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Mac @wmacgyver Columbus Ohio

I use groovy, haskell, elixir, java, c++, objective c, swift, python, erlang and clojure. Hobbies are videogames and DSLR.

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@sarahchang that was totally adorable.
@hlship if you can use jdk8, it suck less :)@glaforge did that :)Great read of how #clojure transducer is used to solve real problem by @puredanger http://t.co/tClGNlJD8i
@aalmiray you are so tough :)PostgreSQL 9.4 released. Hello JSONB support http://t.co/d3b2SEwc8s
@cemerick don’t forget the color coding@dysinger there was actually discussion a while back about how this looks in haskell, with comments from rich hickey https://t.co/DaAhpSGEn2@arnaudsj oh? You don’t like neo4j?@pledbrook @aalmiray I know. I'm speaking of the idea :)@arnaudsj neo4j
@ztellman thank you for creating it@russel_winder someday maybe Java will have properties support
@ejknapp @fifthposition I'm sorry, can't inject REST because you didn't bind your spring beans :)@arnaudsj congrats!@ejknapp @fifthposition quick, inject some dependency@aalmiray you are reinventing mvn archetype :):) RT @CedricChampeau: Professor X told us mutables & immutables can live together. Magneto thinks that mutables are far superior though
@lhoguin @ostinelli is mostly hacking on lua these days
Just found out Hillary Duff wrote a novel called Elixir. And I am writing Swift a lot while listening to Taylor Swift.@FrancescoC oh ok, that made more sense@FrancescoC they made it into OTP?@FrancescoC property based testing?!A farewell note to a programming language - Matthias Nehlsen -- without comment http://t.co/92T4VpTfhm
Retweeted by MacRetweet to stand with me and tell the government no mandating backdoors into Americans’ technology. #EndThisDragnet http://t.co/diANe5eE7a
Retweeted by Mac"compiling a C program from 20+ years ago is actually a lot easier than getting a Rails app from last year to work" https://t.co/I3yBS2yeBA
Retweeted by Mac@jj1bdx pgsql is great. I use it whenever possible
@jj1bdx well whenever I listen to your erlang talks, I think you are cool as in excellent :)@dysinger Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremum@dysinger i know exactly what you mean. Just saying there are millions of devs who don’t/can’t view things that way@dysinger you know there are a lot of people who work everyday and can’t choose their tools/lang/stack etc :)@jj1bdx you are too modest :)@ldaley @danveloper there is an existing issue on this for @ratpackweb too I think@CedricChampeau I know what you are saying. can't get them from cloudfoundry?@CedricChampeau I'm surprised you can't just spin up some cloudfoundry servers@CedricChampeau that's what Amazon spot instance is for@glaforge @CedricChampeau @smaldini nicely done :)@glaforge @CedricChampeau @smaldini a very common chinese girl name@russel_winder Eco system is growing :)
@arnaudsj hey I have an idea, “world peace will never come”. (Now let’s wait a week)@arnaudsj haha, I thought of the same when I saw the announcement from CoreOS. :)
@javajuneau thanks! I had assumed that given it’s reference impl, but i couldn’t tell from jersey’s website@aalmiray Apache tamaya?@javajuneau has jaxrs 2.0 been implemented by jersey yet?@javajuneau it’s good he cover rate limiting. It’s a key topic if your rest API is public@javajuneau sounds like a good book@twleung sounds like I need to watch it :)@twleung what is that?!@Maxinekwokadams nice!
@LillieRanney you know you wanna finish it :)
@lhoguin don’t let perfect become enemy of the good@sarahchang no. Have them email it instead@sarahchang it’s already Thursday in Germany. Happy thanksgiving to you! Hope you have a good one@sarahchang Chinese Peking duck! It’s a bird!@danveloper @rfletcherEW @aalmiray begun the escalation has… :)@epragt @aalmiray you guys are such asciidoc fans :)@williac @jhpacker or Google+ if you are a Google fanboy :)@williac @jhpacker especially with more people either use hosted comment system or remove it all together@cemerick @ztellman @dpp this is so sad, my mind autocorrected the “auto correct”, so I didn’t notice till you point it out :)@jhpacker with great functionality comes great responsibility :)@cemerick rewriting this during thanksgiving holiday, seems extra painful :)These are the times I ponder static site blog RT @jhpacker: My latest blog post: How Secure is WordPress? https://t.co/ucx0zB30Lo #wordpress@cemerick ouch, ok, I join @dpp with the praying for you :)@aalmiray but browser is the new desktop?! :)@cemerick depends on how the scala code is done(more OO than FP), Java 8 may not be “that bad”.@aalmiray nice!:) RT @lhoguin: Going to a reactive conference is a bit like going back to kindergarten, for an #erlang developer.On a whim I bought Java 8 in action by @raoulUK in @ManningBooks 50% off sales, pretty good so far
@FrancescoC looking forward to the book! I still recommend your first book to anyone who ask@FrancescoC right, not even c++@FrancescoC just think at one point erlang had to be explained as a c++ lib :)
Totally RT @dpp: Public service announcement… stop buying TVs and start buying monitors: http://t.co/I9iYMYcOpZ@Maxinekwokadams because it’s really the only way for people to find/discover your photos, also contests sometimes does that too
@russel_winder even the latest version?
@darkfrog26 thanks, will mess around with it@matthicks26 is hyperscala still available via mvn repo? Trying to setup a gradle project for it. Most of the links I found are from 2013@mittie my mistake, I thought you grabbed QuickChecks.hs and it just ran perfectly@mittie that’s impressive. QuickChecks is a very complex Haskell codebase@mittie what?! QuickChecks works on Frege?!@glaforge @robertoguerra19 @danveloper I guess I need to finish the session changes @ldaley enslaved me for :)@ldaley @danveloper there will be a book on @ratpackweb ! Getting very legit here :)Node.js in flames by Netflix http://t.co/rpUZDrAvzY
@CedricChampeau I'm glad you are doing it so the rest of us don't have to :)@CedricChampeau it can’t be reproduced locally?@fifthposition hey, dragons have rights too!Can’t miss this RT @joeerl: Alan Kay will talk at @erlangfactory next year in San Francisco@matthicks26 ah that explains why hyperscala views looks like that@matthicks26 oh yea? Other than it’s a lot of fun? :)@matthicks26 I will certainly take a look. The last time I saw wicket like idea was in lift’s view layerjust found out about hyperscala by @matthicks26 reminds me very much of wicket, which was one of my fav back in the day@danveloper @glaforge how very true
@publicfarley I was surprised no tweets from you about it :)@demetri_d new version is out it fixed it for me!@kronda @bywordapp yay! New version out, it's fixed@timfox bummer, it showed up in the middle of demo/showcase vertex for a upcoming projectuh http://t.co/iSmXfvis8I is down @vertx_project@russel_winder you do a lot of Python :)@ThingsMyDBASays thank you! Mvn did bring us the repos :)@sarahchang sounds like retail therapy in the makingRxJava 1.0 released. Reactive arrives for Java and jvm alt languages https://t.co/ewnXtn8FTl
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