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CNN's parent company, Turner Broadcasting, lays off 1,475 employees http://t.co/kUiisNr2gL
Retweeted by WandafayDish loses 7 channels in contract dispute with Turner Broadcasting via @cnet http://t.co/fFjyZYt9m2
Retweeted by WandafayDish Network dumps CNN, other Turner Broadcasting channels: http://t.co/0RaHC8ssj2
Retweeted by WandafayTurner Broadcasting channels disappear from Dish as deadline passes to renew contract http://t.co/hTG5QqOjQe
Retweeted by WandafayCNN, other Turner networks removed from Dish Network - CNN, Cartoon Network... http://t.co/kipQ49yik8 #CartoonNetwork #TurnerBroadcasting
Retweeted by WandafayCivic Hosp. confrims it is treating 3 patients in connection with shooting.@ctvottawa #ottawa
Retweeted by WandafayNYPD dispatching extra security to Canadian consulate @janiceDean #ottawa #ottnews
Retweeted by WandafayThx to all for concerns. All NDP staff and MPs are safe. Prayers for the soldier shot at the War Memorial. Hope no one else.
Retweeted by WandafayMultiple shooters reported in Canada attack http://t.co/McdHUIffFIAll Ottawa Police stations are closed to public due to shooting at War Memorial. No public services available until further notice #ottnews
Retweeted by Wandafay.@pmharper is safe and has left Parliament Hill.
Retweeted by WandafayRT @jpress: Suspect described as 5”9-5”10, overweight & wearing a dark jacket. #cdnpoli #ottnews
Retweeted by WandafayWe are still in lockdown here in Parliament's Centre Block. The building appears to still be under a search, officers with guns drawn
Retweeted by WandafaySoldier shot at war memorial near Canadian parliament http://t.co/HsfOxHt1JZGoogle and Others Sink $542 Million Into Mystery Virtual Reality Venture http://t.co/QI3SkCEAuDSimona Halep hands Serena Williams worst loss since 1998 http://t.co/HhHxpA7909Conservative Cardinal Who Clashed With Pope Francis Confirms He Has Been Ousted http://t.co/QEIlgoQ4U1So the LinkedIN Team is making fun of people who aren't so hip as they ....think they are! http://t.co/eGTBX70mtT@justmetmc @BiasedGirl Nope! They crazy!Report: Autopsy Suggests Michael Brown Reached for Ferguson Officer's Gun - NBC News http://t.co/luxeRl640l
Thanks for holding our hands through these #FinalBattles. We needed it. See you next Monday with #TSwiftOnTheVoice at 8/7c!
Retweeted by WandafayI would steal @IAmBethSpangler! #FinalBattles http://t.co/aS0aEbIg4E #fb @nbcthevoiceTonight Mark joins @hannityshow at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT on @FoxNews to discuss his new book #TheUndocumentedMarkSteyn http://t.co/RxIFtqKelt
Retweeted by WandafayI'm on @seanhannity tonight!
Retweeted by WandafayGod has given you a slice of time to prepare you for the reality of eternity.
Retweeted by WandafaySan Marcos bat tests positive for rabies http://t.co/4FINB4MgwYLegendary Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee, of Watergate Fame, Dies - NBC News http://t.co/Px0SzNwIpICanada raises terrorism threat level, cites Islamist chatter - Reuters http://t.co/AfonPP5kSQ
Retweeted by WandafayPlease #pray for this woman~ #newsandprayer #PrayChurchPray http://t.co/VMeAvcjPpkIf I were president Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi would be let out of jail with one phone call. If not,Mexico would pay a price like never before!
Retweeted by WandafayHas everyone forgotten our marine who now sits in a Mexican prison because we have a president too incompetent or too lazy to make a call?
Retweeted by Wandafay"@Amber_Sadler22: Donald Trump and Mitt Romney would be the most dynamic pres/vp combo in history" No, bad chemistry - I like winning!
