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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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@TheToast2015 @FergusonFighter this guy shows up in my TL once a month and vomiting. I try not to block so fast, but no choice here.Awwww, he was young, he made a mistake, God forgave him. https://t.co/cePYf2k5Ul@theonlyadult He can't even visit Ferguson but he can do it all for illegal immigrants. @rolandsmartin @TheToast2015 @SteveHarveyy @LVBurke
Retweeted by BWD@FergusonFighter @rolandsmartin @TheToast2015 @SteveHarveyy @LVBurke says a guy who hides on twitter. Hilarious.@FergusonFighter @rolandsmartin @TheToast2015 @SteveHarveyy @LVBurke Keep it up, the meltdown is quite entertaining.@theonlyadult < EVERYONE BLOCK THIS FOOL @rolandsmartin @TheToast2015 @LVBurke @SteveHarveyy
Retweeted by BWD@theonlyadult If immigrants were being killed like Blacks by police THEN the Obama Admin. might care. @LVBurke @TheToast2015
Retweeted by BWD@theonlyadult Obama didn't come to Ferguson but busts his ass for gays/ Hispanics, you say nothing. @LVBurke @TheToast2015 @rolandsmartin
Retweeted by BWD@FergusonFighter @rolandsmartin @TheToast2015 yes Roland, block these Obama bitches!Congress completely AWOL on this RT: @politico Congress avoids war debate as ISIL advances http://t.co/qaCNi66Xia
Retweeted by BWDCover of the Miami Herald today: http://t.co/0ABGIt5VMx
Retweeted by BWD@TheToast2015 @LVBurke @rolandsmartin @RickeySmiley @SteveHarveyy I wonder if that Clinton outreach includes another crime bill.@LVBurke @TheToast2015 @rolandsmartin seriously, that silly basketball interview is your problem? You're a joke.@LVBurke @TheToast2015 @rolandsmartin so, you've got nothing. That's shocking.So many Liberals and blackademics project their Clinton issues on Obama because they're cowards.@TheToast2015 @LVBurke @rolandsmartin seem like all these black media personas has the same issue. Poor babies, soon the phone won't ring.From the "Bill really was the first black president" crowd. Disgusting. https://t.co/C5RnTBA36lThis just breaks my heart. @WestWingReport Has President seen hateful messages directed at him on Twitter? "Yes," Earnest says.Conservatives = puke. https://t.co/mAtcvj6rzVYes, soccer is corrupt. So is US political culture, tainted to the core by money. My column: http://t.co/qnTTVFXFaA http://t.co/O09lgHIJFQ
Retweeted by BWD4 New Studies Show #ObamaCare Is Working Incredibly Well http://t.co/zNtzhD4le9 #ThanksObama #UniteBlue #TNTweeters http://t.co/DpGvMRtlxh
Retweeted by BWDDudebro who got rich painting mediocre poster of @POTUS has opinions on whether Obama was good enough for his poster.As @AlonPinkas said: Netanyahu disagrees with the first and agrees with the second. https://t.co/xQsCMrbWRr@AlonPinkas @DanielSeidemann @Uri_Savir Exactly.@esquire Who is Shepard Fairey?Too late, the boat has already capsized with you at the helm. https://t.co/D6vcY6vZwP
Retweeted by BWDIsrael celebrates not getting kicked out of FIFA instead of being terrified that this was even a possibility. Deep denial. #FIFACongressToday in conservatives are feces. https://t.co/5zCAxCTiLV@TPM @MattMurph24 She really need to die.U.S. investment is looking pretty solid these days. (This is real per capita gross domestic business investment.) http://t.co/LklNCxb7G4
Retweeted by BWD@Maggyw519 @MaineMary3 @TheObamaDiary Please untag me from this convo. Thanks.I really need to do house cleaning in my TL.Broadcast media people: RIGHT NOW learn to pronounce Gokul Venkatachalam & Vanya Shivashankar. Respect their names, and don't make jokes.
Retweeted by BWDMy son was just stopped ON HIS FUCKING BIKE by the cops.
Retweeted by BWDElizabeth Warren Agrees With Limbaugh On Trade http://t.co/JODnlsxZcA via @HuffPostPolPalestinian Authority's Jibril Rajoub inexplicably drops FIFA motion vs Israel. In return, he gets the status quo. http://t.co/qXw7lAMUJh
Retweeted by BWDI thought Entourage was going to be the worst movie of summer. Aloha might prove me wrong. http://t.co/JAAY2Y1a6e http://t.co/WCBD2X1YJW
Retweeted by BWDHastert: why is the federal indictment covering up the identity of the person to whom he allegedly paid $1.7m and the type of "misconduct"?
Retweeted by BWDVomit. https://t.co/ocfnE93x4sTold you this is "progressives" death panels. https://t.co/Fbxu5JKALeWhen Obama hate is so deep, "progressives" actually think that Hillary is against TPP. https://t.co/AfUAxsby0g@CanProveIt you think she's against it? Hilarious.Sigh. https://t.co/sB5QQF3di1When will moderate morons condemn anti-Islam rallies?
Retweeted by BWDThe worst thing about the Obamacare "death panels" debate was the way it tainted end-of-life planning, which is so important...
