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Retweeted by Tom Scott@MaraKatz12 We're hardly representative of the population at large. Lovely though it sounds, thank you, that much effort's a bit worrying :)
@steffenbnielsen @iammatthawkins As they get dismantled, quite a few places are doing farewell pieces about them :)@MaraKatz12 Wait, you're serious? I worry summarising them all might be a little too obsessive. (There's surely better things to do!)You should read and subscribe to @iamdanw's Postcards from a Supply Chain. The most fascinating holiday photos ever: http://t.co/qZgELjgijO@MaraKatz12 This is the best tweet I've received in a long time. Thank you :)@johannakoll I would be disbelieving and grumpy at you but that might involve moving and I'm not sure I'm able to do that right now.
@caffeinemonkey @TheArduinoGuy It's called Airhop, in Guildford. Not sure if there are others like it in the UK!Spent the evening at a trampoline park. Amazing. Went flying into a foam pit. I am going to ache so much tomorrow. http://t.co/2u1nPXFEbO@nillie_kj I haven't listened to Radio Lab in years! I'll see if I can find time.@BothersBar You're the third person to point that out :)@richlyman @MrPeterRossiter Thanks both – and I'm absolutely fine :)@Thiefree Thanks — I'll pass that on to the rest of the team!@Thiefree Now you mention it, I'm not sure I needed that first tweet at all...!@nillie_kj Thankfully the tide doesn't come in that quickly!(I should stress that Comic Relief didn't actually ask me to fall over on the beach, it was just windy and I was uncoordinated.)Filming on the Thames beach for Comic Relief. A moment later: falling over on the Thames beach for Comic Relief. http://t.co/XP7o26MbGO
@cr3 @mattround Copying that to @jonty. Best idea I've come up with is detecting mobile devices plugged in and charged (ie at home/office).@jackappleby I was lucky enough to be in the audience for https://t.co/6ktf0SDozT - it absolutely floored me.@LizziMichael I properly lost it when the MIDI version of Nessun Dorma came in.A few days ago someone showed me Jack Dee feeling the force of opera, and now I keep remembering it and giggling. http://t.co/VbC2Cp4r2O@tef @jonty @cr3 @sam_cook Theme tune https://t.co/Apn7pOEjjK@jonty If you search "Ghost Bug" you get a Pokémon. Bad vulnerability SEO there. http://t.co/4bptlnpHjy@jonty It can't be! it doesn't have a media-friendly two-syllable name!@cr3 @tarasyoung @mattround I just checked, and sadly there's not a navigator.getRoomLuminosity.@mattround I remember @cr3 and me using that for something a long time ago where a phone vibrated on screen, and just giggling about it.@cr3 I'm not sure what you can do with this but if anyone can you can https://t.co/RaTtnAw8US@hyper_linda If I'm honest, I was also shouting "BIRD" every time there was a bird.@youngvulgarian @edjeff Genuinely tempted to fire up Photoshop.@agleamandaglow I've heard tales of their customer support being lovely; do ask if you can cancel and get a refund!@seanski44 Having just checked how much iOS development costs: perhaps not. (Paging @unnamedculprit to this thread, though…)@seanski44 That's a brilliant idea! Can I try and make it real?
@cr3 I completely forgot to credit you! Sorry about that, I’ll fix now.New video! How many colours are in a rainbow? http://t.co/5xn4zeD75v (It includes talk of Newton, cataracts, Monet, and evolution.)@iamdanw @tomstuart I didn't know Ice Cube had a neutrino detector.
@BothersBar I got properly hungry-angry at a pot of water for having the temerity to do that the other day. Didn't reflect well on me.@ChrisPhilpot Added to my list, thanks! (There's a lot of confusing info out there about it...)
@qwghlm That's wonderful. I now want to film something there, although I've no idea what that might be...@mixxorz It seems good for certain things, but it doesn't have that instant "bodge a file, upload it, it'll bloody work" feeling of PHP!@mattj_uk Impressed so far. Though the spooky background package manager, while convenient, does scare me a bit.@TingSinclair There's still a place for PHP: for getting quick web toys working it's still often the best option. The language, though...!@collypops Thanks! I've already managed to port over a shonky PHP script and it's running well - all seems good for now...Learning node.js. Up and running in minutes, on Windows. Suspicious. (I'm used to PHP, so I'm suspicious of anything that works so easily.)
@edjeff @rey_z IDEA: reality show where a panel judges and rewrites online dating profiles. Strictly-style scorecards and sass, of course.@danielpeake @BothersBar I reckon, with no evidence, that they're auto-translating Avro's Dutch subtitles and manually tweaking the result.@Les5175 Glad it made sense :)@BrettMWalters It's a little worrying, if only for your mental health :)@leeky Thought about it but couldn’t come up with enough good jokes!@MinisterOfPhoto I wish I had enough time (or budget) to get them subtitled properly!
