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I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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Darren Wilson’s injuries VS Mike Brown’s http://t.co/rM61B3QHql
Retweeted by BWDQuite a map. #FergusonDecision http://t.co/UI6AOxjSMS
Retweeted by BWD@butterflybesos9 @CedricMcCay @TVietor08 Obama suffered in 6y more racism than all of these twitter heroes combined. I have 0 patience.I don't know why people donated money to defend Darren Wilson when Robert McCulloch was willing to do it for free: http://t.co/3QA5dmtGu4
Retweeted by BWDSo, when will @GStephanopoulos interview Mike Brown so we can hear his version too? @ABCFerguson has become a personal issue for Attorney General Eric Holder http://t.co/dtXWTl3F4l
Retweeted by BWD@butterflybesos9 @CedricMcCay @TVietor08 Or maybe he's the damn POTUS and he can't act like he is Malcolm X.Gabby Giffords finished an 11-mile bike ride, a milestone in her recovery from a 2011 shooting http://t.co/O5GmtLHJUz http://t.co/IKN7Zm2f6r
Retweeted by BWD@rzimmermanjr Poor your brother, no longer the KKK fave boy. Now he may have to work. Or, he can just kill another black kid.@CornelWest @LiberalPhenom LOL, poor, poor guy.@FlySmikes @LiberalPhenom @CornelWest LOL.Understandably Ferguson is dominating headlines but FYI, US troops raided an AQAP hideout in #Yemen, rescued hostages http://t.co/LKd6qViXZ0
Retweeted by BWD@CedricMcCay Goodbye.@sahilkapur @theonlyadult @TVietor08 I wish Obama cared more about Black people than he does for EVERY other people...
Retweeted by BWDI wish @jonfavs @TVietor08 and @jonlovett were always so aggressive going after people shitting on Obama. He could use some sharp defenders.Former Obama aide —> RT @TVietor08 Shorter Chuck Schumer - I wish Obama cared more about helping Democrats than sick people.
Retweeted by BWDDarren Wilson says Mike Brown "looked like a demon." Meanwhile in white America, two cute angels are buying coffee http://t.co/756k4pbvx6
Retweeted by BWDChuck Schumer, tweeted unto death http://t.co/ayAFr0Q8Ku
Retweeted by BWDNOOOOOOOO! RT @nytpolitics: After Ferguson Announcement, a Racial Divide Remains Over Views of Justice http://t.co/HRxs92Qunc#SneakPeek at Wednesday's paper: Protests continue across #USA over #Ferguson. http://t.co/AbhNWXZfbs
Retweeted by BWDNY exchange @NYStateofHealth aiming for 350k new QHP enrollments. And 92% of 2014 enrollees satisfied w/ coverage! http://t.co/pa40zIewec
Retweeted by BWDHands Up, Don't Shoot (Times Square, NYC) #Ferguson http://t.co/B4KC9R6TZZ
Retweeted by BWDProtests all across America tonight, it's a beautiful sight. http://t.co/WXjqYljhwR
Retweeted by BWDMy God. This picture. RT @yamphoto Protester decides to take snapshot of the police officer she confronted. #Ferguson http://t.co/LfPjfaeebu
Retweeted by BWDDarren Wilson Says Killing Michael Brown Won’t Haunt him. Every cop involved in a justified shooting will tell you it haunts them. #racist
Retweeted by BWDCongress is planning $440 billion in tax breaks for business, and Obama is threatening a veto. http://t.co/TsroMhNm2o
Retweeted by BWDIn his "apology" to Michael Brown's family Darren Wilson said he was sorry that Mike Brown "lost his life." No accountability. Zero remorse.
