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Coming later today, a couple of videos @tomscott and I shot a couple of weeks ago. High speed on a runway and big bumps in a 4*4 #science
Retweeted by Tom Scott@cwalshUK Thanks for putting me in touch with @bobbyllew a while back - with luck there'll be a couple videos going up today from us both!@I_odine It probably won’t be returning!@UndeniablyAlex It’s a bit ridiculous! :)
@Michael_A_Sher I have now - that's lovely! Thanks for giving me a heads up :)@BothersBar See @edjeff’s review of the Chuckles’ “Pirates of the River Rother”: http://t.co/0bBTJvM1Ft@edjeff *pushes up glasses* actually I think you’ll find it depends on whether the quantum flux oh just read this http://t.co/0eMFdktNKU
@Aosher Thought "I could set that up". Googled it. Found there are already two of them. Both have been crushed by overuse. Maybe not.@diiq YouTube turned off the APIs it relied on!@flashboy @alexhern I literally just muttered that under my breath at this bus stop so thanks very much for that@fridgehead Where are you? What is that?@loureade Already have plans, alas, but have fun!
@EwaSR I assumed that was just Grindr but for really crotchety people.@chthonicionic Yep. I still think there's a universe out there where it became mainstream, but never mind :)@Top5Mario Thanks :)@mattround Thanks! It was worth the journey :)@Higgypop Not always! But there's a reason it's the colour I picked out for most of my projects a long time ago.@ianvisits Hey, it mostly worked!@mattround Mine's mostly pulled from YouTube's data API now!@vmstan On a cheap shared server, that might be a bit tricky. Some other time :)@G33KY_ Fixed, thank you! With all this automation, I clicked on the wrong week. Well done me.And yes, for the last decade I used a text editor to update my RSS feed when I uploaded something to the site. Should've fixed that sooner.Rebuilt http://t.co/8tUQxGWO6l from scratch. The best part is I don't have to hand-code my RSS feed any more. People still use those, right?@imranghory And which, after about ten minutes, promptly gives you a haircut!@unnamedculprit @cr3 Amazing.@cr3 I keep replaying this and laughing. His face. The .mp4 in the title. It's brilliant.@mdmenzelgmail @ExploreWellcome If I remember rightly, the flyer for the event said they’d be on SoundCloud.@johnlb The Royal Game of Ur; Senet; and another I can’t remember!@solace_aderyn That sounds like a rejected challenge from early-90s “You Bet”.
@russss I've just looked up examples of that and WHAT. How is that possible. That's as astonishing as Content-Aware Fill was, perhaps more.@UltraCobalt THAT WAS FANTASTIC@hollygramazio AMAZING NIGHT WELL DONE@coldclimate @cr3 @skyste @JamieFDHurst Probably not my thing (can’t drive!), but have fun!Play at @ExploreWellcome was brilliant. A talk on ancient board games! “Codex Bash”! A 1D doorstop-controlled game! http://t.co/5A616kJ2Gm@cr3 Well that's not getting sorted until I get home later! I shifted the video order. Thanks for the heads up though!New video! The islands where guns are required, as Svalbard week comes to a close: https://t.co/DVN5T4WELj@ItsJustCircus Oh! Were you the person with rainbow hair that waved? I assumed I’d awkwardly forgotten who you were. Well done all round :)@p01arst0rm @firefox I think a "hey, turn this on?" would have been fine. It's the HERE IT IS USE IT that gets to me.Updating @Firefox is basically a crapware lottery now. What awful bundled junk will I need to turn off this time? http://t.co/YPTLz7sSRa
@sheilamu Er, also, great haircut, obviously. Probably should have led with that to be honest.@sheilamu Oh my word, that is the best barbershop pun I’ve ever seen.@SomeHats Good to meet you :)If you’re in the UK and can see the eastern horizon, there’s an astonishing, blood-red moon rising right now.New video! How to visit Svalbard: https://t.co/jDjTkd5ccn (lots of advice, and all the B-roll of the Arctic I shot!)@_Another_Nerd Thanks very much!Good specials today. http://t.co/vH41yiXXC2
@tef Obama refused to give peas a chance@angelina_licca Monday to Friday this week.@FG_NeeDs Thanks :)New video! Svalbard week continues, with the sundial that works 24 hours a day: https://t.co/UAAE2DhjaN@whoisdanw This might even be better than the time @edjeff got a £25 Greggs voucher.@cr3 “Crap, floating Yoda! You’re just a crap, floating Yoda!” #terracechant
Checking that the GoPro's running. It looks like I'm a giant dipping my head into a tiny tiny studio. http://t.co/ZY34cFXmt7@jayleefaulkner Yep, more or less!@jdiezlopez Hahahaha. Of all the things not to have double-checked. Good spot, fixed with an annotation and comment!New video! Why leap seconds cause glitches: https://t.co/8rs92EzXKd@stardustancient Thanks!Rendering out a video about why leap seconds cause computer problems, because heaven forbid I plan anything like this in advance.I need to think of better ways of waking up than trolling myself. http://t.co/H2j1ttqCCG
Retweeted by Tom Scott@MrLeighBrown No idea, I haven’t touched it in years!