Retweeted by WandafayOscar Pistorious will likely only serve 10 months for the cold blooded murder of his girlfriend. Another O.J. travesty.The judge is a moron!
Retweeted by WandafayI will be in Washington, D.C. tomorrow to receive the 2014 Joseph Wharton Award at the Wharton Club of D.C.—a great honor! @Wharton
Retweeted by WandafayObama will let Ebola fly into US & drugrunners cross our border daily. But he won't pressure Mexico on Sgt. Tahmooressi. #FreeOurMarine
Retweeted by WandafayDon’t believe Kay Hagan on Ebola travel ban. She also promised that you would keep your healthcare plan under ObamaCare. Vote @ThomTillis!
Retweeted by WandafayThe United States, under President Obama, has truly become the "gang that couldn't shoot straight." Everything he touches turns to garbage!
Retweeted by WandafayThe United States troops which were sent to West Africa have only gotten 4 hours of Ebola training - very unfair to them and their families!
Retweeted by Wandafay"@alyssatomazin44: @realDonaldTrump seriously needs to run for president🙌🙏"
Retweeted by WandafayQualcomm backs robotics accelerator http://t.co/WEvpLP3t6Y #sandiego
Retweeted by WandafayQualcomm backs robotics accelerator http://t.co/SwzZWxQFZMTracking where fugitive shooting suspect Eric Frein has been spotted during 5-week manhunt: http://t.co/WbsZp1GzZo http://t.co/E6VwQRNXkc
Retweeted by WandafayCameraman declared Ebola free http://t.co/N2QrMguztfU.S. Index Futures Gain; Apple Rises on Holiday Forecast http://t.co/euJpqNSN9JSweden ready to use force against suspected submarine - The Times of India http://t.co/KuKgOnWSF4Not making fun of you Monica @MonicaLewinsky calls her reputation ruined by cyber-bullying LOL VIOLINS.. http://t.co/PjWF9S7Z3J via @YouTubeAmerican detainee released in North Korea: State Department http://t.co/qBNN7UPf2L@MonicaLewinsky Regret it because it was wrong!One of two Canadian soldiers hit by 'radicalized' driver dies of his injuries http://t.co/3V8qL3R3WgOscar Pistorius sentenced to five years in prison http://t.co/mkgJzAGah4Republican war on women? I don't think so! Arrogance at it's finest ..the Microsoft boss and his salary! #fb http://t.co/bzJHS07au2Ukraine crisis: Donetsk explosion sends blast wave across rebel-held city amid claims Kiev fired... http://t.co/eJVhEO9tyj
Total CEO de Margerie killed in Moscow business jet accident http://t.co/ftsbtcAUf8We’re giving away a brand new @MercedesBenz GLA. Enter daily for your chance to win! http://t.co/afxKQiJaru http://t.co/w42uAFgFdv
Retweeted by Wandafay@piersmorgan @MailOnline @MonicaLewinsky @billclinton Piers! We agree on something! Woo hoo! Great article!Monica Lewinsky calls her reputation ruined by cyber-bullying LOL VIOLINS please http://t.co/PjWF9S7Z3J via @YouTubeWow Piers Morgan and I agree on something! *It wasn't the Internet that ruined your reputation, Monica, #fb http://t.co/MJEpaDntTi@AC360 "two different events" yeah the one some are imagining and then there is the truth! So Michael Brown was inside police car WHY?Nigeria to be declared Ebola-free http://t.co/1MVYLLUoIjUVA suspect Jesse Matthew indicted in 2005 rape case - NY Daily News http://t.co/d3u3d2F8YvSmall Social Security increases expected in 2015 | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour http://t.co/B41XgurrrELawsuit accuses millionaire's ex-wife, brother of murder in Coronado death http://t.co/eD98b5nQoYMore on Sociable Security! #SocialSecurity http://t.co/AACZlL71d0Turkey to allow Kurdish peshmerga across its territory to fight in Kobani http://t.co/o4OJfK6NYEWell well! *Obamacare Causing Big Layoffs for Union Nurses http://t.co/UYByK4JuUnU.S. airdrops weapons to Kurdish fighters in Syria despite Turkish objections http://t.co/bMab2qtDLsBabies born today get free $500 mutual fund investment http://t.co/XL8nYJfqcGDozens of expelled Nazis reportedly paid millions in Social Security http://t.co/5ahstkApHxJapan minister's quitting a hitch, but won't affect reactor restart http://t.co/OU7RkNT9fT
Police: 2 Stabbing Incidents In 2 Days Following High School Football Games On Long Island - CBS... http://t.co/uep9vjnAN7JUST IN: U.S. drops weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish fighters defending Syrian city against ISIS http://t.co/PByP4p0SRE
Retweeted by Wandafay@Chargers Good game #ChargersFinal Score: Chiefs 23, Chargers 20 #KCvsSD http://t.co/dJRmOzOzs5
Retweeted by WandafayNo matter how things look, know that God is still in control. Stay in peace, knowing that He will always be with you.