Retweeted by BWDThis isn't a trial. It's a decision about whether shooting an unarmed person is worth a trial. That should be an easy "yes." #Ferguson
Retweeted by BWDAustin OLB sign held on the steps of Capitol #BlackLivesMatter #shutitdownatx http://t.co/LXWFDVHr83
Retweeted by BWD#Ferguson protesters are shutting down highways across the country--PHOTOS: http://t.co/kdWKogVgFl http://t.co/DqlqoEFeD7
Retweeted by BWDWhile we've mourned #MikeBrown, Darren Wilson made a baby, got married, became a millionaire & went to Blues games. http://t.co/7wD7tPviXu
Retweeted by BWDJust a reminder: This is what San Francisco looked like a few weeks ago after the Giants won the World Series. http://t.co/9Rf1IZdxfi
Retweeted by BWDAmerica 2014 No, really All because a white police officer murdered a young, unarmed black man, & got away with it http://t.co/8kkAXsAPd7
Retweeted by BWDCrowd chants 'Hands up, don't shoot!' on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC #Ferguson http://t.co/LFuZChYWLs
Retweeted by BWDRT @ClaraJeffery: .@NYTimes editorial board rips Ferguson prosecutor Robert McCulloch: http://t.co/ACDMZxZmrt http://t.co/TKVjpxJzlZ
Retweeted by BWDDemonstrators in more than 170 U.S. cities stop traffic as they protest #FergusonDecision: http://t.co/61i7yKCytM http://t.co/BYaHxDEVJU
Retweeted by BWDThousands of cops mobilized around America tonight, not to facilitate safe and peaceful protests, but to try to stifle the whole movement.
Retweeted by BWDThousands Of People Marching Onto FDR Drive In New York Blocking All Lanes Of Traffic. #Ferguson @JennaBPope http://t.co/N8K8eBbN7B
Retweeted by BWD@brianstelter @LOLGOP @RealBenCarson This guy needs a brain surgery.Conservatives just get to pretend that Cliven Bundy thing never happened. Now, it's all, "Why don't those people respect their authorities?"
Retweeted by BWDThe issue isn't whether you would protest in the same way. The issue is that you'll never have to.
Retweeted by BWD@ChrisCuomo @tracysolomon @photogalj @jjvrn Unlike equality under law and justice for all.@JeffersonObama There's a reason why he's the only black guy still employed by CNN.Incredible view overlooking the Boston #Ferguson rally on Mass Ave. (via @steve_knecht/@deathcorez) http://t.co/zHHCYF002Q
Retweeted by BWDRT '@CNNTonight Protests happening in cities all across the US #Ferguson http://t.co/IcSVhKmEtE
Retweeted by BWDAMAZING: In BOSTON, Ppl marched to South Bay Corrections House and THIS happened #indictthesystem (pic: @efeghali) http://t.co/F4VeLDLkgG
Retweeted by BWDI'm so proud of all the protests outside Ferguson. This is how it should be done.Protesters march through NYC & LA in response to #Ferguson: http://t.co/LtnFUpuJUf @pvercammencnn @miguelmarquez @CNN http://t.co/NGrsBDYKhw
Retweeted by BWDBoston shutting down the highway #StandWithFerguson #FergusonDecision http://t.co/aOcoYCZ5OB
Retweeted by BWD@JoeAngersIII I couldn't get into it until the last few episodes. But I really liked the one from last night.Watching protestors chant "Fuck CNN" on CNN for ten straight seconds is My way of apologizing to America.
Retweeted by BWDAll this army for two dozens people. Madness.Finally getting into #Gotham took long enough.@LiberalPhenom @ritaag @itgurl_29 @ladyc10 This POS DA ran unopposed just last month! And these stupid idiots blame Obama.Obama's fault // U.S.-Led Raid Rescues Eight Held in Yemen http://t.co/7lvMo4FBNvFrance's justice minister slams U.S. racism after Ferguson http://t.co/8Z1Q2v9HD1
Retweeted by BWD@ladyc10 @itgurl_29 @ritaag @LiberalPhenom They're stupid. Just stupid.@ritaag @LiberalPhenom folks in a Ferg are disgusting too, they have lived their for years putting up with this shit, now it's PBO Fault
Retweeted by BWD@aterkel @lee_glend @PaulLewis Obama endured in 6 years more racism than they will their whole life. Idiots.Brown = "demon"/"hulk hogan," Rodney King="incredible hulk"/"Tasmanian Devil." This is not a new playbook #Ferugson http://t.co/JuACKBoVVz
Retweeted by BWD@Nightline @GStephanopoulos Go to hell.While the country erupts @ABC @GStephanopoulos How dare you bring DWilson into our living rooms...No decency or respect to the Brown family?
Retweeted by BWDThe most robust two quarters of economic growth in a decade. How much more of Obama can we take??? http://t.co/PV33XTlfIG
Retweeted by BWDDear @chuckschumer: w/o #ACA/#Obamacare, I, a middle class woman, would have died. STFU if you don't understand how that law helped!