Retweeted by BWDSo? https://t.co/Qh0sGk5gcOLegacy. https://t.co/jlLNKvoZJKCuba removed from State Sponsors of Terrorism list which means list now only has actual state sponsors of terror. #Iran #Syria #Sudan
Retweeted by BWDThanks Obama https://t.co/G1Exb4CJLLPost racial America is the ugliest country in the world. https://t.co/gJJ34eyNm7Gee, you can hardly tell. I mean, the MSM covers issues related to minority communities SO well. https://t.co/WsVtkoYR14
Retweeted by BWD*because* he called him a dick. https://t.co/KVkmQ3K4bqCan't wait to not watch. https://t.co/lkMZO9zCxVObama put it there. https://t.co/cYUPm9WsMCWhat's the news in this report? The GDP number, while negative, exactly met expectations. But GDI was much stronger. On balance, good news.
Retweeted by BWD@daveweigel @jmartNYT nothing is a stretch for the false equivalence MSM.@ByronYork @dandrezner we don't need the racist south.@mcspocky @SaysSheToday Rick Santorum's mom breeder Rick Santorum.More stuff that Fox Viewers or #tcot or both will never know. https://t.co/eQOpumBsvVJohn McCain, This is as lowdown and dirty as can be. Selling Off Apache Holy Land - http://t.co/ddsi197WRd http://t.co/aHaF4Mra2Q
Retweeted by BWD
Unfollowing Mother Jones. Done with them too.Except all the racists who hates these brilliant kids @samsteinhp: Nunatak was too easy a word. Everyone knows that one”Now that's a swagger @langwhitaker: https://t.co/FQYH5nZDJbSure he will. Congress? Doesn't matter. https://t.co/tNKCqe8W6T@NorahMackenzie @OliviaClaricee Must be!Valid question. https://t.co/vJM7wkp1VNbusiness is good, but when you mock business, business becomes sad, and then business can't make America good
Retweeted by BWDRiley Curry = awesome. Riley Curry memes = not.Not sure people who don't consume conservative media understand how hard they're going after Marilyn Mosby. It's something to behold.
Retweeted by BWDPresident Obama lights a candle at the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity in Miami today http://t.co/aLKWncfKBs
Retweeted by BWDWill this get any attention/support from "Progressives"? https://t.co/UkSIcbLU9A
Retweeted by BWDWhite Tears... https://t.co/OPip8VqArk
Retweeted by BWD@c_ster @POTUS there's no deal yet. Since when the public is a part of NEGOTIATIONS? Where was the outrage over the secretive Iran deal?@TheObamaDiary should I say someone about fingers? Naa, too much even for me.@MaineMary3 @TheObamaDiary only Elizabeth Warren doesn't lie. #saint@MaineMary3 @Maggyw519 @TheObamaDiary public will have 60 days to read the final deal b4 congress vote, but don't let the facts stop you.You should check this TL, the ugliness is almost an art >> @BeladonnaRogers@Elucidated2 I think we're done here. Hang in there, Obama's presidency is almost over.@rolling_2 yes, took a quick scroll in her TL, she's precious.Racists gonna racist https://t.co/4TqSIZaknz@BeladonnaRogers LOL, racists gonna racist.@Elucidated2 so you're not going to explain why did you decide to attack me personally for no reason. Shocking.@Elucidated2 when did I insult you personally? I didn't even know you exist until you decided to come into my mentions.@Elucidated2 why won't you just say what you really want to say, being the "contrary opinions" pluralist that you are?@Elucidated2 I don't give a shit, but you chose to insult me personally without knowing anything about me.@Elucidated2 and I ask why is it "not surprising" to you that I'm not tolerant? You know nothing about me.@Elucidated2 "not surprising you don't have much tolerance" etc. Why is it not surprising?Hillary's fan doesn't like me :( https://t.co/Bak4inVOYa@Elucidated2 why are you following me?Spoiled boy who got rich out of one mediocre poster of Obama has opinions about Obama. https://t.co/fVMWxR4n9mCan't stand liberals bloggers. Bunch of losers. https://t.co/fVMWxR4n9mPoor spoiled asshole. https://t.co/fVMWxR4n9m@MotherJones fuck him.If the GOP is so in favor of war with ISIS, why won't they authorize it? http://t.co/ZfdR72AyQU @ThePlumLineGS
Retweeted by BWD"Everybody knows Kevin Johnson is an asshole, but nobody’s willing to be the first person to say that." http://t.co/Z0WXph8ueT
Retweeted by BWDDouble vomit @heatherhaddon: .@SenatorMenendez gets big applause here at Jewish gala in NYC, is lauded by Sheldon Adelson”U.S. Soccer will vote for Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein in FIFA presidential election, confirms president Sunil Gulati: http://t.co/b10D2zqRpM
Retweeted by BWD"Real Liberals" were not available for comment. https://t.co/IgAlADnWyLYou mean all the money you made from this poster is not enough? https://t.co/ZoZD4J2TJqThis looks pretty funny >> American Ultra Red Band Trailer (2015) Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart ... https://t.co/F84Sii5PG0 via @YouTube
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