@ConnorIsATwin Three out of five edited, aiming to start the season next week!@BHostCloud I don't recall it, but yes - at some point! Might be one for Computerphile, though, rather than me.@cbetta Thanks! And happy birthday, see you shortly :)New video, and new series! First in Amazing Places, what's the Doomsday Seed Vault really for? https://t.co/gagHXaWYyU@sam_conboy Next week, if all goes well!@youngvulgarian I've got Wheatus in my head now so thank you for that.@aprilhoppus Try https://t.co/gBlHMzKGO5 !
@Lavoaster Thanks - glad you like them!@4ilsa @tef Definitely in for watching the first one with you both!
@youngvulgarian Fairly sure I dreamed about an @Ed_Miliband musical last night and I’m blaming this entirely on your tweets@tef I was going to say “hurr, ass-slide” but then I realised yes, that’s what you slide on, I really don’t want to go on a face-slide.
@SimonKoppel @octodude Lovely to finally meet you both! :)@iansteadman That tweet's sent from "Twitter Web Client", the others aren't :)@geofftech Yep. Learned my lesson!
@timoncheese Search all the names in the article and see which doesn't have it in the results. That's likely (but not definitely) who it is!@sam_cook @cr3 @tef @youngvulgarian Solid work there, folks, well done.@tef @youngvulgarian Mop-topped and loud-mouthed and vicious is he / Bo-ris! John-son!@flashboy Is this like that terrible Doctor Who episode where the Master made everyone into himself?@BradyHaran Sponsors? Chance'd be a fine thing :)@RossDargan Have a look at the description: it only knows about 1000 (safe) things!A neural network "dreaming", live, based on chat suggestions. Astonishing, and creepy if someone picks "tarantula": http://t.co/MZUchVwPAd@user24 @mrsmmartin Oh dear.@cr3 @TheHodge PAUL@TheHodge @cr3 Yeah, I hit the reply button to your tweet and realised that, after Paul's entry, I didn't really have a response.@cr3 Paul@EscapePodMonkey Yep, that's the overwhelming favourite. Might well end up being that!@BaderT606 Ha! Too much wordplay, there :)@BrianReddus Feels like a better fit, and also so I can freshen things up a bit.@MattGambell Yep, a few people suggesting that. It's probably the right idea!@lycanstrife Too much of a pun, but thank you!@MishterTea "You Are Here" would be pretty good, actually.@CllrNorthice That's lovely!@dopefish_lives @olssonm @RichardCook2 Yep, I suspect you're all right about that. Might change the superlative, but it's probably the one!@LaceySnr @rnalexander @BrianReddus Specifically avoiding that one, but thank you!@blangry Made me laugh! Bit too much, though :)@timdouglas Ha! Sounds more like my face as a teenager, that.Launching a series soon about incredible places, like the human-powered theme park. Need a name. "Tom On Tour" is terrible. Any ideas?
@acegiak Both will only work for English, and the h-card spec should surely be language-neutral? Not sure there's a good solution really!
@trioptimum Thanks! Oslo's a brief stop on the way back home, so I didn't have long there. Some other time!@garageguyeve I know how to research!
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