Retweeted by BWDOMFG. @LisaBloom Another cross-exam Q NOT asked: how'd Brown punch U w his right hand on right side of your face as you sat in drivers seat?Sigh. http://t.co/KxKi88Rzqd
Retweeted by BWDDear .@SenSchumer this is why Barack Obama is Barack Obama, and you're nothing but a footnote.Senator Chuck Schumer (D) criticizing Obamacare (!): "Only a third of the uninsured are even registered to vote." http://t.co/VEAxaWvYey
Retweeted by BWD#AssholeOfTheDay Robert McCulloch patronizingly blames everyone but himself and Darren Wilson http://t.co/iOrpWvQdon http://t.co/UyDxD1J0zq
Retweeted by BWDAccording to Schumer: Dems lost two midterms because of helping people get healthcare, not because Dems ran two cowardly midterm campaigns.
Retweeted by BWDIf only there was a mechanism to influence the office of district/county/state prosecutor to get results that are equal and just for all.
Retweeted by BWDRT @cnnbrk: President Obama, Eric Holder to hold series of regional meetings to discuss race and the police. http://t.co/Dv6huIYIUv
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary @AVD911 None of them will ever do anything important. They'll all fade in 2016, never to be heard again.Hey, self-described 'activists': a random pic of a young man who didn't sit on his ass all day, but *became* active. http://t.co/jIa6srZ9wf
Retweeted by BWDIf @TheDemocrats 2014 campaign and .@chuckschumer garbage is a preview of how Hillary runs in 2016, we're going to miss Mondale..@chuckschumer No one in your position of prominence is so consistently wrong about EVERYTHING. You're where Dems went wrong in 2010 and now
Retweeted by BWDThe corporate media has manipulated you into making this all about Obama while Bob McCulloch fades into the background.
Retweeted by BWDFormer Obama Aides Bash Schumer For Second-Guessing Obama On Obamacare @TPM http://t.co/Jzcy3Cnd7X
Retweeted by BWDFind yourself a GOP rally, you ridiculous fool. http://t.co/XqocZE7Ek7
Retweeted by BWDShorter Darren Wilson Testimony: Michael Brown was a 'Giant Beast Negro' That Had to Be Killed http://t.co/m8NQU9rsSa via @dailykosAcross the USA, more demonstrations are planned to protest the #FergusonDecision: http://t.co/yrI1tuFRPa http://t.co/eoeLUxQ6nh
Retweeted by BWDNot enough showers is the world to wash this filth from you @GStephanopoulos@TheObamaDiary fuck him, AIPAC shill.@GRYKING @zCLYDE his dick is shorter than mine, and I don't even have a dick.Go Barack, Go // NYT: Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions http://t.co/ngPfA1jncg@samsteinhp that's much better than the SoD one from yesterday.@samsteinhp after all, "it looks like a demon".Losing the election was the best thing ever @samsteinhp: Obama going big on climate regulations again, per NYT http://t.co/3zUlgkdRS7The clearest image of Officer Darren Wilson’s most severe injury: A minor abrasion on his face http://t.co/yyFCtZddh1 http://t.co/kt3S1NGxC5
Retweeted by BWDThis is why Barack Obama is Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer is a footnote.Shorter Chuck Schumer - I wish Obama cared more about helping Democrats than sick people.
Retweeted by BWDFunny, I don't remember Chuck Schumer giving that advice when he was privately and publicly championing the Affordable Care Act in 2010
Retweeted by BWD.@mrwaltershapiro yeah, it was terrible watching Barack Obama lose to President Mitt Romney in 2012 because of health care
Retweeted by BWDIn 2010, Obama said he'd rather lose re-election than lose health care. That's why 14 million more have coverage, and why I'm proud of him.
Retweeted by BWDIn a way, it's refreshing to see Schumer admit to being so cynical. It's been his MO forever.
Retweeted by BWDYes, there was a debate about whether to pursue health care. But the biggest question was whether Democrats could get it done. And we did.
Retweeted by BWDI'm sure Chuck Schumer has his reasons for wanting to debate 2009 Democratic political tactics but I'm also sure those reasons are terrible.
Retweeted by BWD@jonlovett destroys the awfulness that is Schumer. Check his TL.And a pretty good test for Democratic candidates is whether they view Schumer as someone to listen to or someone to tolerate.
Retweeted by BWD@jonlovett Schumer: focus on Civil Rights during '60s cost Dems 1968 election.
Retweeted by BWD
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