behind. #misty@gronya Hi Gronya - follow me & I'll DM you!
@lostplum Preach sister. Mother-loving pocket-wanters. (You know what I mean.)Peter is a dick. 'You can't, you're all grown up.' #PeterPanLive@thepitnyc Ooooooh, icy water! *lets go immediately*MINNIE DRIVER!!! #PlotTwist #PeterPanLivePeter was taking his parenting cues from Mr Darling. Oy vey, responsibilities? If I HAVE to. #PeterPanLive'I've placed the plank on the poop.' #PeterPanLiveI want those pirates to form a kick-line. #PeterPanLiveWE NEED ALL THE DRUNK ADULTS WHO ARE LIVE-TWEETING TO #SAVETINKERBELL #PeterPanLiveLittle Michael is a little pudge-monster. Cute. #PeterPanLive“@jenniferweiner: Wendy: never fish for a commitment. Go flirt with another one of the Lost Boys. Tell Peter you've got plans. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanPeter's got some mad intimacy issues. #PeterPanLiveFor all the snark, Allison Williams can sing and is doing a grand job. Grand, like. #PeterPanLiveNice, Peter. Play dumb when she starts talking commitment! #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan'Maybe he'll change.' Oh Wendy. Take a seat, girl. #PeterPanLiveThem thighs on the Lost Boys tho. #PeterPanLive@MissKeelyD Ah yes. I missed that one. I have room for about two of these a year only - last one was the Saved By The Bell movie. BRUTAL.@MissKeelyD Are you in NY, or just REALLY invested in this from Ire/UK?Oh, NOW Peter wants Tink? When he's about to die? Nice. Real nice, Peter. Stay classy. #PeterPanLive@MissKeelyD True story.'Your tongue is my special reward.' #JustSAYING #PeterPanLive@MissKeelyD Ha… I’m dying! Exit, entrance, whichevs.
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