Retweeted by WandafayFavourite new drama is on tonight! Check out @MadamSecretary with talented @thetealeoni, @timmydaly and awesome cast. #MadamSecretary
Retweeted by WandafayRams topple the Seahawks in a wild morning of NFL games http://t.co/xh8C3BfS95That makes 6 games in a row that Rivers has thrown multiple TD passes… a career best. #KCvsSD
Retweeted by WandafaySomehow, Branden Oliver a Charger http://t.co/LaKG5DlsgEBaby dies after left in car for 6 hours in Oregon http://t.co/oqV9gypFOaWoo hoo! #fb RT @Chargers TOUCHDOWN!!! #KCvsSDAlmost time! #KCvsSD #Chargers https://t.co/z7ySmkpvmb
Retweeted by WandafayRB @BoBelieves getting in game mode. #KCvsSD #Chargers #GameDay http://t.co/psvzrkgTii
Retweeted by WandafayHeading to the @Chargers game right now? Roll down your windows & join our worship team singing praises to Jesus http://t.co/WcWP9NBVxa
Retweeted by WandafayThe modern couple deserves endless options. Register for timeless gifts, experiences, and cash funds with Zola. https://t.co/FJyyNibq6B
Retweeted by WandafayHow Ebola Was Discovered http://t.co/2mOBFYqLAAGod Jesus was astonished at their unbelief: http://t.co/fH0ULZP90A via @YouTubePentagon preps Ebola team for US reponse http://t.co/2nK986sGnRNew Military Medical Team to Help With Ebola in US http://t.co/SN9FRknQc3
Global Ebola Map - as of 10/18/14 9:30pm EST http://t.co/NRwDueTRKrWhite House Ebola Czar Was ‘Key Player’ In Solyndra Scandal http://t.co/Lc4H8GAQS4Sneaky Gov. Duval Patrick transfers 500 managers to union, ties new governor’s hands - http://t.co/C7IlX3VMP5More than 100 monitored for Ebola symptoms in Ohio http://t.co/a5UROsVZIG#Shame on @BarackObama * #HarlanKentucky #CoalMinors #EPA http://t.co/1u1qQLEr76Wearing "Something In Red" and looking absolutely ravishing, it's #OpryMember @TheLorrieMorgan! #Opry http://t.co/gJTGakqNfn
Retweeted by WandafayPrayer for the parents of Hannah Graham: http://t.co/l26TysDAHA via @YouTube #MissingChildren #ISIS #Ebola #Church #Pastors #NewsandprayerChilling Details Surround Suspect In Hannah Graham Case http://t.co/QG8PsXRqocRemains Found in Search for Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham - NBC News http://t.co/K29JZ62SLiCanada to Ship Experimental Ebola Vaccine to World Health Organization http://t.co/V0jh3jUCVJUnable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor http://t.co/1VRUv7mLrm
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