@ToastMaster Have thought about doing that before, but overheads, reward fulfilment, and a load of other hassles put me off!@CalinLeafshade Yep. Works perfectly.@leeky I'd forgotten that! When I first saw that, I wasn't working on nearly as much TV stuff. It's... well, yes. It brings back memories.Working on a new and complicated video. Need to composite a screen recording of me compositing. Brain a bit broken. http://t.co/0lHIMvvQQRNew Citation Needed! In the season finale, it's all about the Swarm and the Giant Jam Sandwich: http://t.co/auPNAurh5Z@seajones Those cameras are unflattering in any frame, to be fair.@Blitz4532 Believe me, you don't want to hear us sing. But thank you!@ilovejammf Thanks very much!@tmhtchngs That's an interesting question! Judging by people who've tried to solve it already, though, the answer is "it depends"...!
Researching Newton's "Opticks"; found Rømer's clever estimation of the speed of light in 1676, using eclipses of Io: http://t.co/ulS7Pr1HW3@T2norway Ha! Thanks for the tipoff.@Charlotteis Hello! Apparently I was too engrossed in Only Connect, sorry about that :)
New video! The British Rail flying saucer: https://t.co/UVm6tgzs1c@felix_cohen @iamdanw @hyper_linda Petition to get Dan’s face graffitied onto a shipping container.@unnamedculprit Calendar > Gear icon > Events from Gmail > untick 'add automatically'. https://t.co/1ftcco6N6A
@edjeff Sometimes I stumble across a thing and think "Ed would appreciate this thing". This is one of those times: https://t.co/tBdAfzFcPN@mattround @rey_z Don’t gnocchit before you’ve tried it.@TRJeffries Ohh. I actually made a “hurr” noise out loud on this bus. My bad. Spots.@TRJeffries What else would you call it…? “Pool ball” is something you have in a swimming pool too, but I always called those beach balls.@CasperP98 They probably won’t get moved over to the old podcast feed!@TRJeffries Pool ball.@firefox Whoever decided to bundle an O2-sponsored video chat app in your update, go and have a think on what you've done. You're not IE6.@jonty @whoisdanw Occasionally, when moving trains to and from the depot, apparently: http://t.co/VcUXECxMvb
“Have you got a clamp?” “No, I always walk like this.” Filming language videos with @unnamedculprit at YouTube Space. http://t.co/LaM9NZcMxb
@Natt Oh heavens, remind me to tell you stories of my joke-candidate run in 2010. I lost a bet. It was an experience.@readwriteerase @bradypodoid Lunn Poly! Good grief. Are you sure you haven't slipped into the past somehow?@mushybees (laugh track, muted trombone sound, look to camera)@edjeff I'm having to pick zeros and ones off the rest of my clothes.I found my USB stick! It doesn’t work any more, but on the plus side, it’s really clean. http://t.co/MPqTOcwq5j@smistephen @hmason I don’t think it’s possible with regex? It’s beyond my ken. I had to use regex and code for the more complicated bits.
@cdigames Unlikely! The other bits just aren't that entertaining :)@garybrannan @hyphen1234 Oh blimey, I remember the second attempt at that a few weeks later. We tried boiling it. It didn’t work.@CroninNick Not for a while: we started repeating gags and moved on for a bit!New Citation Needed! This week, @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris take on Lisa Clayton and cake black holes: http://t.co/ORBD26KOQ7@herdivineshadow I recommend more ducks.
@MartinSquirrell Ha, thanks for the heads up! (It's not the 'only one in the country', though...)@Coding2Learn Glad it's useful - thanks for letting me know!@Julieanngrasso @matthewbloch I just can't bring myself to, even ironically."Over there, Dante, you can see the four-and-a-halfth circle of hell. That's for people who retweet praise about themselves."@skarrambo Glad you like it, thanks!@CharlesYarnold Apparently I'd suppressed that incident from my memory entirely...!@TheMerovius Sounds about right. But with earphones in, a screen in front of me, and walking at speed, most likely!@rnalexander @tef @samphippen Misunderstanding things and then making cheap jokes about them is one of the foundations of my career.@tef @samphippen I'd actually tweet about it, but I don't want to engage, don't really understand it, and no-one outside the bubble'd care.@tef Y'know, Emojli should have started as an "emoji-only phone", got crowdfunded, and then just pivoted to our iOS app instead. Great plan.@IanMartindale There are other people covering it far better than I can!
@DavidJBodycombe It’s hard-wearing, I’ll give it that.On a newly-extended five-car Overground train. Spot the new seats. What a difference five years’ wear and tear makes. http://t.co/oeZ17b6nZp@brianftang @cr3 @mattround I'd ask what the hell's going on in your office since I left but after the Boris Candle even that seems normal.New video! The Magic Roundabout: Swindon's terrifying traffic circle and emergent behaviour: https://t.co/HE1Mnxgkpg@nathanrae @UsVsTh3m Not me! I think that was @mattround. IIRC, it's a data URI in the CSS...
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